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- I just read over in R/T that atheists DOMINATE that forum. Deep13 Tue Oct-25-11 09:42 PM0
- We Come in Peace NMMNG Mon Oct-24-11 09:38 PM3
- Help! We're being oppressed! WillParkinson Mon Oct-24-11 07:05 PM7
- Billy Connolly on Prophets WhollyHeretic Mon Oct-24-11 03:26 PM1
- Richard Dawkins: 'Somebody as intelligent as Jesus would have been an atheist' - video interview Ian David Mon Oct-24-11 07:15 AM0
- Species #24- Vitralucis pastafarensis ramen. progressoid Mon Oct-24-11 06:48 AM2
- Aww, looks like someone was raptured. trotsky Mon Oct-24-11 06:48 AM1
- Religion rearing its ignorant, oppressive head yet again: "Ride in the back of the bus" Arugula Latte Sat Oct-22-11 05:10 PM9
- So, I'm a grampa lazarus Thu Oct-20-11 04:57 PM16
- I am sick of people using Bill Maher as "proof" that Atheists are "fundies" and "assholes". Odin2005 Tue Oct-18-11 08:40 PM5
- Altered signs... progressoid Tue Oct-18-11 06:42 PM4
- Texas Freethought Convention: Atheists Invade Houston SecularMotion Tue Oct-18-11 06:39 PM1
- If ya can't win, try to silence all debate instead. [View All] LAGC Sun Oct-16-11 06:32 PM79
- Death Cab for Cutie is part of the Atheist conspiracy! progressoid Sat Oct-15-11 06:04 PM8
- Holy crap, these DU web cookies are REALLY long lived. Commie Pinko ... Sat Oct-15-11 06:02 PM5
- "Saved," (From "An Atheist Album") Ian David Sat Oct-15-11 06:01 PM0
- So my fundy ex-wife is coming out for a visit lazarus Sat Oct-15-11 02:35 PM17
- Atheists being attacked for no reason. ZombieHorde Thu Oct-13-11 06:30 PM7
- Wyndgate-gate. That's what they were calling it last night... PassingFair Thu Oct-13-11 07:15 AM0
- So my brother died this weekend. [View All] PassingFair Thu Oct-13-11 07:01 AM33
- Wyndgate Country Club cancels Dawkins Speech. (Doesn't want THOSE people...) PassingFair Wed Oct-12-11 02:02 PM3
- Bold and the Beautiful young soap star has an atheist YouTue channel Lisa0825 Tue Oct-11-11 03:33 PM2
- Stuck In Fundie Land Rozlee Tue Oct-11-11 11:37 AM3
- Christian philosopher is ready to debate but finds few challengers Stuckinthebus... Sun Oct-09-11 02:30 PM7
- Belief, disbelief and non-belief. [View All] GliderGuider Tue Oct-04-11 11:34 AM22
- WWE Wrestler Randy Orton threatened a U.S. Marine with Jesus Ian David Mon Oct-03-11 06:49 PM3
- I Don't Believe - Original Song Ian David Fri Sep-30-11 07:01 AM1
- I've been diagnosed with Rectal Cancer. [View All] Evoman Wed Sep-28-11 07:49 PM39
- This just in! Atheist gatherings are the same as Klan rallies. laconicsax Tue Sep-27-11 01:50 PM3
- Autistic people more likely to be atheists salvorhardin Mon Sep-26-11 02:46 AM4
- Here's the sort of thing that upsets me even more LeftishBrit Sun Sep-25-11 07:55 PM1
- Personality and Belief in God Survey Ian David Sun Sep-25-11 11:43 AM9
- The true story of Easter frogmarch Sun Sep-25-11 11:38 AM16
- Here's the sort of thing that upsets me LeftishBrit Sat Sep-24-11 01:32 PM0
- Did you know that our actions are the same as Stalin, Mao, etc? [View All] laconicsax Sat Sep-24-11 01:21 PM26
- Alcoholics Anonymous and the emphasis on spirituality Rozlee Wed Sep-21-11 06:28 PM15
- 5 Catholic Teachings That Make Sense to Atheists trotsky Wed Sep-21-11 06:24 PM12
- David Silverman's Atheist 9/11 Remembrance Service Ian David Tue Sep-20-11 09:22 PM0
- Jesus Camp Singapore Part 1 -- Kids learn to raise the dead Ian David Tue Sep-20-11 09:14 PM0
- Aaargghh me hearties dmallind Mon Sep-19-11 05:39 AM0
- Damn vampires, plagiarizing us atheists... onager Sun Sep-18-11 10:18 PM0
- My apologies if this has been posted before; Great quote from Madelyn Murray O'Hair A HERETIC I A... Sun Sep-18-11 06:06 AM6
- God Miraculously Multiplies Food at Prison Outreach brooklynite Thu Sep-15-11 05:38 PM2
- A cool short film by Michael Langan: "Doxology": BrendaBrick Thu Sep-15-11 03:19 PM1
- 2 ad agencies compete to make a better ad for the end of all religion phantom power Tue Sep-13-11 06:19 PM6
- Atheism: Is it real? DavidDvorkin Mon Sep-12-11 10:07 PM6
- "Prayer of the Unknown Soldier" onager Mon Sep-12-11 01:13 AM0
- Ian David Sun Sep-11-11 11:23 AM1
- After 9/11, 'God Bless America' a mainstay during MLB 7th inning stretch Auggie Sat Sep-10-11 02:09 PM0
- Faith causes terrorism Ian David Thu Sep-08-11 07:08 PM1
- But, Grandma, who made God? Rozlee Thu Sep-08-11 04:02 PM6
- What Do You Guys and Gals Think of Some of These Anti-Sharia Laws? LAGC Thu Sep-01-11 09:38 PM9
- The Rise Of American Nazism (Con't) WillParkinson Thu Sep-01-11 09:08 AM0
- How about some MANLY entertainment...? brooklynite Wed Aug-31-11 08:47 PM7
- Should Evolutionists Be Allowed to Vote? [View All] brooklynite Tue Aug-30-11 01:34 AM21
- Criticism: When is it unacceptable for a discussion board? darkstar3 Mon Aug-29-11 08:17 PM11
- "The Tillman Story" on Showtime onager Sun Aug-28-11 02:09 PM0
- Ok, which of you heathens did this? laconicsax Fri Aug-26-11 08:35 PM10
- This may be of interest to some Mr. McD Thu Aug-25-11 05:06 PM1
- Sitting in an outdoor hot tub in the Cadcade mountains... brooklynite Wed Aug-24-11 12:05 PM7
- Any of you familiar with the Mabus/Markuze psychodrama? trotsky Mon Aug-22-11 08:47 PM10
- Kissing Hank's Ass: A Video Parable Warpy Sat Aug-20-11 07:40 PM3
- Seen at the Butter Churn Restaurant in Sinton, Tx. Rozlee Sat Aug-20-11 06:37 PM8
- I call number 8 in the NTS poll. Commie Pinko ... Fri Aug-19-11 01:17 PM0
- ERIC SCHWARTZ Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis (With ASL sign-language interpreter!) Ian David Thu Aug-18-11 05:24 PM0
- The Meaning of Life - DarkMatter2525 sakabatou Wed Aug-17-11 09:40 PM0
- Faith as a positive trait Stuckinthebus... Wed Aug-17-11 05:41 PM11
- Response to "Prick Error" (Rick Perry) sakabatou Fri Aug-12-11 09:16 PM8
- Ricky Gervais And Clyde Phillips Pitch Atheism Comedy Called Afterlife SecularMotion Fri Aug-12-11 01:23 PM1
- Does Secularism Make People More Ethical? Mr. McD Fri Aug-12-11 01:14 PM1
- Montreal police start probe of Twitter threats St. Laurent man's tweets target scientists, atheists Ian David Thu Aug-11-11 10:26 PM1
- Faith no more Mr. McD Fri Aug-05-11 02:22 PM8
- That shooting in Norway? It was really done by the New Atheists... TZ Thu Aug-04-11 09:20 PM12
- Fort Bragg approves on-post atheist festival, Rock Beyond Belief Ian David Thu Aug-04-11 09:31 AM1
- For God and Country, Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo lazarus Tue Aug-02-11 09:18 PM2
- I feel I must say something: Commie Pinko ... Tue Aug-02-11 01:55 PM7
- Is this statement bigoted against Catholics? (Poll) laconicsax Sun Jul-31-11 03:21 PM12
- I stumbled upon Christmas in July. Commie Pinko ... Sat Jul-30-11 03:10 AM0
- God didn't make man; man made gods Stuckinthebus... Thu Jul-28-11 07:13 AM7
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