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- Raising the minimum wage does NOT cause job loss ih8thegop Sun Aug-13-06 09:54 AM0
- E-mail: Are you a Democrat, Republican or Southerner? dist22dem Fri Aug-11-06 08:26 PM0
- "Doctored" Beirut photos. Is this a real story? Poll_Blind Thu Aug-10-06 05:09 PM3
- ANTHROBEEROLOGY dist22dem Sat Jul-29-06 12:28 PM0
- Top falsehoods about NY Times and Bush bank-tracking program WePurrsevere Wed Jul-26-06 04:29 PM1
- Need help, Re: Ted Nugent email about French LibInTexas Wed Jul-26-06 10:29 AM1
- Seven Years Later Wapo Scribe Admits Gore Did Not Claim To Invent Internet dist22dem Wed Jul-26-06 10:21 AM0
- Bush HIMSELF Disclosed Financial Tracking Program 9/24/01 dist22dem Tue Jul-25-06 12:24 PM0
- The "Ben Stein" email & the debunking arnheim Sun Jul-23-06 09:18 AM4
- Challenging Hate Radio: A Guide for Activists dist22dem Sun Jul-23-06 08:44 AM3
- Warrior Defense Fund....thoughts? Catchawave Tue Jul-18-06 08:56 AM1
- Grade school essay: What the American Flag Stands For dist22dem Thu Jul-13-06 08:56 AM0
- RW email: NY Times Mz Pip Sat Jul-08-06 06:07 PM1
- Chew on this: from a military e-list :( Catchawave Tue Jun-27-06 06:36 PM1
- Does anyone remember the video showing the supposed beating... Poll_Blind Sun Jun-25-06 10:51 PM3
- Debunk email about Christianity and US Maraya1969 Sun Jun-25-06 06:09 AM5
- Free Market Debunked SHRED Sun May-14-06 01:03 AM0
- broken link... SledDriver Sun Feb-12-06 02:47 PM1
- WHY THE SAUDIS GOT AWAY WITH 9-11 IanDB1 Tue Jan-24-06 06:37 PM0
- So, did the Judge in the Delay case give money to..... TheDebbieDee Tue Nov-08-05 01:48 PM1
- Treasongate (Part VI): Response to GOP/Neocon talking points dist22dem Wed Oct-19-05 12:43 PM0
- Right-Wing Myths About (Plame) Leak Investigation, Debunked dist22dem Wed Oct-19-05 12:41 PM0
- E-mail: history lesson (Muslim male extremist) dist22dem Mon Aug-29-05 12:52 PM3
- Denzel Washington and BAMC Ilsa Sat Jul-23-05 12:27 PM0
- Who Exposed Secret Agent Plame? dist22dem Fri Jul-15-05 01:42 PM0
- Wilson's letter to Senate Select Intelligence Comm.: from Buzzflash dist22dem Fri Jul-15-05 01:39 PM0
- GOP Rove talking points, courtesy of "The Raw Story" dist22dem Fri Jul-15-05 01:32 PM0
- Luskin changes his statement on Rove not being a target dist22dem Fri Jul-15-05 01:30 PM0
- Smears and Lies: Klein on Clinton dist22dem Wed Jun-22-05 12:56 PM0
- O'Reilly's habit of intentionally doctoring information dist22dem Fri Jun-10-05 12:00 PM0
- morals of the so-called "moral majority" dist22dem Mon Jun-06-05 12:34 PM0
- Network Viewers Still in the Dark on "Smoking Gun Memo" dist22dem Fri May-20-05 12:22 PM0
- Fox News in Ratings Free Fall dist22dem Thu May-19-05 01:08 PM0
- Don't blame Newsweek (Molly Ivins) dist22dem Thu May-19-05 01:07 PM0
- Red Cross told U.S. of Koran incidents dist22dem Thu May-19-05 01:03 PM0
- BRAC -- base closing; historical background dist22dem Fri May-13-05 03:31 PM1
- Secret Service records raise new questions about discredited conservative dist22dem Mon Apr-25-05 12:43 PM0
- dist22dem Mon Apr-25-05 12:38 PM0
- Propaganda ALERT! mogster Fri Apr-15-05 12:23 PM1
- Bush's Broken Promises dist22dem Wed Mar-30-05 09:21 PM1
- E-mail: If you feel like testing your History knowledge? dist22dem Tue Mar-22-05 10:31 PM1
- It has not spread to 80 percent of the population dist22dem Mon Mar-14-05 09:03 PM2
- The Government of the USA is not founded on Christianity dist22dem Sat Mar-12-05 10:27 AM6
- America by the Numbers -- No. 1? dist22dem Thu Mar-03-05 01:12 PM0
- Letter in Local Paper GiovanniC Mon Feb-21-05 10:51 AM2
- E-mail: Great Comeback dist22dem Fri Feb-18-05 01:53 PM0
- Can someone De-bunk this Entirely? I have to admit it does sound bush_is_wacko Thu Feb-17-05 09:10 PM4
- Did young voters turn out in Nov. 2004 or not? Lefty48197 Sat Feb-12-05 07:29 PM1
- FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Is this something to worry about? tommcintyre Sat Feb-12-05 01:24 AM0
- Prayer Request dist22dem Wed Jan-26-05 08:41 AM0
- Christmas sales are UP and that's a sign the economy is getting better. Lefty48197 Mon Jan-17-05 05:35 PM3
- E-mail from Alabama Sheriff Mac Holcomb dist22dem Wed Jan-12-05 01:35 PM0
- Bush Jr.'s Skeleton Closet dist22dem Wed Jan-12-05 01:34 PM3
- Ohio election fraud summary dist22dem Thu Jan-06-05 10:08 PM0
- Truthisall post #10,000: THE 2004 ELECTION COLLECTION dist22dem Thu Jan-06-05 10:03 PM0
- My Reasons Why Today Was or Can Be Wildly Successful dist22dem Thu Jan-06-05 09:58 PM0
- easy "Thank You " link for Barbara Boxer dist22dem Thu Jan-06-05 09:54 PM0
- We made it happen! A revised view of 1/6. Idea: A Peoples Investigation? dist22dem Thu Jan-06-05 09:53 PM0
- VOTE YES on CNN Should Congress look into validity of the pres election dist22dem Thu Jan-06-05 09:50 PM0
- About the New York Times, Fox News, and Kooky Tsunami Conspiracy Theories dist22dem Thu Jan-06-05 09:48 PM0
- Republican excuses for ignoring voter fraud dist22dem Thu Jan-06-05 09:46 PM0
- From MoveOn...Contact Sinclair advertisers re: The Point dist22dem Tue Dec-28-04 10:35 PM1
- Reporter Fed Soldier Question, Or Did He? dist22dem Tue Dec-28-04 05:26 PM2
- I had a horrible dream.. flaminbats Tue Dec-28-04 03:45 PM0
- The Blatant Truth dist22dem Fri Dec-24-04 11:00 PM1
- Is the damn dog dead or not? Curtis/Bradblog SomthingsGota... Fri Dec-24-04 06:22 PM2
- Massive Religious Propoganda Campaign Being Waged Beetwasher Fri Dec-17-04 08:47 PM4
- E-mail: Don't think there is a double standard... dist22dem Tue Dec-14-04 08:41 PM2
- E-mail: Interesting facts dist22dem Mon Dec-13-04 01:53 PM0
- "Winning an Argument" site dist22dem Mon Dec-13-04 01:47 PM0
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