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- help wanted for a counter-protest lazarus Wed Jul-14-10 10:31 AM6
- Sock puppet stirrer or just naive and inexperienced? dmallind Wed Jul-14-10 08:17 AM6
- I am a bad, bad person. Commie Pinko ... Tue Jul-13-10 11:04 AM6
- The Portable Atheist - have you read it? Lisa0825 Mon Jul-12-10 09:39 PM10
- Who Watches the Watchers. laconicsax Mon Jul-12-10 04:05 PM2
- Facebook irony of the day. Goblinmonger Mon Jul-12-10 11:09 AM12
- July Scotsman pool? laconicsax Sat Jul-10-10 04:51 PM17
- GodBlock: Web filter that blocks religious content Soylent Brice Fri Jul-09-10 08:03 PM1
- If you still doubt that we are going mainstream... onager Fri Jul-09-10 11:45 AM0
- "not a sermon just a thought" TZ Fri Jul-09-10 06:57 AM1
- Atheists gather for a holiday they can believe in: Independence Day HarveyDarkey Thu Jul-08-10 10:00 PM4
- WTF? (#1,459...) onager Thu Jul-08-10 03:37 PM9
- NORTH CAROLINA: Atheist Billboard Vandalized, Fundie Website Cheers WillParkinson Thu Jul-08-10 02:30 PM2
- This is not parody? This is real? TZ Thu Jul-08-10 09:07 AM4
- I was thinking about the Prayer Day Lousiana means to have vixengrl Wed Jul-07-10 06:21 PM8
- Regarding arguing with creationists Tobin S. Tue Jul-06-10 10:44 PM9
- You know what's worse than creationists chanting "Yay! We won! Go Team!"? Commie Pinko ... Tue Jul-06-10 01:28 PM1
- Ubuntu Linux Christian Edition users upset by inclusion of Evolution email client salvorhardin Sat Jul-03-10 10:59 PM13
- AANEWS for Wednesday, June 30, 2010 -- Breaking stories! Synnical Sat Jul-03-10 10:05 PM10
- No True Scotsman Pool--June Edition [View All] Goblinmonger Fri Jul-02-10 01:14 PM21
- An incident involving harry potter realisticphis... Fri Jul-02-10 11:37 AM13
- I want this as a bumper sticker on my car... TZ Fri Jul-02-10 11:33 AM3
- Well, I'm mightily pissed that Brazil lost, but there's a silver lining I must share with you. Commie Pinko ... Fri Jul-02-10 11:10 AM0
- Is it wrong to giggle? Burglar Used Crucifix to Pry Open Collections Box of Lauderdale Church Synnical Fri Jul-02-10 06:48 AM3
- I've started a full read-through of the Bible realisticphis... Thu Jul-01-10 09:52 PM19
- Excellent Crap Movie alert (Send up the Onager Signal!) charlie Thu Jul-01-10 06:46 PM5
- Quinque viae WhollyHeretic Thu Jul-01-10 08:39 AM5
- You shall not criticize Republican racist fundies' choice of homeschooling curriculum! Commie Pinko ... Thu Jul-01-10 01:04 AM7
- Cheap laffs charlie Wed Jun-30-10 10:54 PM11
- Jack Chick posts at DU. Or is it Fred Phelps? Commie Pinko ... Tue Jun-29-10 10:02 PM19
- Theology is bullshit. laconicsax Tue Jun-29-10 08:52 AM11
- best headline ever. Soylent Brice Tue Jun-29-10 07:19 AM2
- "The car can be a religious substitute..." onager Mon Jun-28-10 07:49 AM2
- Anyone ever been to this site? vixengrl Mon Jun-28-10 03:17 AM4
- "No True Scotsman doesn't apply, Jesus has very clear instructions." Odin2005 Sun Jun-27-10 11:03 PM5
- Cleverbot posts in R/T. laconicsax Sun Jun-27-10 04:45 PM10
- Perversion For Profit! onager Sun Jun-27-10 12:02 PM0
- No more religion bashing allowed on DU? [View All] stopbush Fri Jun-25-10 01:39 AM28
- I think we need a thread for lurking theists. laconicsax Fri Jun-25-10 12:26 AM14
- Lakestreet Creamery Ice Cream charlie Fri Jun-25-10 12:10 AM10
- How often do you get told you're going to Hell? Manifestor_of... Wed Jun-23-10 09:25 PM15
- Pining for a Texas Christian Theocracy - the TX GOP platform . . . enlightenment Tue Jun-22-10 02:21 PM0
- Read a claim? Guess what, the burden of proof is on you! laconicsax Tue Jun-22-10 01:14 PM9
- Irreligiosophy realisticphis... Mon Jun-21-10 11:22 PM0
- got a live one here... awoke_in_2003 Mon Jun-21-10 11:09 PM6
- Angie the Anti-Theist Reads Her Hatemail Ian David Mon Jun-21-10 09:07 PM7
- Don't worry. Everything is going to be just fine. DavidDvorkin Mon Jun-21-10 01:40 AM6
- Origin of the term "New Atheists?" onager Sun Jun-20-10 08:55 AM10
- Here's a LOLJesus by yours truly. The Touchdown Jesus thread in R/T provided the inspiration. Commie Pinko ... Sat Jun-19-10 10:55 PM6
- WTF? Obama's "Gulf Speech"? Did we elect a President or a Minister? [View All] PassingFair Fri Jun-18-10 01:58 PM28
- "Are There Dangers in Being Spiritual But Not Religious?" realisticphis... Fri Jun-18-10 07:56 AM6
- And now the blessing of the fleet isn't really religious DavidDvorkin Thu Jun-17-10 08:13 PM4
- Jesus Statue Struck By Lightning, Destroyed [View All] Soylent Brice Thu Jun-17-10 03:15 PM23
- Is there anything theists won't defend in R/T? laconicsax Thu Jun-17-10 01:12 AM3
- 15 surreal minutes charlie Wed Jun-16-10 08:36 AM13
- OK. The 16yo sailor's father made me go ballistic. Commie Pinko ... Tue Jun-15-10 02:10 PM5
- Is God irrelevant? HarveyDarkey Mon Jun-14-10 09:49 AM8
- Anyone in the UK want to go see a movie and offer a quick enlightenment Sun Jun-13-10 11:54 AM6
- Proof there is no god! WhollyHeretic Sat Jun-12-10 08:44 PM5
- Right-wingers fighting about Ayaan Hirsi Ali (no, not Ferguson this time...) LeftishBrit Fri Jun-11-10 01:29 AM1
- Why atheism will replace religion II BrklynLiberal Thu Jun-10-10 10:51 AM0
- Seminary professors contest global warming "alarmism" Ezlivin Thu Jun-10-10 10:02 AM0
- Stephen Hawking on Religion: 'Science Will Win' HarveyDarkey Tue Jun-08-10 07:33 PM0
- I suppose this shouldn't be news to me... phantom power Mon Jun-07-10 11:59 AM1
- Black Atheists Say Non-Belief Means Cultural Outsider HarveyDarkey Mon Jun-07-10 09:19 AM4
- Politician sues state over atheist sign/Republican Politician Claims Atheist Sign Is 'Hate Speech' Synnical Sun Jun-06-10 11:57 PM13
- Hey, you missed the "Left Behind" marathon! onager Sun Jun-06-10 04:50 PM9
- Religious Racism: Study Ties Organized Religion to Racist Attitudes Ian David Sun Jun-06-10 12:41 PM0
- This movie is like a live-action Chick tract -- only not as entertaining. salvorhardin Sat Jun-05-10 08:20 PM6
- A salute to those of you fighting the good fight in R/T onager Sat Jun-05-10 12:04 AM2
- Talk about strange bedfellows! (Paging Leftish Brit...) onager Fri Jun-04-10 08:59 AM4
- Ian David Thu Jun-03-10 05:54 PM1
- I reread Madeline L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time" about a month ago. [View All] Finnfan Thu Jun-03-10 12:44 AM28
- Why do xtians waste their energy worrying about theology? Manifestor_of... Wed Jun-02-10 06:10 AM3
- Atheist Cat... TZ Tue Jun-01-10 02:07 AM12
- Another place theism causes harm. laconicsax Mon May-31-10 04:15 PM1
- You know why the Democratic Party doesn't attract more Latinos? Commie Pinko ... Sun May-30-10 05:00 PM8
- Where are all the anti-bigotry people? laconicsax Sun May-30-10 10:27 AM8
- This man deserves an atomic wedgie charlie Sat May-29-10 11:48 AM5
- Teachers Suspended for Sprinkling 'Holy' Water on Atheist Colleague HarveyDarkey Fri May-28-10 07:33 PM1
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