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- FANTASTIC Hill article about JK as Chair of SFRC to get us through this day... Kerryvisionar... Tue Jan-19-10 12:30 PM9
- This is the best article explaining in clear terms what I have been sensing about the polls Mass Mon Jan-18-10 10:55 PM11
- Senator Kerry has a diary up at BMG Blaukraut Mon Jan-18-10 03:42 PM1
- Kerry, Clinton rally for Coakley today? [View All] ObamaKerryDem Mon Jan-18-10 11:14 AM32
- Kerry has a rally with Lt Gov Murray in Worcester at 11:30 tommorow karynnj Mon Jan-18-10 11:05 AM15
- About "We Love John Kerry" MonteLukast Mon Jan-18-10 01:41 AM9
- Encouraging Coakley Post sandnsea Sun Jan-17-10 09:47 PM6
- Snippets of the rally with Obama. Mass Sun Jan-17-10 06:34 PM0
- OK... *now* I see what's so wrong about FDL. MonteLukast Sun Jan-17-10 04:50 PM5
- Pres. Obama Rally for Martha Coakley on C-Span at 3:30 today TayTay Sun Jan-17-10 04:22 PM13
- Apparently knocking Coakley means taking a shot at Kerry. [View All] beachmom Sun Jan-17-10 03:35 AM22
- OT - wonderful diary, beachmom Inuca Sat Jan-16-10 06:15 PM7
- Schumer vs Kerry Mass Sat Jan-16-10 02:25 PM8
- This place has lost its friggin' collective mind rox63 Sat Jan-16-10 02:18 PM3
- OT - The Globe and the Phoenix endorse Coakley. [View All] Mass Sat Jan-16-10 01:44 PM79
- Kerry to push for opening the FBI files on MLK's death and creating a MLK archive karynnj Sat Jan-16-10 02:05 AM4
- weekend special: photo of JK at Haiti meeting at Holy Cross Cathedral MBS Fri Jan-15-10 11:39 PM0
- Just as a heads up for O-K supporters . . . beachmom Fri Jan-15-10 06:18 PM0
- I am just disgusted with the tone of debate about HCR beachmom Fri Jan-15-10 02:29 PM13
- Mass already posted - so this is self deleted karynnj Fri Jan-15-10 11:16 AM0
- Kerry's statement on the earthquake in Haiti ProSense Fri Jan-15-10 08:08 AM10
- Kerry calls for temporay protected status for Haitians living in the US karynnj Thu Jan-14-10 08:49 PM0
- OT, but Are we going to lose Teddy's seat to Brown?? [View All] Blaukraut Wed Jan-13-10 09:17 PM78
- OT, but can anybody explain to me why Democrats want to eat their youngs. Mass Tue Jan-12-10 04:23 PM14
- Kerry Invites Father of Nigerian Terror Suspect to Testify to Senate Panel Luftmensch067 Tue Jan-12-10 01:39 PM3
- Kerry with a few truths about the excise tax Mass Mon Jan-11-10 05:30 PM12
- OT: 240-year-old Maine elm tree to finally be cut down MonteLukast Mon Jan-11-10 04:46 PM6
- Putting the pieces together on better intelligence - Kerry Mass Sat Jan-09-10 01:08 AM1
- Oy Vey! In times like these I try to remember wise words TayTay Sat Jan-09-10 12:45 AM13
- Update on Cape Wind beachmom Fri Jan-08-10 04:32 AM6
- "Fair enough, Mr. Johnson". What has happened to Little Green Footballs? beachmom Thu Jan-07-10 04:47 PM2
- Sen. Kerry's comments on Dodd's retirement. [View All] wisteria Thu Jan-07-10 11:45 AM36
- This is big: Kerry Floats Plan to Visit Tehran (WSJ) [View All] beachmom Wed Jan-06-10 09:57 PM28
- Sen. John Kerry Undergoing 2nd Hip Replacement Mass Tue Jan-05-10 10:59 PM14
- Happy New Year! beachmom Mon Jan-04-10 08:05 PM16
- How about the better reality JK has helped create? Today is the day: beachmom Mon Jan-04-10 05:11 PM1
- THK being treated for breast cancer [View All] Luftmensch067 Mon Jan-04-10 12:13 PM47
- nice Globe editorial on THK and breast cancer MBS Wed Dec-30-09 02:11 PM3
- Washington Independent names John Kerry one of the 5 National Security Players of 2009 beachmom Tue Dec-29-09 06:25 PM1
- a little OT: interview with Vicki Kennedy and Teddy JR MBS Sun Dec-27-09 08:56 AM0
- my favorite answer to the right-wing trolls at online Boston Globe MBS Sun Dec-27-09 08:50 AM2
- Here is the Kerry Christmas card - a photo from Vanessa's wedding karynnj Fri Dec-25-09 01:33 PM6
- Sen. Kerry on Vicki Kennedy [View All] MBS Wed Dec-23-09 10:27 AM20
- Kerry in Boston today at Children's Hospital karynnj Tue Dec-22-09 07:03 PM0
- The knives are out!!!! I have to say, though, that it makes me laugh. [View All] beachmom Tue Dec-22-09 04:13 PM30
- Tamil MA residents protest the Sri Lanka report that the SFRC issued karynnj Tue Dec-22-09 10:26 AM0
- Kerry wrapping up on Senate floor now beachmom Mon Dec-21-09 10:58 PM2
- Conjecture - Could one reason for Kerry specifically including Dean and Olberman be to give Coakley karynnj Mon Dec-21-09 11:29 AM3
- John Kerry: We Must Unite on Global Warming beachmom Sun Dec-20-09 11:49 AM1
- Howard Dean inserted Kerry into his op-ed against the HCR bill. Kerry has responded (civilly) [View All] beachmom Sun Dec-20-09 11:33 AM39
- Can we discuss the Cadillac plan tax idea that Kerry proposed? beachmom Fri Dec-18-09 05:37 PM10
- UN Foundation honors Senator Kerry- nice picture/w Gore too. wisteria Fri Dec-18-09 04:55 PM3
- Text of JK's Copenhagen speech Luftmensch067 Thu Dec-17-09 09:52 AM9
- Gail Collins apologizes to John Kerry beachmom Thu Dec-17-09 09:19 AM4
- Not sure anyone knows this, but FireDogLake is a site as bad as Red State or any other RW blog beachmom Wed Dec-16-09 11:12 PM11
- Great news ProSense Wed Dec-16-09 10:02 PM3
- Kerry must be speaking now in Copenhagen. Here is a tweet about it: beachmom Wed Dec-16-09 01:01 PM3
- Sounds like Kerry is in Copenhagen umless this article is wrong karynnj Wed Dec-16-09 12:39 PM3
- Duplicate post -- deleted! n/t Luftmensch067 Wed Dec-16-09 09:49 AM0
- FYI - Kerry email for the DSCC Inuca Wed Dec-16-09 12:34 AM3
- Interesting Kerry bill that will change how "contractor" vs "employer" is defined karynnj Tue Dec-15-09 09:44 PM2
- Has anyone heard any more about whether JK is actually going to Copenhagen? [View All] Luftmensch067 Tue Dec-15-09 06:40 PM40
- Kerry, Graham and Lieberman just gave a press conference on climate change "framework" beachmom Mon Dec-14-09 11:15 AM12
- A pic to caption MH1 Sun Dec-13-09 05:45 PM1
- Are we still considering a Spring meeting? Inuca Sun Dec-13-09 12:42 AM10
- Sen. Kerry has a diary at KOS on Climate Change. wisteria Sat Dec-12-09 10:33 PM3
- Birthday Thread [View All] MBS Sat Dec-12-09 05:27 PM26
- McConnell is forcing a cloture vote tomorrow karynnj Fri Dec-11-09 03:18 PM7
- With the holidays coming up... MonteLukast Fri Dec-11-09 02:04 PM11
- The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/11/09 BlueIris Fri Dec-11-09 01:54 PM7
- JK mentioned in article on Catholics and Kennedys MBS Thu Dec-10-09 06:22 PM3
- Sen. Kerry introducing Martha Coakley tonight TayTay Thu Dec-10-09 04:39 PM16
- The Senator's Birthday? [View All] ObamaKerryDem Thu Dec-10-09 04:26 PM28
- Looks like CSPAN will air today's SFRC Afghanistan hearing Luftmensch067 Thu Dec-10-09 02:41 PM6
- Why do people cling to a word, without considering the reality of things? Mass Thu Dec-10-09 12:10 PM4
- Ha ha Springsteen won't sing for Christie's innaugartion karynnj Wed Dec-09-09 10:23 PM2
- I got a LTTE in my local paper karynnj Wed Dec-09-09 06:24 PM5
- OT, sort of... YvonneCa Wed Dec-09-09 09:20 AM4
- John Kerry calls for an end to the travel ban to Cuba beachmom Wed Dec-09-09 08:57 AM0
- Excellent Kerry editorial about how to get the mission done quicker and better. Mass Tue Dec-08-09 07:51 PM2
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