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- Hellboy creator Mike Mignola tapped for The Hobbit PetrusMonsFor... Tue May-12-09 12:06 AM5
- Spiderman fans - read no further if you aren't up to date - spoiler alert - hedgehog Thu May-07-09 01:16 PM2
- Alan Moore on "Watchmen" Movie" - "I will be spitting venom all over it" semillama Mon May-04-09 03:51 PM17
- The secret fetish art of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster wyldwolf Sun May-03-09 03:27 PM3
- Fables headed to ABC semillama Sun May-03-09 03:20 PM3
- New comic book on the scene. Mark Rahner, writer for the Seattle Times rhett o rick Mon Apr-06-09 02:31 PM0
- Rejoice! Buck Godot, Zap Gun For Hire is readable online! semillama Fri Mar-27-09 07:50 AM0
- Free online GN now available. Exilednight Sun Mar-15-09 12:35 PM0
- Watchmen clip of the week. One minute 39 seconds of Superhero badassery wyldwolf Fri Mar-06-09 12:24 PM5
- For "Watchmen" fans: The overloooked history of Charlton Comics DinahMoeHum Fri Mar-06-09 11:55 AM0
- Help! Need support getting votes in a comic book competition. gatorboy Wed Mar-04-09 11:21 AM1
- Okay, I've always hated the retcon idea that Wolvie's claws were bone Orrex Fri Feb-20-09 02:26 PM6
- Just read 5 graphics, been trying to catch up on some DC stuff petersond Thu Feb-19-09 01:02 AM1
- New Diamond Distribution policies expected to have massive effects Forkboy Wed Feb-18-09 07:19 PM2
- Excellent review of new Wonder Woman movie... wyldwolf Tue Feb-17-09 12:40 PM2
- Anybody here read Final Crisis edhopper Sun Feb-15-09 05:21 PM2
- Hulk vs. Wolverine, and Hulk vs. Thor(it should be renamed to Hulk puts the smack down on Asgard) petersond Sat Feb-07-09 09:14 PM2
- X-Men Origins - Wolverine A few questions about the movie trailer: hedgehog Sat Feb-07-09 02:42 PM7
- Rival studios reach deal on 'Watchmen' release Orrex Fri Jan-16-09 09:04 AM0
- "You have to get out of here - Your Vagina is HAUNTED!" semillama Mon Jan-12-09 10:34 PM1
- Which comic characters are definitely libs? [View All] Dob Bole Thu Jan-08-09 11:30 PM28
- crosspost from GD edhopper Sun Jan-04-09 10:13 AM0
- crosspost from SCI-FI group: Smallville and The Legion of Superheroes wyldwolf Tue Dec-30-08 01:03 AM1
- Anyone catch The Spirit yet? semillama Sat Dec-27-08 12:21 AM1
- Jennifer Garner as Elektra: worst casting ever Orrex Wed Dec-24-08 01:53 AM7
- I just watched teh Justice League New Frontier movie.. WCGreen Tue Dec-23-08 09:20 PM6
- Comic-Con: Watchmen Footage Wows, Rattles Kire Thu Dec-18-08 03:27 PM6
- So, anyone going to get The Dark Knight tonight at midnight? petersond Thu Dec-11-08 01:56 AM3
- GASP! Obama confuses Green Lantern with the Green Hornet! Bryan Tue Dec-09-08 04:39 PM4
- Batman to be killed off after 70 years FVZA_Colonel Sat Nov-29-08 11:20 PM5
- Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Swede Mon Nov-10-08 11:52 PM0
- Marvel Zombies 3 FVZA_Colonel Wed Nov-05-08 07:24 PM3
- Michael Turner dead at 37 Orrex Wed Oct-22-08 08:14 AM14
- Hey,am looking for a press that will do a good job publishing a comic book greenman3610 Sat Oct-11-08 08:00 AM1
- Any Incal Fans out there?.......... CrownPrinceBa... Sat Sep-20-08 08:11 AM1
- Interview with "Plain Janes" creator Cecil Castellucci villager Tue Sep-16-08 10:24 AM0
- 'Watchmen' lawsuit roils Hollywood Kire Fri Sep-05-08 06:46 PM1
- I've just figured out which comic character John McCain reminds me of nxylas Wed Sep-03-08 12:50 AM3
- X-Men move to San Francisco in a "spiritual move" Kire Thu Aug-07-08 08:27 AM0
- Anyone going to Wizard World Chicago this week? nt. IndianaJones Wed Jun-25-08 12:09 PM0
- In Defense of Hulk (Yes, the Ang Lee Hulk) semillama Fri Jun-20-08 03:50 PM6
- Jim Mooney: THE Supergirl Artist Passes Forkboy Thu Jun-05-08 12:41 AM3
- Next Frank Miller movie project could be Hard Boiled semillama Sun Jun-01-08 11:52 AM7
- Shooting War Mojambo Tue Apr-15-08 10:20 AM1
- New comics/graphic novel review column debuts: villager Mon Apr-14-08 10:12 PM1
- Micronauts / Rom dadsblackshee... Tue Apr-01-08 02:57 AM2
- Steve Gerber (Howard the Duck creator) dead at 60. Forkboy Wed Mar-19-08 07:26 AM3
- OK, Uncanny X-Men #496 , what happened to Shadowcat? nt hedgehog Mon Mar-17-08 10:02 AM1
- Another old favorite: Turok, Son of Stone semillama Tue Mar-11-08 06:54 AM1
- So, is Steve Rogers really dead or is Wolverine holding his cards close to hedgehog Sun Mar-09-08 04:00 PM0
- Watchmen movie set shots are up. gatorboy Thu Mar-06-08 02:04 PM3
- Wanted Orsino Thu Mar-06-08 11:08 AM0
- Columbia options Ennis' "The Boys" semillama Wed Mar-05-08 07:30 AM2
- Incognegro semillama Mon Feb-18-08 11:10 AM3
- Hellboy 2 coming July 11th. DuStrange Mon Feb-18-08 10:07 AM3
- Y: The Last Man ends (no spoilers) Redneck Socia... Thu Feb-07-08 11:18 PM2
- Any Spider-Man fans? what do you think of One More Day? KennedyGuy Tue Feb-05-08 06:46 PM3
- The return of Captain America (well, duh.) semillama Fri Feb-01-08 08:36 PM8
- Would this be worth my time/gas? Spacemom Wed Jan-30-08 07:34 AM2
- It's deadsville in here. Anybody reading Straczynski's Thor? Mojambo Fri Jan-18-08 02:22 AM3
- The only real happiness is to be found in obedience to loving authority Bucky Mon Dec-03-07 09:34 PM1
- Has anyone here read Jeff Smith's "Shazam; Monster Society of Evil"? Lorien Mon Nov-26-07 07:16 PM1
- Just Finished Reading "Justice League: the Tornado's Path" Toasterlad Wed Nov-14-07 07:12 PM4
- Marvel is posting it's comics online (subscription). Swede Wed Nov-14-07 01:30 PM0
- DAMN. Rising Stars was GREAT. Mojambo Fri Oct-26-07 10:03 AM1
- My son pointed me to this hedgehog Tue Oct-23-07 07:07 PM0
- Apple trailers has an on-line comic posted that is a pre-cursor hedgehog Sun Oct-21-07 04:16 PM0
- Moore's "Watchmen" makes Time list of 100 best English-language novels Spider Jerusa... Thu Oct-11-07 08:10 AM5
- So where are all the R CRUMB fans? radiclib Sat Oct-06-07 07:14 PM1
- The New Iron Man trailer looks pretty badass Mojambo Tue Sep-25-07 02:13 AM3
- Animated Doctor Strange Feature Mojambo Tue Sep-25-07 02:06 AM1
- Superman Doomsday qdemn7 Tue Sep-25-07 02:04 AM7
- Greetings! I just found this group and I would like to say, "thanks Mom". elocs Tue Sep-18-07 04:52 PM3
- What Comic Book Movie Do YOU Want To See? [View All] Ravenseye Mon Sep-17-07 03:26 PM38
- Millar and Hitch to revamp Fantastic Four semillama Wed Sep-12-07 12:58 AM3
- Mike Carey's Faker, anyone reading it? Redneck Socia... Wed Aug-08-07 09:32 PM0
- 300 the movie, liked it or hated it? petersond Wed Aug-08-07 07:33 AM9
- Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC. Mojambo Sat Aug-04-07 05:39 PM5
- Fantastic Four and the Rise of the Silver Surfer... petersond Fri Aug-03-07 11:53 AM3
- New Warren Ellis Series semillama Fri Jul-27-07 07:10 PM1
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