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- Beliefnet Poll: Evangelicals Still Conservative, But Defy Issue Stereotypes theredpen Thu Jan-24-08 04:27 PM3
- What is important in a church to you? DesertedRose Fri Jan-18-08 04:12 PM12
- Man shall not live by bread alone usregimechang... Thu Jan-17-08 07:14 PM7
- How do you envision God? (Poll) mvd Thu Jan-17-08 03:34 PM15
- Am I the only one who's bothered by armed guards at a church? [View All] mycritters2 Mon Jan-14-08 05:45 PM22
- Hello teacher gal Sun Jan-13-08 04:52 PM7
- I need to vent about a retired pastor who belongs to my church. mycritters2 Tue Jan-08-08 09:39 PM3
- I really can't stand John Hagee! Maestro Tue Dec-25-07 12:11 PM1
- Good schmaltz in Editorials supernova Sun Dec-23-07 05:48 PM3
- Martin Luther: "If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there." 133724 Wed Dec-19-07 09:29 PM6
- Help Us Remember RedEarth Wed Dec-19-07 10:47 AM2
- Why when something terrible happens, to people have to elshiva Sat Dec-15-07 11:26 PM2
- I'm looking for a Christmas present Poiuyt Sun Dec-09-07 11:43 PM3
- Can't keep going to my church as is, so its time to change it. Sentath Tue Dec-04-07 09:56 AM7
- two questions: what denomination are you [View All] madison2000 Thu Nov-29-07 10:34 AM86
- The UCC has a campaign to help Iraqi refugees. mycritters2 Sun Nov-25-07 01:54 AM4
- Can you be religious and reject supernaturalism? (Poll) usregimechang... Wed Nov-21-07 07:56 PM2
- Whose funding the Anglican schismatics? Follow the money. Fenris Fri Nov-16-07 01:12 PM9
- ??? banana republ... Mon Nov-05-07 06:51 PM0
- Titus Refuses To Come Out of His Trailer banana republ... Mon Nov-05-07 06:42 PM0
- Rev. Jim Wallis, on Falwell's legacy RevCheesehead Fri Oct-26-07 11:03 PM4
- An extreme Fundie takeover attempt Deb Sun Oct-21-07 06:12 AM8
- Everything Must Change 133724 Mon Oct-08-07 08:11 PM2
- Jesse Jackson on Keep Hope Alive undeterred Sun Oct-07-07 07:57 AM0
- Went to see Bart Ehrman last night supernova Wed Oct-03-07 02:00 PM5
- Religious Leaders Call for Interfaith Fast--October 8 deutsey Wed Oct-03-07 06:07 AM0
- Have a favorite verse from Psalms? AlecBGreen Tue Oct-02-07 09:33 PM2
- My Favorite Question from the Dem Debate: RevCheesehead Sun Sep-30-07 08:49 PM4
- Suing God 133724 Fri Sep-28-07 04:15 AM1
- A joke for the Episcopalians and Baptists Rabrrrrrr Thu Sep-27-07 06:41 PM6
- Loser of the Month: W.W. Norton & Company and author David Wallis 133724 Wed Sep-19-07 07:51 PM0
- Church Dilemma--What to do? elshiva Wed Sep-19-07 12:38 PM3
- How do you guys deal with the anti-Christian bullshit on DU? [View All] mycritters2 Thu Sep-13-07 05:58 PM29
- Questioning one's faith and (possibly) getting it back. gatorboy Wed Sep-12-07 01:20 AM10
- A Must-See Film about the Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer democrat2thec... Thu Aug-30-07 11:17 PM0
- Pope: Other Christians not true churches themartyred Thu Aug-30-07 10:28 AM14
- On Faith: Guest Voices: Why I Believe ayeshahaqqiqa Sun Aug-26-07 09:52 AM0
- Hey ladies! There's a new class just for us! amybhole Thu Aug-23-07 09:58 PM5
- New "Last Supper" theory RestoreGore Tue Jul-31-07 08:25 PM7
- I just saw the Simpsons Movie mycritters2 Sun Jul-29-07 08:59 PM0
- More dead missonaries... TreasonousBas... Mon Jul-23-07 04:27 AM4
- Tao Te Ching for Christians mzteris Fri Jul-20-07 09:07 PM7
- I bet you never thought you'd see my ugly mug around here. varkam Tue Jul-17-07 11:00 PM19
- I lost my head and posted in R/T mycritters2 Mon Jul-16-07 05:29 PM9
- Who goes to Heaven? (Poll) Done Mon Jul-16-07 03:52 PM12
- RC Wed Jul-11-07 04:18 PM2
- Tonight my Deacons voted to have gay marriages done at our church mycritters2 Sun Jul-08-07 09:45 PM10
- Could someone who went to Synod give me the highlights, as you saw them? notmyprez Sun Jul-08-07 08:53 PM6
- Healing the wounds of rape. elshiva Sat Jul-07-07 04:23 PM4
- Re: "The Teaching Company"... adsosletter Tue Jul-03-07 10:52 PM1
- I just don't know anymore. RevCheesehead Mon Jul-02-07 09:42 AM19
- "The problem isn't non-believers - it's non-persons" - Chung Hyun Kyung at UCC Synod Rabrrrrrr Fri Jun-29-07 08:15 AM3
- I'm leaving for Synod tomorrow mycritters2 Wed Jun-20-07 01:17 PM0
- The Biblical Obligation is to support TransRights! elshiva Tue Jun-19-07 08:02 AM8
- June is Gay Pride Month: Love God and Love Gays! elshiva Tue Jun-19-07 08:00 AM8
- For the WEEKEND: In honor of Cindy Sheehan..."The Burmese Harp" / Netflix Rental ! KoKo01 Tue Jun-05-07 09:24 PM0
- Show of hands....who caught crap for doing Pentecost mycritters2 Tue Jun-05-07 04:45 PM6
- UCC General Synod 50th Anniversary gearing up some good speakers! Rabrrrrrr Thu May-31-07 05:52 PM6
- 10 Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You hippywife Thu May-17-07 05:35 PM6
- Can anyone give me a cheat sheet? amybhole Thu May-17-07 12:02 PM6
- A hypothetical I was presented with dsc Thu May-17-07 06:28 AM5
- Is anyone else doing field or seed blessings for Rogation Days? mycritters2 Tue May-15-07 08:05 PM9
- Any plans for Ascension Day? elshiva Tue May-15-07 07:43 PM3
- Prayer question... huskerlaw Tue May-08-07 11:06 PM11
- I Could Use Your Prayers Again Dinger Mon May-07-07 06:05 PM7
- Took in more new members today mycritters2 Mon Apr-30-07 04:42 PM5
- I need to find my way back to organized religion [View All] cally Thu Apr-26-07 08:17 PM25
- It's Been A Long Day, & I Sure Would Appreciate Your Thoughts & Prayers Dinger Wed Apr-18-07 10:50 PM6
- Is there religion without supernaturalism? (Poll) usregimechang... Sun Apr-15-07 09:33 PM1
- Brilliant essay on why flags do not belong in churches Rabrrrrrr Fri Apr-13-07 02:00 PM0
- On Forgiveness (and Imus) RevCheesehead Thu Apr-12-07 06:34 PM7
- Happy Easter everyone! wicket Sun Apr-08-07 06:13 PM4
- Christ The Lord Is Risen Today! ih8thegop Sat Apr-07-07 11:09 PM12
- Something I'd like to share from our Good Friday service. RevCheesehead Sat Apr-07-07 10:37 PM4
- a peaceful Easter to everyone tomorrow. ulysses Sat Apr-07-07 10:59 AM0
- My fellow Progressive Christians... hippywife Fri Apr-06-07 09:29 PM1
- Latest Mr Deity - episode 10 54anickel Fri Apr-06-07 09:10 PM0
- I am considering leaving my church dsc Tue Apr-03-07 12:52 PM17
- Presbyterian Peace March youthere Fri Mar-30-07 11:51 AM0
- I attended services today at a local Unitarian Universalist Church KitchenWitch Thu Mar-29-07 04:27 PM7
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