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- A concern I have about APA: oil drilling revenue to states [View All] MH1 Sun May-16-10 12:53 PM34
- K. Dun Gifford passing sandnsea Sun May-16-10 07:55 AM1
- Nice editorial in the Detroit Free Press karynnj Sat May-15-10 09:16 PM0
- Very nice Kerry interview video karynnj Fri May-14-10 08:48 PM3
- Oh.My.God. (For Tay) Former Senator Barfbag is Baaaaack . . . beachmom Fri May-14-10 08:45 PM1
- Calling all wonks to read the bill: beachmom Fri May-14-10 03:03 PM9
- JK and Lieberman on John King USA last night Luftmensch067 Fri May-14-10 03:03 PM5
- Boston Globe article about the climate/energy bill Mass Fri May-14-10 10:06 AM10
- leadership: it's elementary (I immediately thought of JK) MBS Thu May-13-10 11:07 PM1
- I love this picture! Luftmensch067 Thu May-13-10 10:30 PM7
- FANTASTIC piece in Grist written by Senator Kerry! beachmom Wed May-12-10 06:36 PM6
- Specter's endorsement. I have to disagree with Kerry on this [View All] Mass Wed May-12-10 06:32 PM135
- Happy Mother's Day! Luftmensch067 Wed May-12-10 05:59 PM8
- JK on TV re energy bill this morning! Luftmensch067 Wed May-12-10 11:11 AM7
- Tomorrow is D-Day for the climate bill. Lots of leaks coming out: beachmom Wed May-12-10 06:56 AM5
- A secret plan to kill net neutrality. Very creepy, guys. beachmom Tue May-11-10 07:58 PM0
- Kagan seems like a good SCOTUS choice to me TayTay Tue May-11-10 06:39 PM13
- New JK post on TPM Cafe: Why Elena Kagan Is A Terrific Choice beachmom Tue May-11-10 12:10 PM0
- Kerry's statement about Kagan's nomination Mass Mon May-10-10 12:15 PM0
- White House says it is "time to act" on climate bil Mass Mon May-10-10 11:15 AM1
- Oh, my. Our "friend" is now to the Right of Instapundit re: the Lieberman bill [View All] beachmom Sun May-09-10 10:36 PM28
- Teresa Heinz 's Foundation will help people on waiting lists for aid with buying AIDS drugs karynnj Sat May-08-10 07:51 PM1
- Lindsay Graham says it will be impossible to pass climate legislation at this time. beachmom Fri May-07-10 05:57 PM10
- Kerry and brown bobbleheads will be given out by a Lowell baseball team karynnj Fri May-07-10 04:10 PM4
- Friday Fun Thread: Your Internet Endorsements beachmom Fri May-07-10 01:47 PM0
- I concur with Kevin Drum that this is Quote for the Day. Heck, it's the quote of the year: beachmom Fri May-07-10 11:40 AM7
- SFRC hearing on the "meaning of Marjah" this Thursday karynnj Thu May-06-10 01:07 PM3
- Kerry among Senators backing Oregon Senators' bills to make mail in voting easier nationwide karynnj Thu May-06-10 12:45 PM3
- The Hill, IMO, misinterprets Kerry's questioning of Geitner on the Finance committee karynnj Thu May-06-10 09:18 AM4
- Kerry speech today dealing with green energy karynnj Wed May-05-10 09:51 PM8
- Pickens: price on carbon not essential Mass Tue May-04-10 04:10 PM4
- "Twitter Bomb" was used against Coakley by SBVT people karynnj Tue May-04-10 01:21 PM5
- Kerry and SFRC come out against funding the radio and TV Mardi (Cuba) - merging them with VOA karynnj Tue May-04-10 11:46 AM0
- self delte - dup karynnj Tue May-04-10 09:30 AM0
- Way OT - My niece just got her PhD sandnsea Sat May-01-10 06:58 PM4
- Laura Bush calls Kerry "mean" over the Mary Cheney comment in her book karynnj Sat May-01-10 01:13 PM10
- Guess who just hired Laura Bush's ghost writer? karynnj Sat May-01-10 12:56 PM5
- I'll take it: David Brooks endorses the climate bill (with caveats, of course): beachmom Sat May-01-10 11:58 AM2
- Okay, Graham just lost me now. beachmom Fri Apr-30-10 02:02 PM16
- How nice. Yet another lie about John Kerry on Michelle Malkin's site. beachmom Thu Apr-29-10 01:57 PM5
- John Kerry on the passing of Civil Rights Leader Dorothy Height politicasista Thu Apr-29-10 01:20 PM4
- Beyond climate change, foreign policy. Mass Thu Apr-29-10 07:24 AM2
- Kerry will support Cape Wind if Salazar says it passed all the reviews karynnj Thu Apr-29-10 07:18 AM11
- For MH TayTay Wed Apr-28-10 08:55 PM1
- Worth watching: Lisa Jackson (head of the EPA) on The Daily Show beachmom Tue Apr-27-10 10:33 PM2
- Climate first. Look at this... YvonneCa Tue Apr-27-10 08:24 PM2
- Foreign Relations Committee Passes Authorization Bill ProSense Tue Apr-27-10 07:53 PM1
- On the immigration before climate issue, I'm going to go out on a limb... [View All] YvonneCa Tue Apr-27-10 03:55 PM28
- Full scale rallying behind the climate bill by major enviro groups. I put a diary up: beachmom Tue Apr-27-10 03:00 PM4
- TPM: Still Pushing Forward On Climate/Energy Bill -John Kerry fedupinBushco... Tue Apr-27-10 09:33 AM6
- JK op-ed on cyber-terrorism in NY Daily News Luftmensch067 Mon Apr-26-10 09:36 PM2
- Guys, I am just DEVASTATED . . . . beachmom Mon Apr-26-10 09:25 PM17
- Politico: Kerry, Lieberman & Graham to meet tonight "to try to restart energy bill" beachmom Mon Apr-26-10 08:29 PM6
- My madder than hell diary. And I point fingers. [View All] beachmom Mon Apr-26-10 03:47 PM38
- Immigration reform has been fast tracked ahead of climate legislation. [View All] beachmom Sun Apr-25-10 11:06 AM41
- Bill unveiling postponed. Thank you, Harry Reid. Mass Sun Apr-25-10 07:39 AM7
- Kerry would do all he could to stop an energy only bill as well as vote against it karynnj Fri Apr-23-10 08:14 AM12
- JK Earth Day post on HuffPo! Luftmensch067 Thu Apr-22-10 03:00 PM5
- OT, but I think people from MA will enjoy. Mass Thu Apr-22-10 01:30 PM0
- This attack is just vicious and disgusting. [View All] beachmom Thu Apr-22-10 12:35 PM21
- Positive Boston Globe Op-ed by an environmental economist from Harvard karynnj Wed Apr-21-10 11:11 PM0
- THK's 2010 Woman's health and environment conference you can view online if you register karynnj Wed Apr-21-10 10:50 PM5
- John Kerry sees an energy 'moment' Mass Wed Apr-21-10 07:32 PM12
- Kerry letter to Kyrgyzstan newspaper karynnj Wed Apr-21-10 08:20 AM0
- News about the climate bill legislation Mass Fri Apr-16-10 10:10 AM8
- Some fun video of a young junior Senator on a boat with WBZ's Larry Glick karynnj Wed Apr-14-10 06:47 PM6
- Fresh off the press - JK at DKos Inuca Wed Apr-14-10 06:44 PM6
- The AIPAC letter 76 Senators signed. Kerry & Lugar not among them. beachmom Wed Apr-14-10 06:13 PM10
- Kerry op-ed in Roll Call: U.S. Must Lead on Climate Change beachmom Tue Apr-13-10 04:17 PM9
- Kerry had a breakfast with High School kids, involved in a cultural exchange with Rwanda on 3/25 karynnj Tue Apr-13-10 01:33 PM3
- Attention MA JKers! Setti Warren at Harvard Kennedy School April 27! MBS Sun Apr-11-10 04:51 PM0
- JK to appear in "Banned in Boston" tonight MBS Sun Apr-11-10 01:18 PM12
- Well, when the local media talk about Kerry, it is in negative terms. Mass Sun Apr-11-10 10:43 AM17
- Trouble brewing - Boston Herald article on Kerry and the VAT tax karynnj Sun Apr-11-10 10:30 AM13
- Kerry announces money for Salem for a stromwater project karynnj Fri Apr-09-10 11:19 PM1
- Beautiful statement by Sen. Kerry on retirement of Justice Stevens MBS Fri Apr-09-10 08:49 PM4
- Must read article by Paul Krugman on environmental economics karynnj Fri Apr-09-10 06:06 PM0
- wisteria Thu Apr-08-10 09:16 AM13
- Kerry, Lugar send letter to state department - not happy with time given to do oversight karynnj Thu Apr-08-10 08:38 AM4
- slightly OT - A piece written by Jeffery Lewis, THK's chief of staff on John Heinz karynnj Wed Apr-07-10 09:31 AM1
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