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- Is Battlestar Galactica Doomed? IanDB1 Sun Jan-14-07 10:31 PM16
- Kirk question Orrex Sat Jan-13-07 06:38 AM1
- CBS Considering New Animated Trek Series For The Web YankeyMCC Fri Jan-12-07 04:57 PM5
- ST:ENT vs ST:TOS YankeyMCC Thu Jan-11-07 08:54 PM5
- Those brilliant people at SciFi Network YankeyMCC Thu Jan-11-07 08:45 PM1
- You guys told me, and I listened. Firefly is FANTASTIC! Touchdown Thu Jan-11-07 08:09 PM6
- Trek trivia YankeyMCC Sat Jan-06-07 12:03 AM3
- The Lost Room CrispyQGirl Fri Jan-05-07 03:24 PM2
- Anyone remember this one... ARK II ? YankeyMCC Thu Jan-04-07 12:25 PM5
- Anybody here know of any science fiction short stories or novels raccoon Wed Dec-20-06 03:37 PM7
- Anyone remember "Salvage 1"? TransitJohn Tue Dec-19-06 03:29 PM6
- Good SF alternate history story, WINTERBERRY. raccoon Mon Dec-18-06 11:48 PM3
- BSG - Nitpick - really minor spoiler not details YankeyMCC Mon Dec-18-06 01:36 PM4
- Anne McCaffrey - Dragon books YankeyMCC Tue Dec-12-06 02:40 PM4
- Can someone please tell me when SG1 and SG Atlantis will return? cynatnite Tue Dec-05-06 04:25 PM2
- Superman Returns and Superman II the Donner Cut will be out tomorrow! Cannikin Sat Dec-02-06 02:29 AM2
- Battlestar Moves To Sundays YankeyMCC Fri Dec-01-06 10:51 PM2
- Jackson and Walsh not likely to be involved in "The Hobbit" YankeyMCC Wed Nov-29-06 08:26 AM3
- Doctor Who fans - BBC America showing season 1 on Tuesdays at 10 PM IndianaGreen Tue Nov-28-06 10:31 AM4
- Art imitating life YankeyMCC Sat Nov-25-06 07:42 AM0
- Silver: Wonder Woman is close Cannikin Sat Nov-18-06 11:58 AM4
- A little BSG help for someone with a poor memory -spoils- YankeyMCC Wed Nov-15-06 09:55 AM4
- Heroes YankeyMCC Tue Nov-14-06 03:16 PM5
- Firefly - Won't Back Down Swede Wed Nov-08-06 08:49 PM0
- I need help with title of an SF novel I read about 6 years ago. raccoon Wed Nov-08-06 11:25 AM4
- Was this person the inspiration for the original YankeyMCC Fri Nov-03-06 09:03 PM0
- One Of The Most Incredible FX Sequences I've Ever Seen. [View All] jayfish Sun Oct-29-06 08:41 AM25
- Anyone else read "Hunters of Dune?" Mythsaje Sun Oct-22-06 09:13 PM1
- Nightmares & Dreamscapes.... Effing awsome! Tom Yossarian... Fri Oct-20-06 03:00 AM2
- The Dark Knight: Christian Bale talks and Katie Holmes returns? Cannikin Fri Oct-20-06 02:59 AM1
- Transformers Movie YankeyMCC Fri Oct-20-06 02:56 AM2
- Ledger To Play Batman's Joker? Cannikin Fri Oct-20-06 02:55 AM4
- Webisodes: A Battle Against the Empire (BSG) IndianaGreen Tue Oct-17-06 09:16 PM0
- BSG Moving To NBC? jayfish Mon Oct-16-06 05:42 AM18
- Wow. "Buck Rogers" DVD set. HypnoToad Mon Oct-16-06 05:32 AM5
- Wilson Bob Tucker ikojo Thu Oct-12-06 07:16 PM2
- Think hard--list five things that you like about Star Trek: Enterprise [View All] Orrex Tue Oct-10-06 07:43 PM25
- SG-1 Ends Run; Atlantis back Hong Kong Cav... Sat Oct-07-06 05:03 PM12
- "Whose Side Are We On?" jayfish Sat Oct-07-06 04:58 PM2
- Hero's YankeyMCC Sat Oct-07-06 01:19 PM11
- More on new Tolkien book YankeyMCC Sat Oct-07-06 04:32 AM0
- What scifi authors do you all read? [View All] ralps Fri Oct-06-06 10:05 AM43
- New Heinlein novel due out YankeyMCC Fri Oct-06-06 04:25 AM2
- John M Ford, 1957-2006. Bridget Burke Wed Oct-04-06 02:49 PM0
- Robert Anton Wilson Needs Our Help (forgive xpost) crikkett Wed Oct-04-06 01:03 PM0
- Spock's crib. Swede Sun Oct-01-06 02:55 PM2
- Threshold mduffy31 Wed Sep-27-06 10:17 AM4
- Battlestar Galactica webisodes have started! Hong Kong Cav... Tue Sep-26-06 10:17 PM9
- Watching the BSG debut DVDs...Question. Touchdown Tue Sep-26-06 02:26 AM7
- Favorite Borg story? (Poll) HypnoToad Sun Sep-24-06 11:21 PM9
- Berman not part of Trek 11 Hong Kong Cav... Sun Sep-24-06 11:13 PM6
- New Tolkien book YankeyMCC Thu Sep-21-06 11:38 AM2
- River of Gods by Ian McDonald YankeyMCC Sun Sep-17-06 01:23 AM2
- A Tense moment on The USS Enterprise IanDB1 Thu Sep-14-06 05:32 AM1
- My copy of Lucifer's Hammer came home yesterday catmandu57 Thu Sep-14-06 05:22 AM4
- Oh boy - Mel Gibson redoing Fahrenheit 451 YankeyMCC Thu Sep-07-06 02:08 PM4
- Original Star Trek Getting a CGI Makeover! YankeyMCC Sun Sep-03-06 04:22 PM15
- Star Trek's a thesis YankeyMCC Tue Aug-29-06 06:57 AM1
- Isaac's Universe series YankeyMCC Thu Aug-24-06 05:25 PM0
- just finished Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon.... mike_c Sun Aug-20-06 07:57 PM1
- Devlin Develops New Stargates YankeyMCC Wed Aug-09-06 09:08 PM10
- Horror or best idea for Trek to Continue (Poll) YankeyMCC Wed Aug-02-06 07:22 PM6
- 'Calorie' Mulls Post-Oil World YankeyMCC Wed Aug-02-06 06:57 PM0
- I feel like I'm in that Twilight Zone episode... Cassandra Wed Aug-02-06 01:38 PM0
- Sequel To Be "The Dark Knight" Hong Kong Cav... Wed Aug-02-06 10:19 AM1
- Best gay-themed Star Trek Next Generation episode? (Poll) HypnoToad Mon Jul-31-06 03:27 PM13
- Anyone here ever read all the books in the Greenwich Village Trilogy? Tikki Sun Jul-30-06 07:00 PM0
- Star Trek Cribs: The Director's Cut Tom Yossarian... Sat Jul-29-06 11:18 AM0
- Confirmed: Heath Ledger WILL play The Joker in next Batman Cannikin Fri Jul-28-06 03:35 AM5
- To Serve Man ThoughtCrimin... Sun Jul-23-06 11:51 PM1
- Specifications of Donners Superman II DVD Cannikin Sat Jul-22-06 09:35 AM0
- WHV Releases Superman DVDs Details Cannikin Fri Jul-21-06 07:24 PM0
- Vorkosigan Series Reader Rabbit Fri Jul-21-06 09:09 AM4
- Looking for a book (for my brother) July Thu Jul-13-06 09:49 PM1
- Nnnnooooo!!!!!! YankeyMCC Thu Jul-13-06 02:30 PM11
- "Surface" series marathon on SciFi channel now and I've been Skidmore Tue Jul-11-06 11:47 AM0
- Poor Bryan Singer cant win for losing Cannikin Tue Jul-11-06 07:52 AM4
- Superman Returns' Ottman to use John Williams score! Cannikin Sat Jul-08-06 09:41 AM3
- Doctor's next assistant is named IndianaGreen Wed Jul-05-06 01:14 PM2
- RIP, Jim Baen politicat Mon Jul-03-06 11:06 AM0
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