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- Sometimes I feel really good about being a mainline Protestant. mycritters2 Sat Jan-10-09 05:41 PM7
- Keep Patrick Fitzgerald in your prayers DesertedRose Thu Jan-08-09 09:20 PM4
- Pray for me. I mentioned the Rick Warren stuff in a sermon today. mycritters2 Tue Jan-06-09 06:13 PM5
- Thank God I returned to church Sunday. For the first time in 25 years blondeatlast Sun Jan-04-09 10:36 PM5
- Are we going to sit here and take it? Liberal_Lurke... Sat Jan-03-09 02:59 PM8
- Christian Century: Mainline showing shift to Democrats Rabrrrrrr Fri Dec-26-08 08:00 PM5
- Easter program for 3-6 yos? GreenPartyVot... Fri Dec-26-08 12:18 PM4
- A very Merry Christmas Kajsa Thu Dec-25-08 12:32 PM0
- To my Christian DU friends: Here's a song for you. Redstone Tue Dec-23-08 08:26 PM2
- The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic jaredh Sun Dec-21-08 04:59 PM2
- I went to a beautiful Blue Christmas service the other night. notmyprez Sun Dec-21-08 12:28 PM2
- Eastern Orthodoxy? jaredh Sun Dec-21-08 12:15 PM10
- Question about Advent Study Irishonly Fri Dec-19-08 03:16 PM4
- "Have a Defiant Christmas" Sentath Sun Dec-14-08 12:47 AM4
- Should I give up and become an atheist? [View All] elshiva Wed Dec-10-08 04:55 PM22
- It happened last night and I am STILL angry DesertedRose Tue Dec-09-08 08:17 AM19
- Has anyone heard of NETWORK? clear eye Sun Dec-07-08 10:41 AM0
- Tis the season and the Kajsa Sat Dec-06-08 12:03 AM3
- is a question that is causing me some degree of angst.... adsosletter Fri Dec-05-08 02:39 AM17
- Do you guys (clergy, musicians, etc) have OneLicense or CCLI licenses, or both? mycritters2 Tue Dec-02-08 09:13 PM2
- First Sunday of Advent. Kajsa Tue Dec-02-08 09:10 PM9
- God-Fearing supernova Sun Nov-30-08 11:39 AM8
- Maybe I've been UCC too long, but I'm amazed at my Evangelical friend. mycritters2 Tue Nov-25-08 08:27 PM12
- If Obama turns out to be the antichrist... Kire Tue Nov-25-08 08:10 PM15
- Anyone know anything about a film entitled "End of the Spear" or something? mycritters2 Tue Nov-25-08 04:52 PM12
- Mobilization to End Poverty clear eye Wed Nov-12-08 04:24 PM0
- Church Revitalization Committee wants me to only use music written in my life time. Dammit. [View All] mycritters2 Fri Nov-07-08 02:10 PM22
- Thoughts on the anti marriage campaign in California smkyle1 Sun Nov-02-08 01:14 PM1
- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DainBramaged Wed Oct-29-08 06:08 PM3
- Matthew 25 has put together a form for responding directly to Dobson about his projections amybhole Wed Oct-29-08 04:42 PM6
- I know I'm too much the stickler about church/state boundaries stuff, so can someone else tell me mycritters2 Thu Oct-16-08 08:30 PM3
- Did you guys see Peter Gomes on Colbert? mycritters2 Fri Sep-19-08 09:22 PM4
- I think the reason Republicans are the party of the rich is because they DainBramaged Wed Sep-17-08 01:25 PM2
- A question about speaking in tongues hvn_nbr_2 Thu Sep-11-08 07:30 PM9
- God fu*king dammit!! Why can't people play by the rules?!!!! mycritters2 Fri Sep-05-08 04:48 PM11
- Dating and matching up religions/philosophies supernova Sat Aug-23-08 05:29 PM8
- I don't know where to start. Ilsa Sat Aug-23-08 05:23 PM13
- DesertedRose Tue Jul-29-08 08:46 PM1
- Swear words and Christians (Poll) GreenPartyVot... Thu Jul-24-08 08:36 PM14
- James Dobson Doesn't Speak for Me DesertedRose Sun Jul-06-08 10:03 PM3
- believe what you want.A little boy and my prayer beads. w8liftinglady Sun Jul-06-08 03:48 AM1
- Well, that cuts it. I'm leaving. mycritters2 Thu Jun-26-08 11:14 PM5
- Girardians, do you find yourself more aware of violence in the world mycritters2 Mon Jun-16-08 11:54 AM2
- United Church of Christ under IRS investigation - rightwing/Republican churches left alone Rabrrrrrr Fri Jun-13-08 12:23 PM14
- Just showed the movie "Priest" to one of my church groups Lydia Leftcoa... Thu Jun-12-08 10:24 PM2
- The haters are pissed at me again, and staying away from worship. mycritters2 Thu Jun-12-08 08:27 AM9
- If other UCCs (or anyone else) are looking for racism resources, mycritters2 Thu Jun-12-08 12:59 AM0
- Communion Wine? Why cally Wed Jun-11-08 10:51 PM13
- My church celebrated its 150th anniversary this past Sunday Lydia Leftcoa... Thu Jun-05-08 12:04 AM6
- You may have seen it in GDP, but...Barack has left Trinity UCC. mycritters2 Wed Jun-04-08 10:49 PM7
- The Theocons: Secular America Under Seige RedEarth Mon Jun-02-08 09:41 PM2
- Just got home from a Marcus Borg lecture - what an awesome speaker! I've 54anickel Sat May-31-08 12:29 PM9
- I'm going to this Girardian thing next week. mycritters2 Fri May-23-08 11:26 PM5
- Anyone ever read any Joel Goldsmith? mrgorth Thu May-15-08 01:04 AM2
- Today's one told me I'd be celebrating communion. mycritters2 Fri May-09-08 05:44 PM4
- Please let me share a couple of things polmaven Tue May-06-08 07:00 PM2
- Haven't Posted Here In A While Dinger Mon May-05-08 11:05 AM4
- Here's something that should make an interesting debate - to move a cemetery, or not move it? Rabrrrrrr Mon May-05-08 10:59 AM8
- Hello all...I think I'm about to dip my toe in the well of faith... bicentennial_... Thu May-01-08 12:10 AM9
- Please hear me out. elshiva Wed Apr-30-08 11:23 PM7
- Footsteps: A Journey in Faith Lydia Leftcoa... Tue Apr-29-08 12:01 PM0
- Rev. Jeremiah Wright makes me proud. RevCheesehead Mon Apr-28-08 07:28 PM4
- Well...I did it... huskerlaw Tue Apr-22-08 06:27 PM9
- I have finally done something sensible! RevCheesehead Mon Apr-21-08 11:32 AM8
- Ted Turner teams up with Lutherans and Methodists polmaven Sat Apr-12-08 09:55 AM9
- Wow, that was a surprising conversation! mycritters2 Fri Apr-11-08 09:48 AM3
- Has anyone attended a Seminary College? MiltonF Sun Apr-06-08 08:31 PM3
- A short rant......The member of my Board of Deacons who complains most about worship-- mycritters2 Sun Apr-06-08 08:29 PM15
- Atheism: The Newest Internet Trend [View All] theredpen Tue Apr-01-08 12:58 PM23
- Happy Easter, Everyone! Lydia Leftcoa... Mon Mar-24-08 11:41 AM9
- Pulpit charlatans and the harm they cause. Jack Sprat Mon Mar-17-08 05:05 PM5
- Four Religious Truths - some humor for your day Rabrrrrrr Sat Mar-15-08 07:44 PM3
- My last day to buy frivolous stuff until after Easter... Rabrrrrrr Wed Mar-12-08 07:47 PM6
- What if they are right and we are wrong? elshiva Sat Mar-08-08 06:22 AM15
- What I'm doing for Lent Lydia Leftcoa... Sat Feb-23-08 11:18 AM2
- Holy cow. Didn't know you were here Jack Sprat Fri Feb-22-08 07:34 PM8
- A question about Travel Mercies HERVEPA Fri Feb-15-08 01:13 PM4
- Weekly choral evensong online from BBC3 Lydia Leftcoa... Sat Feb-02-08 09:47 PM0
- Fellow UCCs (and friends), are you bothered by reaction to Obama's faith? mycritters2 Tue Jan-29-08 10:54 PM11
- Hello... adsosletter Thu Jan-24-08 07:07 PM7
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