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- Which ship would you own as a private yacht? (Poll) [View All] Touchdown Sun Dec-19-04 01:55 AM31
- LeGuin Weighs in on EarthSea miniseries and it aint pretty notmypresiden... Sat Dec-18-04 12:35 PM10
- Goyer to Write, Direct, and Produce Film Version of "THE FLASH" Khephra Sat Dec-18-04 06:04 AM1
- Quantum Leap fans - somebody lept the music out of the soundtrack HypnoToad Thu Dec-16-04 01:39 PM0
- Le Guin's Darkness Optioned Khephra Wed Dec-15-04 07:21 PM1
- MORRISON & QUITELY ON SUPERMAN IN 2005? Khephra Wed Dec-15-04 05:27 PM0
- Repost fr. Lounge: Are you excited/ dreading Sci Fi channel's Earthsea? undisclosedlo... Wed Dec-15-04 01:04 AM7
- Comic book fans report in! Streetdoc270 Tue Dec-14-04 06:24 PM18
- Nebulous -- New BBC Radio 4 Science-Fiction Comedy Starts Jan 6 Khephra Tue Dec-14-04 05:36 PM0
- Why is David Brin popular? DrWeird Tue Dec-14-04 05:13 PM9
- Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Touchdown Tue Dec-14-04 05:10 PM13
- Red, Blue, Green Mars - The "Reds" are already YankeyMCC Tue Dec-14-04 04:46 PM1
- Orson Scott Card to write 6 Issue "ULTIMATE IRON MAN" Mini Khephra Tue Dec-14-04 11:07 AM2
- A Fire Upon the Deep phantom power Mon Dec-13-04 07:15 PM11
- Are you a sci-fi nerd? Take my litmus test. eyesroll Fri Dec-10-04 09:39 PM18
- Somebody should do a "They Live" sequel script; how 'bout us? undisclosedlo... Fri Dec-10-04 02:26 PM2
- Which Star Trek series finale was the saddest? (Poll) coloradodem20... Fri Dec-10-04 12:28 PM3
- Babylon 5 Movie Starts Filming in April Love Bug Fri Dec-10-04 10:54 AM9
- JMS (B5) was set to be the showrunner for "Global Frequencies" (Misc News) Khephra Fri Dec-10-04 10:30 AM3
- Best Star Trek episode with Q in it. (Poll) coloradodem20... Fri Dec-10-04 03:34 AM12
- Anyone else out there looking forward to Battlestar Galactica's return Tom Yossarian... Fri Dec-10-04 01:43 AM10
- Bad Sci-Fi TV show flops. [View All] Touchdown Thu Dec-09-04 04:11 PM31
- Please suggest some left leaning sci fi to read [View All] ikojo Thu Dec-09-04 02:40 AM23
- Was "cyberpunk" a real subgenre? phantom power Wed Dec-08-04 10:20 AM6
- Farpark - for fans of Farscape AND South Park robbedvoter Tue Dec-07-04 11:41 PM0
- Anyone else honestly think Star Trek just isn't that good? [View All] Caution Tue Dec-07-04 08:48 PM20
- Official Tonights Episode of Enterprise Discussion thread 3 Dec 2004 YankeyMCC Tue Dec-07-04 03:16 PM4
- Teaser Trailer for HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY Khephra Mon Dec-06-04 12:15 AM4
- Favorite Starfleet Uniform (Poll) Endangered Sp... Sat Dec-04-04 10:05 AM3
- List your favorite Trek films (from best to worst.) Gothic Sponge Fri Dec-03-04 06:01 PM13
- I'm reading Philip K. Dick's "Time Out of Joint" for the first time Enraged_Ape Fri Dec-03-04 05:37 PM8
- The future of Science Fiction YankeyMCC Fri Dec-03-04 03:57 PM4
- Any fans of Buckaroo Banzai? Gothic Sponge Fri Dec-03-04 02:40 PM13
- Best looking Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise (Poll) Endangered Sp... Fri Dec-03-04 12:16 PM17
- Teaser Trailer for the NEW DOCTOR WHO series Khephra Fri Dec-03-04 02:31 AM1
- U.S.S. Democratic Underground Placebo Fri Dec-03-04 02:24 AM10
- Kevin Spacey confirms he's been asked to play Lex Luthor khephra Thu Dec-02-04 07:20 PM6
- Best Star Trek opening episode? (Poll) Anarcho-Socia... Thu Dec-02-04 04:37 PM3
- Favorite Star Trek quotes... Endangered Sp... Thu Dec-02-04 04:21 PM3
- The Song That Cannot Be Named (Lovecraft Humor) khephra Thu Dec-02-04 09:39 AM1
- David Goyer (Blade) may do THOR next khephra Wed Dec-01-04 11:12 PM3
- What is your unique original sci-fi idea? Anarcho-Socia... Wed Dec-01-04 01:46 PM2
- Anybody else like Peter Watts? (or hate him?) phantom power Wed Dec-01-04 09:48 AM0
- Anyone remember this show? Chovexani Tue Nov-30-04 10:24 PM7
- Enterprise felt too familiar in the story tonight. coloradodem20... Tue Nov-30-04 10:22 PM5
- What's the deal with "World at the End of Time", by Pohl phantom power Tue Nov-30-04 09:30 PM2
- It's the "Teranesia" discussion thread phantom power Tue Nov-30-04 04:00 PM0
- dammit, I *knew* the trekkies needed their own forum.... phantom power Tue Nov-30-04 03:45 PM13
- Anybody remember this trash? Touchdown Tue Nov-30-04 12:53 PM11
- "Enterprise" Opening Music and Credits - alternate version - must see! wyldwolf Tue Nov-30-04 10:03 AM13
- Who's Psyched for Earthsea and Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi Channel? Beetwasher Mon Nov-29-04 10:46 PM10
- Hitchikers guide to the galaxy ikojo Mon Nov-29-04 10:33 PM7
- Any fans of Blake's 7 here? Caution Mon Nov-29-04 10:33 PM2
- I just watched the Enterprise episode "Regeneration" (potential spoilers) Endangered Sp... Mon Nov-29-04 09:27 PM0
- Deleted Star Trek Nemesis lines... Endangered Sp... Mon Nov-29-04 09:04 PM4
- Did Star Trek influence your politics? ikojo Mon Nov-29-04 04:14 PM4
- Anyone remember "Space: Above and Beyond" ? Justin54B20L Mon Nov-29-04 12:35 PM9
- Anyone remember this show! Quark! With Richard Benjamin... Robeson Mon Nov-29-04 09:07 AM5
- CNN: Star Trek: The New Voyages Technowitch Sun Nov-28-04 08:07 PM5
- Enterprise tonight, come on, give it a chance.... FM Arouet666 Sun Nov-28-04 07:09 PM5
- ST Enterprise Why I watch. FM Arouet666 Sun Nov-28-04 02:07 AM11
- Most annoying Star Trek TNG Character (Poll) [View All] FM Arouet666 Sun Nov-28-04 02:02 AM28
- Star Trek stars. coloradodem20... Sat Nov-27-04 02:56 PM3
- The Ultimate Favorite Star Trek Movie Poll. (Poll) Endangered Sp... Sat Nov-27-04 07:41 AM7
- Firefly books YankeyMCC Sat Nov-27-04 07:26 AM4
- you consider it to be science fiction? ikojo Sat Nov-27-04 07:15 AM2
- Is it just me or is Star Trek: DS9 more resonant now... coloradodem20... Sat Nov-27-04 12:48 AM8
- I know most of us here are 'Trekkers', [View All] Jasper 91 Fri Nov-26-04 09:23 PM23
- Manning Coto Putting The Trek Back Into Enterprise wyldwolf Fri Nov-26-04 09:22 PM0
- Trekkers... first episode of Star Trek you remember watching... Endangered Sp... Fri Nov-26-04 07:38 PM16
- Trekkers or Trekkies? FM Arouet666 Fri Nov-26-04 02:36 PM1
- ST Trivia Surak FM Arouet666 Fri Nov-26-04 01:34 PM0
- The temporal mechanics of Yesterday's Enterprise, TNG. coloradodem20... Fri Nov-26-04 03:19 AM1
- Star Trek TNG or DS9 FM Arouet666 Thu Nov-25-04 11:48 PM4
- In the Pale Moonlight DS9. coloradodem20... Thu Nov-25-04 04:15 PM7
- Favorite Doctor Who stories, and why? HypnoToad Thu Nov-25-04 01:59 AM6
- Watching TNG's "Best of Both Worlds" on tape. Ask me anything. coloradodem20... Wed Nov-24-04 09:03 PM8
- Ok, obscure 70s Science Fiction/ Bad TV trivia question ProfessorPlum Wed Nov-24-04 04:48 PM9
- ST Enterprise Tonights Episode FM Arouet666 Wed Nov-24-04 01:51 PM11
- Favorite Blake's 7 stories, and why? HypnoToad Wed Nov-24-04 07:56 AM1
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