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- For those who've said we're being too hard on our senators...just give us some time here. Ken Burch Fri May-25-07 09:18 PM0
- Why is the magazine the Nation getting hysterical about Hillary's staff? papau Thu May-24-07 08:13 AM9
- There's something rotten in Washington Cobalt-60 Wed May-23-07 10:23 PM2
- When the Right says "Personal Reponsibility" we should say "Real Americans Work Together" Ken Burch Fri May-11-07 10:35 PM4
- It there's ANOTHER Nader-like candidacy in '08, here's what we SHOULDN'T do, [View All] Ken Burch Fri May-11-07 10:22 PM21
- Stop the Democrat on Democrat infighting... samq79 Fri May-11-07 11:25 AM3
- Can ANY Democratic presidential candidate justify continuing to avoid an all out antiwar stance? Ken Burch Wed May-09-07 01:17 PM8
- The Purge! Cobalt-60 Sat May-05-07 05:34 AM1
- Will Obama or Hillary give any signal at any time that they agree with any of this? papau Sun Apr-29-07 09:39 PM4
- Seems the RNC attacks on Obama (below) are not being picked up by the media - Perhaps Obama's papau Mon Apr-16-07 12:02 PM1
- What Policies and specifics on those policies should a "dream" candidate have? papau Fri Apr-06-07 07:03 AM4
- Any other Dems running for 08 Pres volunteer for Marines besides Hillary? papau Tue Apr-03-07 01:37 PM13
- Bush and Cheney gave the enemy a strong position with the surge - able to attack our troops and then papau Wed Mar-14-07 10:09 PM2
- Proposal for the 2008 national platform: International Trade and Economic Justice Ken Burch Wed Feb-14-07 11:00 AM1
- Everytime Mitch McConnell attacks public funding for elections, we need to say this: Ken Burch Thu Feb-08-07 08:43 PM0
- ARE YOU FOR AL GORE IN '08 TELL ME WHAT YOUR DOING ABOUT IT northquest Thu Feb-08-07 05:14 PM4
- Thank you for the good info on the difference between DNC and DLC. I had gratefultobel... Tue Jan-30-07 09:17 PM4
- JOIN "BALTIMORE DRAFT AL GORE MEETUP GROUP" northquest Mon Jan-29-07 08:51 AM0
- I'm slowly becoming better educated thanks to DU. So tell me, gratefultobel... Sun Jan-28-07 12:46 PM7
- "Let the Conversation Begin"? THAT'S A CAMPAIGN SLOGAN? Ken Burch Sat Jan-27-07 09:56 PM10
- Romney vs. Romney virtual debate by Scott Lehigh - Boston Globe (taxes/Reagan) papau Sat Jan-20-07 11:04 AM0
- Romney vs. Romney virtual debate by Scott Lehigh - Boston Globe (guns/abortion) papau Sat Jan-20-07 11:03 AM0
- Electoral Reform: The agenda Democrats have to push next: Ken Burch Thu Jan-18-07 03:46 PM8
- Top ten changes YOU WOULD MAKE in the Democratic Party [View All] Ken Burch Wed Jan-17-07 03:48 PM102
- Krugman on why "universal coverage via insurance co's" is doomed to failure papau Sun Jan-14-07 06:14 PM5
- David Sirota's "The People Party vs. The Money Party: Here are the players" is spot on papau Sat Jan-13-07 09:26 PM2
- Obama caves to Illinois coal mine owners - OR is Liquefied Coal the future? papau Sat Jan-13-07 08:39 PM4
- Video of the 1994 Rommey-Kennedy debate when Rommey was a liberal papau Thu Jan-11-07 10:39 PM0
- Goals for the left - from "The Nation" -in cute story of a look back from 2032 to the left's 2007 papau Thu Jan-11-07 10:13 PM0
- Terry McAuliffe Lambasts Kerry Campaign in Scrappy Memoir(AP's Nedra Pickler reviews McAuliffe Book) papau Sat Jan-06-07 04:37 PM16
- If Feingold's out, is there ANYBODY for progressives to support in '08? Ken Burch Sat Jan-06-07 12:25 AM7
- How does one become a delegate? OnionPatch Mon Jan-01-07 11:41 PM4
- Democratic leaders HAVE to remember this... Just-plain-Ka... Thu Dec-28-06 07:02 PM2
- Remember this: only Kucinich delegates will support progressive policies at the convention. Ken Burch Mon Dec-25-06 04:17 PM10
- Kucinich announces for 2008 presidential race. Infinite Hope Mon Dec-11-06 05:00 PM2
- Leave the Antisemitism out of the anti-Rahm threads! Ken Burch Sun Dec-10-06 03:26 AM5
- Ohio Gov.-elect Strickland names DLC'r to head transition team Algorem Wed Nov-29-06 02:11 PM7
- Will Dems use new BBC info that Bush played the fool as Osama wanted Iraq War? papau Sun Nov-19-06 09:09 PM5
- Why don't Democrats use some of the economic facts/charts below? papau Sun Nov-19-06 05:29 PM5
- BBC on how Bush played the fool by Osama who wanted US to attack Iraq -Dems say? papau Sun Nov-19-06 12:31 AM0
- Return of the Presidential Rankings DeepModem Mom Mon Nov-13-06 06:40 PM4
- Howard Dean's 50-State Strategy Pays Off damntexdem Mon Nov-13-06 02:44 PM0
- Redistricting prevents Dem majority in Ohio House Algorem Sat Nov-11-06 05:15 PM6
- Don't listen to the media's "Democrats MUST govern from the center" mantra Ken Burch Fri Nov-10-06 12:39 PM1
- Next Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: An Infighter with a Sharp Jab DeepModem Mom Fri Nov-10-06 11:44 AM0
- Barack Obama's new book is a "blockbuster hit" DeepModem Mom Thu Nov-09-06 07:17 PM3
- If we win this fight, what comes next? Cobalt-60 Wed Nov-08-06 09:15 PM3
- NEWSWEEK(Hirsh) says the draft 2006 Democratic Platform "reeks of fear" ?? papau Wed Nov-08-06 08:44 PM6
- A 4 point plan for the first 100 days of the Democratic Party Controlled Congress papau Wed Nov-08-06 05:55 PM8
- CNN: Democrats to take control of House, CNN projects DeepModem Mom Wed Nov-08-06 02:14 AM0
- CNN: Democrats poised to win majority of governorships DeepModem Mom Wed Nov-08-06 01:54 AM1
- Kansas Advanced Voting maxcass Mon Nov-06-06 04:24 PM0
- Peter B. Lewis suffers heart attack Algorem Mon Nov-06-06 03:12 PM2
- Bill and Hillary campaign in New York DeepModem Mom Mon Nov-06-06 10:51 AM0
- We can take the Alaska Congressional Seat for the first time since '72! Help us! Ken Burch Sun Nov-05-06 11:27 AM4
- Bill Maher for President! barrytonmi Mon Oct-30-06 10:38 PM9
- DeepModem Mom Sun Oct-29-06 12:53 PM0
- LAT: "It was nice to have Ben Affleck there...but Barack Obama was the star." DeepModem Mom Sat Oct-28-06 01:58 AM2
- Is the Democratic Contract w/ America the "6 for 06" proposal? papau Fri Oct-27-06 10:06 PM0
- Suggestions for a Democratic tax program -how about an asset tax? papau Thu Oct-26-06 11:00 AM11
- LAT: Obama goes Hollywood DeepModem Mom Wed Oct-25-06 11:39 AM0
- Why are any Democrats in favor of extending 15% dividend tax rate? papau Mon Oct-23-06 09:51 PM6
- Will the Dems set up any facility/procedure to check the machines? papau Wed Oct-18-06 08:38 AM2
- Haskert, Foley, and a better reason to vote Democratic papau Wed Oct-11-06 06:30 PM4
- Nancy Skinner's ad with RFK, Jr. is now up on her site SharonRB Wed Oct-11-06 03:58 PM0
- What should be Dem position on fundamentalist/literalist religious Muslims papau Sat Oct-07-06 05:59 PM10
- Help Nancy Skinner air ad with RFK, Jr. SharonRB Fri Oct-06-06 11:17 AM0
- Reuters: I'm 60 and I hate it: Bill Clinton DeepModem Mom Wed Oct-04-06 10:47 PM6
- Four Years of CODEPINK Rabble-Rousing for Peace by Medea Benjamin CODEPINK Tue Oct-03-06 02:17 PM3
- A funny cartoon in this mornings Tampa Tribune--- franmarz Tue Sep-26-06 11:35 PM7
- 2008 DNC Convention? [View All] BamaLefty Tue Sep-26-06 10:24 PM101
- Dems say nothing about video on easy theft of elections via Diebold -why? papau Tue Sep-26-06 10:15 PM3
- High GOP/low Dem primary turnout -is problem GOP suppressing Dem vote? papau Tue Sep-19-06 03:05 PM7
- Does Senate control rest on Dem's taking 2 of 3 from Missouri/Tenn/Ohio? papau Thu Sep-14-06 07:33 PM5
- Great new Democratic site set up by Howard Dean SharonRB Tue Sep-12-06 08:08 PM1
- Dem's Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) make it easier to form unions papau Mon Sep-11-06 05:22 PM1
- George Ryan sentenced to 6 1/2 years rightwingsuck... Wed Sep-06-06 09:02 PM11
- Crosspost: Looking for NYCers who want to SWING CONNECTICUT TucsonGreen Tue Sep-05-06 11:59 PM0
- Some Democrats go online to click with religious voters papau Tue Sep-05-06 09:50 PM1
- Link to photos from Detroit Labor Day parade SharonRB Mon Sep-04-06 10:29 PM0
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