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- For all you DS9 fans... lakemonster11 Thu Jul-14-05 12:10 AM2
- Does anybody know anything about Harry Turledove? Walt Starr Tue Jul-12-05 04:33 PM9
- I'm chomping at the bit for more Galactica NewJeffCT Fri Jul-08-05 03:33 PM1
- Has anybody else ever read the Wild Cards series? Walt Starr Thu Jul-07-05 02:36 PM7
- What's your favorite starship? Swede Thu Jul-07-05 02:19 PM16
- Well, I Decided. Sulu Is THE Coolest STC Character ProfessorGAC Wed Jul-06-05 11:24 PM7
- Orson Scott Card is a raving idiot tkmorris Sun Jul-03-05 05:46 PM13
- The Baroque Cycle (enormous spoiler alert) phantom power Sat Jul-02-05 02:09 PM2
- DU antidote for Spielberg's War of the Worlds film rivertext Wed Jun-29-05 09:16 PM1
- USA's '4400' Returns to Earth in June rogue emissar... Wed Jun-22-05 11:45 AM9
- I'm sick of waiting, when does Battlestar Galactica come back? NewJeffCT Thu Jun-09-05 09:14 AM12
- Anyone see last night's Doctor Who? salvorhardin Sun Jun-05-05 07:33 PM2
- "4400" Returns Tonight. lady lib Sun Jun-05-05 06:32 PM0
- Am I alone in thinking the new Doctor Who series... trotsky Fri Jun-03-05 10:06 PM8
- Where Would You Like See 'Star Trek' Go Next? [View All] Placebo Sun May-29-05 07:34 PM46
- WHich Star Trek: TNG was best of these 10? (Poll) coloradodem20... Fri May-27-05 08:38 PM11
- Serenity, soon! [View All] Hong Kong Cav... Fri May-27-05 01:26 AM21
- Question about the new Doctor Who show. trotsky Sat May-21-05 07:03 PM13
- I was watching "Yesterday's Enterprise" TNG. A question about it. coloradodem20... Wed May-18-05 07:38 PM10
- Well, thats the last (spoilers)... Endangered Sp... Tue May-17-05 12:42 PM8
- holy smoke - did anybody catch the finale of Battlestar Galactica? NewJeffCT Fri Apr-29-05 04:41 PM8
- Most Beautiful Star Trek Lady (Poll) [View All] Endangered Sp... Tue Apr-26-05 05:07 PM28
- Anybody watch Enterprise last night? coloradodem20... Tue Apr-26-05 04:45 PM6
- Enterprise a missed opportunity. coloradodem20... Tue Apr-26-05 12:22 AM2
- The point of divergence into the mirror universe. coloradodem20... Mon Apr-25-05 08:06 PM2
- Favorite Science Fiction curse words [View All] YankeyMCC Fri Apr-22-05 03:13 PM24
- Battlestar Galactica question (spoiler alert) Gothic Sponge Thu Apr-21-05 07:17 AM2
- Who in this group will be first in line to see Hitchhiker's Guide? genius Wed Apr-20-05 10:15 AM9
- I'm trying to remember a story in which a robot is elected Pope. cestpaspossib... Tue Apr-19-05 04:48 PM5
- Parents - Asimov's Science Fiction Mag YankeyMCC Tue Apr-19-05 02:40 PM3
- Star Wars Revelations Squeegee Mon Apr-18-05 06:54 PM0
- Wanted: SF featuring "getting to space" concept. politicat Fri Apr-15-05 12:30 PM12
- Maybe the Cylons have factions. Swede Thu Apr-14-05 09:19 AM2
- Ok, I can do it... YankeyMCC Mon Apr-11-05 04:48 PM3
- Are science fiction plots becoming too complex even for loyal fans? flaminbats Wed Apr-06-05 12:25 PM10
- Interview with China Mieville, sci-fi/urban fantasy author NewHampshireD... Sat Apr-02-05 01:16 PM1
- Trey Parker and Matt Stone save Enterprise! Squeegee Fri Apr-01-05 09:40 PM1
- New Doctor Who lead calls it quits salvorhardin Fri Apr-01-05 09:52 AM5
- Battlestar Galactica so far? Any opinions? [View All] NewJeffCT Thu Mar-31-05 10:42 PM25
- Doctor Who starts Tuesday April 5th at 8pm on the CBC. Wat_Tyler Tue Mar-29-05 02:40 PM9
- BSG (Spoiler) question YankeyMCC Tue Mar-29-05 11:38 AM15
- Sci-Fi Channel podcasts SG:Atlantis Commentary NewHampshireD... Tue Mar-29-05 05:34 AM0
- Best Cast Sign-Off Ravenseye Mon Mar-28-05 10:47 PM1
- Ok MST3K fans (Poll) realisticphis... Fri Mar-25-05 12:19 AM15
- ST: XI YankeyMCC Wed Mar-23-05 02:24 PM2
- Roger Williams phantom power Wed Mar-23-05 12:54 PM0
- Which Universe... (Poll) YankeyMCC Tue Mar-22-05 08:45 PM15
- Ron Moore's politics YankeyMCC Tue Mar-22-05 04:13 PM2
- Have you ever designed a starship? Prisoner_Numb... Tue Mar-22-05 11:49 AM12
- New 'Doctor Who' leaked onto internet (via bit torrent) Anarcho-Socia... Sun Mar-20-05 10:09 PM4
- Braga reflects on "Enterprise" cancelation. coloradodem20... Sat Mar-19-05 10:15 AM1
- Dream team for a SF series.... Tom Yossarian... Fri Mar-18-05 03:00 PM2
- Berman says Trek Xl is on target Rowdyboy Thu Mar-17-05 11:27 AM11
- Review of Star Trek First Contact DVD - Notes on why franchise failing Ravenseye Wed Mar-16-05 10:01 AM9
- BSG - latest episode (spoilers warning) NewJeffCT Sun Mar-13-05 07:54 PM2
- Star Wars Episode 3 SPOILERS leaked (and here they are, link) Worst Usernam... Fri Mar-11-05 07:51 PM9
- "Mission Earth" by Hubbard.. opiate69 Fri Mar-11-05 06:22 PM5
- The Save Enterprise campaign. coloradodem20... Thu Mar-10-05 08:34 PM4
- BSG Fleet Election (Poll) YankeyMCC Thu Mar-10-05 12:29 PM4
- Battlestar Galactica 1.9 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down (Discussion/Spoilers) Ravenseye Tue Mar-08-05 03:41 PM9
- Star Trek Enterprise 4.16 - Divergence (Discussion/Spoilers) Ravenseye Sat Mar-05-05 07:22 PM8
- Fans donate $3 million in attempt to save "Enterprise" Rowdyboy Thu Mar-03-05 06:03 PM4
- SPACE ALIENS ATTACK!!! Quick, do you jump in your... (Poll) Enraged_Ape Thu Mar-03-05 05:36 PM13
- The Babylon 5 movie is dead in the water Love Bug Thu Mar-03-05 02:07 AM1
- I need some fresh reading material, suggestions appreciated blindpig Mon Feb-28-05 09:19 PM14
- Battlestar Galactica 1.8 - Flesh and Bone (Discussion/Spoilers) [View All] Ravenseye Mon Feb-28-05 02:11 PM20
- Your Favorite Science-Fiction Rock Albums? Enraged_Ape Mon Feb-28-05 12:05 PM9
- Are there any fans of The 4400? lady lib Sat Feb-26-05 07:11 AM1
- I have to say this about Enterprise. coloradodem20... Fri Feb-25-05 09:11 PM5
- "A Scanner Darkly" Trailer Out, Looks Like Your Kind of Movie Enraged_Ape Fri Feb-25-05 11:00 AM2
- Anyone read "The Golden Age" trilogy by John C Wright? NewHampshireD... Thu Feb-24-05 05:24 PM13
- JMS weighs in on Enterprise cancellation Love Bug Wed Feb-23-05 05:09 PM10
- The future perfect (Salon interview with Iain Banks) phantom power Tue Feb-22-05 09:11 PM3
- High Def Battlestar Gallactica on UHD tonight! (Alert) Tom Yossarian... Sun Feb-20-05 06:56 PM0
- Next week's Enterprise explains why Klingons looked different in TOS wyldwolf Mon Feb-14-05 12:07 PM7
- Magneto Spinoff Develops (Actually a prequel) Khephra Sun Feb-13-05 08:48 PM10
- Wow...Card Really is Out There.... (Hypocrites of Homosexuality) Khephra Sat Feb-12-05 02:21 AM15
- Is "Amok Time" Sturgeons attempt to bridge right vs left? Swede Sat Feb-12-05 01:49 AM0
- UPN Cancels Star Trek: Enterprise [View All] Enraged_Ape Sat Feb-12-05 01:15 AM20
- This three episode arc of Enterprise was their best episodes. coloradodem20... Sat Feb-12-05 12:06 AM1
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