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- MOPS International (I don't know about this...) DesertedRose Fri Nov-04-05 01:00 PM4
- Hey all, I was wondering if you could reccomend some Bible quotes ComerPerro Fri Nov-04-05 12:29 PM6
- So, God spoke to me last night. Usually I just get "feelings" from Him GreenPartyVot... Wed Nov-02-05 03:56 PM2
- Time for Rosa Parks Day? RevCheesehead Wed Nov-02-05 02:55 PM2
- Are liberals responsible for what any flavor Christian says or does? GreenPartyVot... Tue Nov-01-05 01:56 PM6
- Please comment: have I gone over the top? RevCheesehead Tue Nov-01-05 01:14 AM19
- Sojourners: Petition for Independent Investigation Blue State Bl... Mon Oct-31-05 04:09 PM1
- Sometimes.... no, most of the time, I would rather talk ABOUT God than GreenPartyVot... Mon Oct-31-05 04:05 PM19
- HuffPo: Why Not Faith Based Liberals? Kire Fri Oct-28-05 02:32 AM0
- Official Prayer Thread Before Indictments Dinger Thu Oct-27-05 10:54 PM0
- Lord, give me patience... RevCheesehead Tue Oct-25-05 06:57 PM14
- Quaker Open House in NJ TreasonousBas... Fri Oct-21-05 07:20 PM2
- Evolution Trials GirlinContemp... Thu Oct-20-05 09:12 AM0
- When a atheist says there is no historical evidence of Jesus-show him this papau Wed Oct-19-05 01:47 PM0
- So, how are you liberal Catholics holding up w/ the new Pope and all? funflower Tue Oct-18-05 09:33 PM2
- Can I do this? supernova Tue Oct-11-05 09:40 AM3
- "Bible group spreads word by SMS" GreenPartyVot... Fri Oct-07-05 09:00 AM0
- Hello all, I am here for support [View All] buddyhollysgh... Thu Oct-06-05 09:30 AM28
- The do you cope?? [View All] OnionPatch Wed Oct-05-05 12:36 PM22
- Anybody heard of Emergent Village? FreedomAngel8... Tue Oct-04-05 05:45 PM1
- I found a new site (Christian) cally Tue Oct-04-05 03:04 PM2
- Feelings on film "Last Temptation of Christ"? Tallison Tue Oct-04-05 03:02 PM17
- So I posted in my blog about the big rally and someone comes along GreenPartyVot... Tue Oct-04-05 02:44 PM6
- Just heard the "real story" from "Mrs. Noah"! polmaven Sun Oct-02-05 08:42 PM2
- For my 666th post: What would it take to get progressive Christians to... hvn_nbr_2 Fri Sep-30-05 06:19 PM7
- I love Cafe Press. RevCheesehead Tue Sep-27-05 12:00 AM4
- God died for me as of this afternoon. [View All] elshiva Fri Sep-23-05 02:47 PM24
- Hello, Christian Liberals/Progressive People of Faith Group Skinner Admin Fri Sep-23-05 08:52 AM0
- Are their any Quakers here? KitchenWitch Fri Sep-16-05 04:02 AM0
- Lord's Prayer on the Head of a Pin Kire Tue Sep-13-05 10:48 AM4
- Sojourners: Take the Katrina Pledge DesertedRose Mon Sep-12-05 05:26 PM0
- I'm compiling a helpful list of abbreviations for churches.. RevCheesehead Mon Sep-12-05 12:09 AM19
- The "Chrisitian" Taliban. GOPBasher Sat Sep-10-05 06:23 PM0
- Awesome Sermon at my church Sunday, about Katrina and the poor. GOPBasher Sat Sep-10-05 06:21 PM6
- It seems to me Jesus was gay. ih8thegop Fri Sep-09-05 04:33 AM1
- re-asking: Liberal Christian TV and radio stations? GreenPartyVot... Thu Sep-08-05 10:21 AM4
- Calling all Episcopalians and friends of Episcopalians: elshiva Wed Sep-07-05 07:10 PM4
- Have you ever heard a RW X-tian say "You took it out of context" usregimechang... Tue Sep-06-05 07:43 PM3
- Please join me in prayer for our nation and its people. RevCheesehead Tue Sep-06-05 05:35 PM13
- FLOOD BUCKETS: a way you can begin to help now. RevCheesehead Sat Sep-03-05 06:40 PM4
- Ooh.. irritated another Christian today online. *l* Looky looky GreenPartyVot... Thu Sep-01-05 11:35 PM6
- Thoughts about the hurricane GOPBasher Wed Aug-31-05 11:08 PM7
- I Need Your Prayers (Again) Dinger Tue Aug-30-05 10:14 PM14
- I am sorry about the pro-choice thread I did earlier. elshiva Tue Aug-30-05 01:05 PM5
- Care to label yourself? GreenPartyVot... Tue Aug-30-05 04:54 AM6
- Rewatching "Fiddler on the Roof" helped with reading the Bible GreenPartyVot... Mon Aug-29-05 10:12 PM2
- Please, God, let there be justice. Let us wrest this nation back and put GreenPartyVot... Mon Aug-29-05 09:53 PM6
- Proposed: that God is pro-choice, since God gave us freewill. [View All] elshiva Mon Aug-29-05 04:00 PM24
- Many of you who read here probably are already doing so, lavenderdiva Mon Aug-29-05 02:29 PM8
- Here's a link to a good liberal Christian site... RedEarth Fri Aug-26-05 09:26 PM1
- Just wanted to check in realisticphis... Fri Aug-26-05 03:14 PM3
- So I walked out of a church service for the first time in my life today. tanyev Wed Aug-24-05 12:05 PM19
- I thought Rev. Cheesehead in particular might be interested murielm99 Thu Aug-18-05 11:18 PM5
- Hope to God for nothing less than a gay marriage as a sacrament elshiva Wed Aug-17-05 04:32 PM8
- The Bible & Hunter S. Thompson Kire Wed Aug-17-05 11:48 AM1
- Was there a religious distrinction between the Tutsi and Hutu? usregimechang... Tue Aug-16-05 01:57 AM5
- Is the following verse an example of Jesus praying? (Poll) usregimechang... Thu Aug-11-05 06:11 PM6
- James Watkins FreedomAngel8... Wed Aug-10-05 01:27 AM0
- iB magazine FreedomAngel8... Sat Aug-06-05 01:29 AM0
- Church Bulletin Bloopers! Texasgal Sat Aug-06-05 12:23 AM3
- "I...demand simply and directly that I be destroyed." Kire Fri Aug-05-05 01:21 AM2
- My oped on right wing religious insanity usregimechang... Wed Aug-03-05 06:14 PM3
- Globalised Religions for a Globalised World Kire Wed Aug-03-05 04:38 PM0
- Organization takes straight aim at mainline progressive movement bettys boy Sun Jul-31-05 05:28 PM9
- Please respond to Falwell's attack against the CAP Sapphire Blue Sat Jul-30-05 11:56 PM2
- Rev. Susan Russell's presentation to the Anglican Consultative Council realFedUp Sun Jul-24-05 01:53 AM7
- Cartoon explaining Anglican current events bettys boy Sun Jul-24-05 01:51 AM3
- Who's monitoring right-leaning Christian Media? DesertedRose Sat Jul-23-05 12:40 AM4
- I just gained access to DU groups, so here I am! Heaven and Ea... Thu Jul-21-05 12:32 PM2
- NYT: Among military chaplains... bettys boy Tue Jul-19-05 06:43 PM4
- Is using religion for political goals a violation of progressive values? usregimechang... Tue Jul-19-05 02:26 PM5
- Some nice Bible quotes to share FreedomAngel8... Sat Jul-16-05 02:18 AM8
- progressive seminaries: anyone attend one or know someone who has faithnotgreed Fri Jul-15-05 10:35 PM3
- Turn your faith into action at DU's Activist Corps! ih8thegop Thu Jul-14-05 11:14 PM0
- Anyone here a preterist? Taverner Tue Jul-12-05 05:38 PM5
- Today we said goodbye to our pastor... polmaven Sat Jul-09-05 10:32 AM9
- My dilemma with Christian marketing: Oh, the irony DesertedRose Tue Jul-05-05 06:12 PM12
- I'm at a crossroads and need advice/feedback supernova Mon Jul-04-05 08:58 PM10
- This post confuses me, but God loves gays! elshiva Mon Jul-04-05 11:59 AM7
- A Call to Speak Out - Iraq War Statement Endorsement Sapphire Blue Sat Jul-02-05 10:36 PM1
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