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- Kerry's loyalty is a great quality, but there is something weird in Mass Tue Dec-08-09 05:31 PM4
- Interesting article about a coach who knew Kerry during his time as Lt. Gov. of MA: beachmom Tue Dec-08-09 05:26 PM7
- McCain on JK on the Senate floor Inuca Tue Dec-08-09 02:32 PM12
- Portion of the Healthcare debate being repeated tonight on CSPAN 2 Luftmensch067 Mon Dec-07-09 09:22 PM2
- "why John Kerry will save the world" MBS Mon Dec-07-09 07:00 PM5
- JK speaking right now Inuca Mon Dec-07-09 06:10 PM10
- AFghanistan hearing Wednesday Inuca Mon Dec-07-09 04:22 PM6
- Senator Kerry is on Charlie Rose tonight. [View All] wisteria Mon Dec-07-09 04:19 PM43
- beachmom Sun Dec-06-09 11:57 AM2
- Did anyone here see the Senator on the floor this... YvonneCa Sun Dec-06-09 11:25 AM10
- Wahoo! SFRC Afghanistan hearing for tomorrow on CSPAN3 schedule LIVE! [View All] Luftmensch067 Sun Dec-06-09 11:11 AM36
- Kate Sheppard asks a good question: Why is John Kerry STILL not backing Cape Winds? beachmom Sun Dec-06-09 08:45 AM16
- Kerry bill on endocrine disruptors karynnj Sat Dec-05-09 08:23 AM4
- Kerry unveils SFRC climate bill ProSense Fri Dec-04-09 10:08 PM1
- JK's schedule this morning Inuca Fri Dec-04-09 04:43 PM2
- Your opinions, please. MH1 Fri Dec-04-09 01:17 PM6
- Marvin's on C-Span 1 NOW... YvonneCa Fri Dec-04-09 12:48 PM1
- John Kerry makes an appearance on Twitter! References article: beachmom Fri Dec-04-09 10:43 AM0
- An nice piece on Senator Kerry and Copenhagan. wisteria Fri Dec-04-09 01:09 AM0
- Teresa Heinz Kerry announces an additional perscription drug program for Newark karynnj Thu Dec-03-09 09:28 PM2
- Wow! SNAZZY new look for SFRC website! [View All] Luftmensch067 Thu Dec-03-09 06:00 PM20
- Kerry (and De Boer) on Copenhagen karynnj Thu Dec-03-09 01:59 PM2
- Update on Honduras: Congress has officially voted NOT to reinstate Zelaya beachmom Thu Dec-03-09 11:23 AM4
- The tweet that leaves me cold beachmom Thu Dec-03-09 08:57 AM12
- Andrea Mitchell just announced JK... [View All] YvonneCa Wed Dec-02-09 09:02 PM37
- Sen. Kerry's response to the President's speech on Afghanistan TayTay Wed Dec-02-09 04:20 PM13
- SFRC Afghanistan hearing Thursday 9 am Mass Wed Dec-02-09 01:21 PM0
- OT: But I just have to post this fedupinBushco... Tue Dec-01-09 03:19 PM2
- Kerry asks Obama and Clinton for more money to be used in third world on climate change karynnj Tue Dec-01-09 02:01 PM0
- Ah ha, "Senate report: Bin Laden was 'within our grasp'" wisteria Tue Dec-01-09 11:21 AM9
- Completely, completely OT - some advice? Inuca Mon Nov-30-09 02:38 PM7
- For Mass JKers blm Mon Nov-30-09 01:10 PM2
- Senator Kerry invited to State Dinner at WH Tonight ObamaKerryDem Mon Nov-30-09 08:15 AM17
- CNN: Thanksgiving thoughts from Washington and beyond (JK weighs in) Luftmensch067 Sun Nov-29-09 01:16 PM3
- Happy Thanksgiving to all here! TayTay Sat Nov-28-09 01:01 PM9
- THK listed first on list of 6 Women most likely to entertain the Obama's karynnj Wed Nov-25-09 12:18 PM1
- On the Afghan War tax, the media suddenly understands completely and in detail the $87 billion karynnj Wed Nov-25-09 12:15 PM3
- After a Rough Spell, Kerry Returns to Form Mass Wed Nov-25-09 09:43 AM9
- I really enjoyed this Matt Taibbi post even if he still has a Howard Dean blind spot beachmom Tue Nov-24-09 03:31 PM1
- OT wisteria Tue Nov-24-09 08:59 AM19
- The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/22/09 BlueIris Mon Nov-23-09 09:41 PM5
- WP smears Kerry's integrity because he spoke in committee on taxes on medical devices karynnj Mon Nov-23-09 01:11 PM6
- Murdoch fires the first shot. Wants to charge for on line news. He will fail. beachmom Mon Nov-23-09 10:51 AM9
- ?????????????????? Um, New York Times .... HUH???? [View All] beachmom Sun Nov-22-09 02:56 PM22
- It looks like the provision Kerry wanted that saved MA an estimated 6% is in the HRC bill karynnj Sat Nov-21-09 11:37 AM0
- In case you were wondering, yes Sarah Palin goes after JK in book, calling him an "Elitist loon" beachmom Fri Nov-20-09 07:16 PM11
- Interesting - state department wanted Kerry to wait on foreign aid reform bill karynnj Fri Nov-20-09 04:53 PM5
- I guess Kerry gave a great speech at the World Bank on not funding dirty energy. beachmom Thu Nov-19-09 11:01 PM8
- Kerry on Copenhagen - he is clearly pushing Obama to go karynnj Thu Nov-19-09 05:33 PM0
- Any Questions for Senator Kerry? wisteria Thu Nov-19-09 12:57 PM13
- Looking at the health care plan, it looks like there were improvements Kerry wanted karynnj Thu Nov-19-09 12:23 PM4
- Remember the Right's "Phony Soldier" Scott Beauchamp? Well, interesting news ... beachmom Thu Nov-19-09 09:22 AM2
- Being on Facebook is like running for President. No privacy. beachmom Wed Nov-18-09 06:08 PM15
- NYT article on the Kerry/Graham/Lieberman effort karynnj Wed Nov-18-09 05:04 PM9
- Today's SFRC Geithner Hearing Coming Up on CSPAN 2 Luftmensch067 Tue Nov-17-09 10:33 PM1
- Future SFRC Roundtable on Independent Media? Luftmensch067 Tue Nov-17-09 02:59 PM4
- Must read article about how Bush Admin.'s faith based ideology negatively impacted veterans beachmom Mon Nov-16-09 03:47 PM5
- For fun: Iowa campaigning for JK yields a marriage MBS Sun Nov-15-09 02:39 PM3
- Setti Warren wins! [View All] wisteria Sun Nov-15-09 10:03 AM23
- Climate Change hearing in the Finance committee tomorrow at 10 am [View All] karynnj Sat Nov-14-09 03:26 PM29
- Kossaks turn on John Kerry. Re: climate change bill beachmom Sat Nov-14-09 10:27 AM7
- front-page article in Globe on JK and climate change MBS Fri Nov-13-09 05:15 PM2
- Extraordinary: U.S Ambassador Eikenberry cables Obama cautioning against troop increase. beachmom Fri Nov-13-09 05:12 PM19
- JK on AQ and Afghanistan: Hill Article Luftmensch067 Fri Nov-13-09 03:13 PM2
- Guys, the climate bill may be dead, or dying. Really bad news: [View All] beachmom Thu Nov-12-09 09:53 PM21
- Nice video of Kerry introducing a new MIT developed simulator that helps karynnj Thu Nov-12-09 09:00 PM0
- JK joins in sweet remembrance of Mary Travers Luftmensch067 Thu Nov-12-09 04:13 PM12
- Kerry commentary in Newsweek ProSense Wed Nov-11-09 09:56 PM9
- OT (but for MH): Sestak video on Veterans Day MBS Wed Nov-11-09 08:35 PM1
- Mother Jones: Is There a Tri-Partisan Path Forward for a Climate Bill? beachmom Wed Nov-11-09 08:11 PM18
- JK interview, The Daily Beast MBS Wed Nov-11-09 07:34 PM3
- Did you know JK was a fan of Pink Panther movies? Mass Wed Nov-11-09 03:20 PM5
- AFP Story - US Senate to bring climate framework to Copenhagen: Kerry beachmom Wed Nov-11-09 10:44 AM2
- Interesting SFRC hearing coming up next week, looks like Luftmensch067 Wed Nov-11-09 01:31 AM2
- Honduras deal collapses, and Zelaya's backers blame U.S. [View All] wisteria Tue Nov-10-09 05:17 PM25
- Nice photo of Kerry with Merkel karynnj Tue Nov-10-09 03:19 PM1
- The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/09/09 BlueIris Tue Nov-10-09 11:21 AM4
- A New Green Youth Movement- John Kerry fedupinBushco... Mon Nov-09-09 02:46 PM0
- nice response to Vennochi re JK and Afghanistan MBS Mon Nov-09-09 11:24 AM1
- Interesting comments from a Kerry interview with the NYT karynnj Sun Nov-08-09 11:52 PM12
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