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- Helping to ween a relative from Fox News... PerpetuallyDa... Wed May-14-08 01:08 PM4
- How I "debunk" political hate emails (99.9% of which are from rightwingers) SHRED Thu May-08-08 04:31 PM4
- Taxes under Clinton vs taxes under Junior Lasher Wed Feb-20-08 08:06 AM0
- Air America Advertiser: International Star Registry rusty charly Fri Jan-18-08 01:38 PM0
- "Please REPLY to Obama email attack!!! " Pirate Smile Fri Jan-11-08 12:56 PM1
- rusty charly Sun Dec-16-07 03:30 PM0
- Urine tests for Welfare rusty charly Sun Dec-16-07 03:29 PM2
- Got this right wing email about the USS Reagan Lasher Fri Dec-14-07 11:36 AM0
- Anybody debunk "A History Lesson"? Bigmack Tue Nov-13-07 10:28 PM3
- AirAmerica frequent advertiser Avacor rusty charly Wed Nov-07-07 11:36 AM0
- Liberals and charity nxylas Mon Oct-08-07 03:54 PM0
- Liberal brains vs Conservative...... Psychological study The Wielding ... Sun Sep-09-07 05:46 PM0
- Email Subject : HONOR / "Red Friday" thecrow Mon Aug-20-07 04:07 PM3
- "All European Life Died In Auschwitz" rusty charly Mon Aug-13-07 05:22 PM0
- The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes rusty charly Sun Jul-15-07 11:58 PM0
- Rudy Giuliani -- Urban legend dist22dem Thu Jul-12-07 02:30 PM0
- Anti-Hillary Email Resurfaces AllieB Wed Jul-11-07 03:32 AM3
- 'SiCKO' Truth Squad Sets CNN Straight rusty charly Tue Jul-10-07 09:21 PM0
- Amy Bruce, 7 year old dying of lung cancer Catchawave Mon Jul-09-07 03:16 PM0
- Photos of where the 2nd gunman most likely was located Up2Late Tue Jul-03-07 04:32 AM3
- Sen Whitehouse's Big, Big, Chart Comparing Clinton & Bush WH Contacts With DOJ kpete Tue Jul-03-07 04:00 AM1
- "sicko" Fact Check rusty charly Sun Jul-01-07 10:25 AM0
- "Becoming Illegal" email underpants Fri Jun-15-07 09:23 PM1
- Post Scooter Sentencing Debunking rusty charly Thu Jun-14-07 05:22 PM0
- E-mail: Monica Lewinsky dist22dem Wed Jun-13-07 08:56 AM0
- Debunk: Dems took money from Abramoff dist22dem Mon Jun-04-07 08:51 AM0
- Spitting incident at the march (1/2007) dist22dem Wed May-30-07 09:21 PM5
- Valerie Plam Wilson WAS COVERT REACTIVATED I... Wed May-30-07 12:54 PM3
- "Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table, At which he's fed." rusty charly Tue May-29-07 07:00 PM0
- Condoleezza Rice's University Degrees rusty charly Wed May-02-07 08:00 PM0
- What the Right said about the war rusty charly Thu Apr-26-07 11:05 AM0
- False "Jay Leno" essay circulating theHandpuppet Thu Apr-26-07 09:37 AM1
- E-mail debunk: Which House Belongs to the Environmentalist? dist22dem Thu Mar-29-07 01:01 PM1
- Debunking the NYT's Sloppy Hit Piece on Gore rusty charly Wed Mar-14-07 09:02 AM0
- "Libby is the only Bush administration official to be convicted of a crime" rusty charly Fri Mar-09-07 09:47 AM0
- Was an imminent Ice Age predicted in the '70's? No ConservativeD... Fri Mar-02-07 12:15 PM0
- Catalogue of Bogus Conservative Ideas dist22dem Tue Feb-27-07 06:56 PM3
- False Lincoln Quote erpowers Fri Feb-16-07 05:24 PM0
- March 17th March pouring in! Catchawave Thu Feb-15-07 08:43 PM0
- Myths and falsehoods about Hillary Rodham Clinton dist22dem Tue Feb-13-07 12:54 PM0
- D'Souza backpedaled from book's central conclusions rusty charly Sun Feb-11-07 12:36 PM1
- Debunk "Valerie Plame was not covert" dist22dem Sat Feb-10-07 12:14 PM3
- The Fake Pelosi Plane Scandal rusty charly Thu Feb-08-07 06:43 PM3
- "Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within" rusty charly Mon Feb-05-07 09:51 PM1
- Here's the CNN clip that debunks the Obama / Madrassa annabanana Sun Feb-04-07 01:53 PM0
- What the Bible says dist22dem Sat Feb-03-07 11:24 PM1
- Wes Clark debunker dist22dem Wed Jan-31-07 03:11 PM5
- E-mail: John Glenn said dist22dem Wed Jan-31-07 09:50 AM0
- Pam Foster letter dist22dem Mon Jan-29-07 09:19 PM0
- "WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT TO TURN ON THE TV AND HEAR..." rusty charly Sun Jan-28-07 10:12 PM0
- Frank Luntz's talking points on Iraq and the war on terror. drm604 Sun Jan-28-07 06:51 PM2
- Debunking Budwieser, Pepsi ... E-mail bahrbearian Mon Jan-22-07 11:09 AM1
- NEEDS ATTENTION: Does the Constitution Contain a Right to Privacy? stepnw1f Fri Jan-19-07 05:33 PM9
- ACLU fights for Christians dist22dem Fri Jan-19-07 05:30 PM2
- "Israel has plans for nuclear strike on Iran" story DISCREDITED crickets Sun Jan-07-07 11:51 PM0
- Kerry dining alone dist22dem Sat Jan-06-07 11:15 AM4
- War on Christmas response dist22dem Wed Dec-13-06 04:05 PM0
- Rockridge Nation Launches Today eridani Tue Dec-12-06 09:26 PM0
- RW Quotes: No link between 9/11 and Saddam/Iraq dist22dem Wed Nov-15-06 12:04 AM0
- Debunked: Democrats can't win elections dist22dem Sat Nov-11-06 10:03 PM1
- Myth Breakers: Facts About Electronic Elections dist22dem Sun Nov-05-06 11:08 AM1
- Debunked: Snopes "I'm Sorry by USMC/ret General Pitman" Catchawave Wed Nov-01-06 06:26 PM2
- Kerry's joke dist22dem Wed Nov-01-06 01:50 PM0
- Frankenlies dot com wryter2000 Mon Oct-30-06 01:24 PM1
- From a "conservative veterans group" GOPUSA ? Catchawave Sun Oct-29-06 07:40 PM1
- There are more trees in America today, than there were 200 years ago. Lefty48197 Sat Oct-28-06 12:55 PM1
- Brilliant refutation of anyone who blames Clinton for North Korean nukes. dist22dem Thu Oct-12-06 04:25 PM0
- Bush's failure to capture Bin Laden dist22dem Fri Oct-06-06 03:25 PM3
- Help on a question/possible "myth" .. mostly need some wavesofeuphor... Sat Sep-30-06 08:11 PM3
- Byron York in National Review -Clinton failed to act against terrorism alteredstate Tue Sep-26-06 12:21 PM4
- E-mail: Andy Rooney said on "60 Minutes" a few weeks back: dist22dem Tue Sep-26-06 03:34 AM1
- I FINALLY found you. Good gawd,...this group is in a dungeon!!!! Just Me Tue Sep-26-06 03:25 AM8
- Chavez Propaganda Debunking REACTIVATED I... Sat Sep-23-06 01:23 PM0
- Aussie "Muslim" Chain Mail Now Morphed Into US Xenophobic RW Fundie Rant WePurrsevere Thu Sep-21-06 12:14 PM1
- E-mail: A USPS stamp commemorates the Islamic holidays dist22dem Fri Sep-15-06 09:31 AM5
- President (Clinton) wants Senate to hurry with new anti-terrorism laws dist22dem Mon Sep-11-06 09:43 AM0
- They told me if I voted for Kerry dist22dem Sun Sep-10-06 06:08 PM5
- A Letter to Ann Coulter (Kristen Breitweiser) dist22dem Thu Sep-07-06 12:19 PM0
- DATA DUMP: "9/11 was Clinton's fault" (William Pitt) dist22dem Thu Aug-24-06 07:31 PM0
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