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- Star Wars TV Show? Ravenseye Fri Feb-11-05 12:47 PM4
- SCI FI Renews Galactica Hong Kong Cav... Fri Feb-11-05 10:08 AM6
- Top 10 Sci Fi Syndicated Shows Ravenseye Thu Feb-10-05 12:49 PM7
- Ron Moore: 'next fifty years of Star Trek' as a corporate priority wyldwolf Thu Feb-10-05 07:21 AM3
- MAJOR Superman casting rumors - Daniel Day-Lewis , Jude Law, Kevin Bacon wyldwolf Tue Feb-08-05 07:13 PM0
- Now that Enterprise has been cancelled, what would YOU have done... wyldwolf Tue Feb-08-05 03:14 PM9
- What Sci-Fi Show Would You Watch? Ravenseye Mon Feb-07-05 04:29 PM6
- Fantastic 4 trailer online! Pretty awesome! wyldwolf Mon Feb-07-05 09:58 AM5
- Convention tales! Streetdoc270 Sun Feb-06-05 01:35 AM12
- I'm trying to find a short science fiction story catmandu57 Sun Feb-06-05 01:13 AM3
- tonight's Enterprise - - - - ROMULANS! [View All] wyldwolf Sat Feb-05-05 01:10 PM20
- Any Firefly fans out there? [View All] Walt Starr Fri Feb-04-05 11:24 PM23
- Brain Transplants soleft Fri Feb-04-05 03:45 PM6
- Has anyone read any distant future stories. Swede Fri Feb-04-05 12:16 PM5
- What Current Sci-Fi Shows are there? Ravenseye Fri Feb-04-05 09:41 AM0
- Eva Marie Saint is Martha Kent in Superman wyldwolf Thu Feb-03-05 09:32 PM0
- Star Trek. coloradodem20... Thu Feb-03-05 03:10 PM0
- More Orion Slave Girls! Ravenseye Wed Feb-02-05 02:15 PM3
- Sigh...still bias out there YankeyMCC Wed Feb-02-05 08:35 AM4
- I have been very impressed with this season of Enterprise. coloradodem20... Tue Feb-01-05 09:53 AM2
- Review of Shatner's Esperanto Epic Incubus here BigMcLargehug... Mon Jan-31-05 08:48 PM1
- Fifth Season for Enterprise? (Poll) Endangered Sp... Mon Jan-31-05 10:42 AM2
- Any fan's of Dan Simmons' Hyperion series? Swede Sun Jan-30-05 05:49 AM11
- Enterprise 'In A Mirror, Darkly' May Feature Classic Ship from the Future wyldwolf Fri Jan-28-05 07:48 PM7
- Samuel R. Delaney back in bookstores Inland Fri Jan-28-05 07:43 PM2
- More plot into on Enterprise's "In A Mirror, Darkly" (Spoilers) wyldwolf Fri Jan-28-05 07:23 PM0
- New Trek Movie Shelved? Hong Kong Cav... Sun Jan-23-05 01:20 AM3
- Which odd numbered Trek flick is best? (Poll) coloradodem20... Sun Jan-23-05 01:17 AM3
- Galactica on Sci-Fi channel now Bok_Tukalo Sat Jan-22-05 05:02 PM17
- The Chronicles of Riddick (DVD) (Poll) porkrind Sat Jan-22-05 09:33 AM6
- "Where are the nuclear wessels?" Rowdyboy Thu Jan-20-05 09:09 PM4
- T'pol "Vulcans are really freaky nasty, dirty nasty, and funky" Rowdyboy Thu Jan-20-05 03:22 AM3
- What about a Comic Book DU group? Kire Wed Jan-19-05 11:20 PM0
- The BEST Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Review Site On The Net khephra Wed Jan-19-05 11:12 AM8
- Vulcan wisdom: T'pol speaks on illogical behavior Rowdyboy Tue Jan-18-05 10:34 PM0
- Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Magazines (Poll) Fleurs du Mal Tue Jan-18-05 09:52 PM1
- Favorite SF short story ProfessorPlum Tue Jan-18-05 06:53 PM15
- Futurama fans, check in [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Tue Jan-18-05 12:38 PM22
- Friday, 7:30 PM CST, Battlestar Galactica begins in 30 minutes... Tom Yossarian... Mon Jan-17-05 06:29 PM8
- What do you think of Dark City? [View All] Gothic Sponge Mon Jan-17-05 02:44 PM22
- Author Jack Chalker suffered congestive heart failure last week. Khephra Sat Jan-15-05 05:33 PM6
- Babylon Five [View All] notmypresiden... Fri Jan-14-05 09:12 PM28
- "If The Human Race Is Going To Survive Beetwasher Fri Jan-14-05 06:39 PM5
- What is the personality of a SciFi lover? porkrind Fri Jan-14-05 06:06 PM18
- Which Trek race attracts the worst actors? (Poll) bezdomny Wed Jan-12-05 12:27 AM9
- Chris Columbus will direct/produce "Sub-Mariner" Khephra Tue Jan-11-05 09:41 AM4
- Joss Whedon wants WONDER WOMAN? Khephra Tue Jan-11-05 12:05 AM11
- Japanese Animation Catching on in U.S. (NYT take on the subject) Khephra Tue Jan-11-05 12:04 AM4
- Lois, Lex Lock Into Superman (Kevin Spacey is Lex) Khephra Mon Jan-10-05 01:28 PM3
- Natalie Portman to star in Wachowski Bros' adaptation of "V FOR VENDETTA" Khephra Sun Jan-09-05 09:50 PM4
- Enterprise Looks To Future (Season 5: the founding of the Federation) [View All] Khephra Sun Jan-09-05 08:32 PM20
- TRIPODS capture director Khephra Sun Jan-09-05 08:31 PM3
- Favorite Line from Buckaroo Banzai (Poll) Ravenseye Sun Jan-09-05 12:35 AM6
- Under-appreciated movie: "Equilibrium" porkrind Sat Jan-08-05 10:59 PM6
- Battlestar Galactica Miniseries out on DVD Gothic Sponge Wed Jan-05-05 09:48 PM8
- Frank Miller returns to writing Batman (Jim Lee to draw) Khephra Wed Jan-05-05 02:39 PM0
- The Dougal Dixon appreciation thread phantom power Tue Jan-04-05 01:53 PM2
- WILL EISNER DIES Khephra Tue Jan-04-05 11:05 AM1
- Have any of you all seen James Cameron's "Dark Angel" TV Series. ralps Mon Jan-03-05 04:00 PM6
- LoL - "So long and thanks of all the Fish" RE: current events YankeyMCC Mon Jan-03-05 01:33 PM1
- It's not a movie, but we're FINALLY getting a BUCKAROO BANZAI sequel Khephra Sun Jan-02-05 03:23 PM1
- Ben Browder (FARSCAPE) to join STARGATE next season Khephra Sun Jan-02-05 01:50 PM4
- Anyone else buy the new release of Star Trek TOS FM Arouet666 Sun Jan-02-05 12:45 PM3
- U.S.S. Excelsior, NCC-2000-C Placebo Sat Jan-01-05 08:54 PM0
- Black And Browder Reunite In SG-1 Khephra Sat Jan-01-05 03:33 PM3
- Star Wars DVDs...vs LOTR: A question ikojo Sat Jan-01-05 02:39 PM1
- Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run appreciation thread (Poll) bloodyjack Sat Jan-01-05 03:34 AM0
- As long as we're posting 70's SciFi camp . . . "Battle Beyond the Stars" ProfessorPlum Fri Dec-31-04 11:51 PM6
- IRobot: What'd y'all think of it? Downtown Houn... Fri Dec-31-04 07:52 PM4
- The day the Earth Stood Still YankeyMCC Fri Dec-31-04 10:20 AM0
- Looking for the name of a story I read years ago... WritersBlock Thu Dec-30-04 12:46 PM2
- How is the Star Wars trilogy DVD? NewJeffCT Tue Dec-28-04 04:00 PM16
- What race from the Star Trek universe would you want to be? Anarcho-Socia... Sun Dec-26-04 03:38 AM16
- Earliest Science Fiction memories? [View All] qnr Sat Dec-25-04 01:07 PM37
- A short science fiction "essay" Angry Girl Fri Dec-24-04 01:04 PM2
- For all Star Trek Freaks, check this out. coloradodem20... Fri Dec-24-04 07:09 AM1
- I, Robot any opinions FM Arouet666 Tue Dec-21-04 11:09 PM3
- Colossus: The Forbin Project Enraged_Ape Mon Dec-20-04 11:55 PM2
- HHGG Trivia YankeyMCC Sun Dec-19-04 07:53 PM5
- ST Enterprise is getting hot FM Arouet666 Sun Dec-19-04 02:20 PM11
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