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- Did you all catch this one? rockedthevote... Wed Oct-05-05 04:11 AM10
- Dammit, I feel so humiliated. :( Ladyhawk Tue Oct-04-05 06:28 PM4
- They really are out to get me. Kire Mon Oct-03-05 01:50 AM0
- special concerns of mentally ill evacuees mopinko Fri Sep-30-05 12:26 PM2
- the chaos in ameriKa has twisted my reality knowbody0 Thu Sep-29-05 01:06 PM4
- "Katrina kicked off troubled souls' odyssey" bloom Wed Sep-28-05 02:11 AM1
- Thyroid and depression hedgehog Tue Sep-27-05 06:49 PM1
- As a child I had a lot of Asperger Syndrome symptoms. Ladyhawk Thu Sep-22-05 12:05 AM10
- A very useful site undergroundpa... Mon Sep-19-05 05:29 PM1
- i'm struggling with myself- and Bluerthanblue Thu Sep-15-05 03:52 AM9
- how y'all doin' here? the bad news is hard to take mopinko Wed Sep-14-05 10:19 AM0
- Losing it undergroundpa... Sun Sep-11-05 07:27 PM5
- Check out my Blog Kire Fri Sep-09-05 08:21 AM1
- how do you feel about the word crazy? [View All] mopinko Fri Sep-09-05 02:28 AM20
- Newbie Liberalynn Mon Sep-05-05 04:53 AM4
- Katrina: A New Untouchable Class Kire Sun Sep-04-05 11:56 PM1
- does your therapist talk much? mopinko Sat Sep-03-05 12:07 AM1
- Nintendo Patents "Sanity System" for Video Game Kire Tue Aug-30-05 08:46 PM0
- Weight gain and depression hedgehog Mon Aug-29-05 09:19 PM8
- Do you ever have days where you say Blue_Roses Sat Aug-27-05 01:47 PM3
- So... tell me about DBT [View All] sans qualia Wed Aug-24-05 03:38 PM20
- Well, it looks like I don't have a valid choice for a psychiatrist. Ladyhawk Mon Aug-22-05 07:09 PM2
- I feel tremendously wonderful Droopy Fri Aug-19-05 12:16 PM5
- HA ! knowbody0 Thu Aug-18-05 12:14 AM0
- my season in the attic knowbody0 Wed Aug-17-05 05:13 PM18
- things are going well mopinko Tue Aug-16-05 09:21 AM2
- I think I'm going crazy Blue_Roses Mon Aug-15-05 03:42 AM4
- winter sets in early, and fibromyalgia is apparently out of remission bertha katzen... Thu Aug-11-05 12:19 PM14
- Tonight I have an overwhelming sense of not fitting in anywhere. Ladyhawk Sat Aug-06-05 12:11 AM7
- so, tell me about this borderline personality disorder. mopinko Wed Aug-03-05 09:25 PM4
- holy cow mopinko Wed Aug-03-05 09:19 AM12
- confidentiality f's things up again mopinko Wed Aug-03-05 09:03 AM2
- he's back. things seem pretty good. mopinko Wed Aug-03-05 07:54 AM7
- Question about DSM Kire Wed Aug-03-05 07:51 AM3
- As a Schizophrenic, and an Anthropologist: this is the Holy Grail. Kire Wed Aug-03-05 06:04 AM13
- Feeling futile undergroundpa... Tue Aug-02-05 08:33 PM2
- Depression linked to previously unknown dopamine regulator Ladyhawk Mon Aug-01-05 09:51 PM0
- Burns Depression Checklist FuzzySlippers Mon Aug-01-05 06:08 PM0
- my little electra mopinko Sun Jul-31-05 05:08 PM4
- I'm having trouble finding a counselor and a psychiatrist. Ladyhawk Sun Jul-31-05 01:21 PM5
- Does this place depress the hell out of anybody else? Der Blaue Eng... Sun Jul-31-05 01:04 PM5
- Do you lose certain rights by going for psych inpatient treatment? Nikia Sat Jul-30-05 10:12 PM10
- Report Criticizes Calif. Mental Hospital Kire Fri Jul-29-05 12:25 AM0
- I just lost ANOTHER job Digit Thu Jul-28-05 10:42 PM6
- have you been able to heal relationships? mopinko Thu Jul-28-05 03:11 PM11
- I have to fly today - shit Maraya1969 Thu Jul-28-05 01:59 PM2
- what would you say to my hubby mopinko Thu Jul-28-05 10:19 AM1
- i had a panic attack today knowbody0 Thu Jul-28-05 07:31 AM9
- I'm on a depressive swing from hell TrogL Thu Jul-28-05 05:45 AM12
- A growing realisation that I might be a manic depressive McKenzie Thu Jul-28-05 05:30 AM12
- well, i had to ask the hubby to leave mopinko Tue Jul-26-05 07:47 AM9
- Just started taking Welbutrin for my ADHD - anyone else have this side FX? Taverner Mon Jul-25-05 02:23 PM4
- To reach out or not Nikia Sun Jul-24-05 05:24 PM2
- Counseling/therapy with no insurance? tjdee Sun Jul-24-05 01:07 PM6
- The tyranny of therapism Kire Sat Jul-23-05 10:09 PM0
- Aderall? undergroundpa... Fri Jul-22-05 01:39 PM2
- still plugging along mopinko Thu Jul-21-05 06:37 PM0
- professional ethics and conduct mopinko Thu Jul-21-05 06:23 PM17
- I'm on a manic swing from hell TrogL Mon Jul-18-05 01:00 PM6
- A complicated family situation [View All] funkybutt Sun Jul-17-05 11:10 PM30
- Open for questions everyone :-) [View All] steve2470 Sat Jul-16-05 09:58 PM42
- A reminder: diabetes and depression make a deadly mix. Ladyhawk Thu Jul-14-05 06:47 PM4
- back to the question of hanging on to the good. mopinko Wed Jul-13-05 05:03 PM3
- I'm obsessing up a storm about something I know is unlikely to happen. mac56 Mon Jul-11-05 05:06 PM4
- Tell me about Remeron. Anybody? elehhhhna Fri Jul-08-05 01:51 PM4
- Cruise Launches War on Psychiatrists Kire Fri Jul-08-05 09:28 AM18
- How do you deal with fundy / neocon / dysfunctional family? Ladyhawk Thu Jul-07-05 10:14 PM11
- I've been off my meds for over two months now and I feel great. RandomKoolzip Thu Jul-07-05 09:18 PM3
- AAARRRRGH! zippy890 Wed Jul-06-05 07:03 PM2
- well, i ALMOST made it through the week mopinko Tue Jul-05-05 03:17 PM4
- I'm having my nervous breakdown right now (incoherent rant) TrogL Tue Jul-05-05 08:11 AM10
- I just came home from a week in the hospital. Kire Mon Jul-04-05 12:40 PM14
- so much better mopinko Thu Jun-30-05 05:10 PM2
- I live in a rough part of town TrogL Wed Jun-29-05 01:10 AM5
- Does anyone else here on this forum Democracy Whi... Mon Jun-27-05 03:49 PM5
- Does anyone else ever feel like they are about to explode? smirkymonkey Mon Jun-27-05 01:20 PM8
- well, he stayed calm mopinko Mon Jun-27-05 05:36 AM10
- he's rational today! mopinko Sun Jun-26-05 02:17 PM4
- sshhh! he's sleeping! mopinko Sun Jun-26-05 02:14 PM5
- my letter to the internist. mopinko Sat Jun-25-05 04:44 PM0
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