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- Rumors of James Randi's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Ian David Fri Oct-16-09 06:47 PM4
- the impending war with my mother-in-law. Soylent Brice Wed Oct-14-09 02:24 PM7
- Sell The Vatican, Feed The World Ian David Tue Oct-13-09 11:15 PM4
- Has anyone seen The Green Bible? laconicsax Tue Oct-13-09 10:35 PM4
- Blog - Tennessee Constitution: Both Atheists and Ministers not allowed in State Legislature? Synnical Tue Oct-13-09 03:15 PM2
- Mr. Deity and the Science Advisor laconicsax Tue Oct-13-09 02:59 PM1
- Drunken Ramblings --- Is it 'wrong' to think like this? sixstrings75 Tue Oct-13-09 10:59 AM13
- PZ Myers' lecture on 'Design vs. Chance' at the AAI conference. laconicsax Mon Oct-12-09 03:00 PM1
- To speak with conviction, to pass "faith" off as science.. Union Yes Mon Oct-12-09 01:39 PM1
- Gag. laconicsax Sun Oct-11-09 01:26 PM5
- Proposal to move A&A into a broad category of "Science" Kolesar Sun Oct-11-09 09:20 AM14
- okaaaaaay Duppers Sat Oct-10-09 08:05 PM6
- Anybody else seen "September Dawn?" onager Fri Oct-09-09 05:48 PM5
- Massachusetts Bill To Push Creationism Into Schools? Ian David Fri Oct-09-09 11:33 AM0
- I am SO TIRED of thinking about xtianity..... Manifestor_of... Fri Oct-09-09 09:34 AM7
- The Invention of Lying Synnical Thu Oct-08-09 08:38 PM3
- are your religious views consistent Soylent Brice Thu Oct-08-09 08:12 AM7
- Atheist agenda, my butt... onager Thu Oct-08-09 01:03 AM10
- Gentle reminder for those who venture into R/T laconicsax Wed Oct-07-09 08:55 PM5
- Do you know about the Freedom From Religion Foundation? undeterred Wed Oct-07-09 08:52 PM5
- Dawkins is finally coming to Indiana, IU to be percise... and-justice-f... Wed Oct-07-09 03:47 PM3
- Crazy World Tobin S. Wed Oct-07-09 09:38 AM1
- We're as bad as Phelps, RW extremists, and the Klan PVnRT Tue Oct-06-09 08:24 AM19
- religion poll in GD Soylent Brice Sun Oct-04-09 09:22 PM7
- Confession Soylent Brice Sun Oct-04-09 08:20 PM5
- I'm back, but only to gloat a bit. Commie Pinko ... Sun Oct-04-09 08:14 PM3
- "Suffering is sometimes necessary" cynatnite Sat Oct-03-09 10:52 AM8
- Oh, now we are the "nones"?? Synnical Fri Oct-02-09 07:21 AM10
- Does this make sense? cynatnite Thu Oct-01-09 10:29 PM12
- The Last Supper (Happy International Blasphemy Day!) Ian David Thu Oct-01-09 11:35 AM1
- nevermind. i finally found it! Soylent Brice Tue Sep-29-09 12:50 PM0
- Christian owned businesses and the Blue Pages Tobin S. Mon Sep-28-09 09:34 PM6
- A little non-believer music for you all Tobin S. Mon Sep-28-09 10:28 AM1
- League Of Reason and-justice-f... Sun Sep-27-09 02:08 PM1
- What kind of weird medieval fantasy is King Abdullah trying to create? Synnical Sat Sep-26-09 11:20 AM1
- Atheists 'have more success at online dating' Synnical Fri Sep-25-09 10:16 PM6
- Wa Po Blog: Catholic Apologist says Catholicism is responsible for US Secularism Synnical Fri Sep-25-09 09:29 PM4
- Heads up: laconicsax Fri Sep-25-09 09:50 AM3
- More "Christian Values" on display NMMNG Wed Sep-23-09 04:56 PM8
- I'm tired of being called an asshole because I dare to stand up for myself at DU EvolveOrConvo... Wed Sep-23-09 03:53 PM19
- The Holy Bible Christa Wed Sep-23-09 01:07 PM4
- Dept of Justice Fines Insurer for Discount to Religious Synnical Tue Sep-22-09 03:27 PM3
- Liberal, Missouri: A Town founded by and for Atheists Ian David Mon Sep-21-09 08:52 PM4
- OH MY! Lol! Strong Atheis... Mon Sep-21-09 02:27 PM11
- Let go, and let god! Ian David Mon Sep-21-09 01:59 PM4
- A question about bowing one's head. enlightenment Mon Sep-21-09 10:48 AM15
- get in while the gettin's good: in GD:P of all places... Soylent Brice Sat Sep-19-09 01:14 AM17
- Cripes, now the "miracle of birth" - "No atheists in birthing centers" [View All] Synnical Thu Sep-17-09 12:29 PM27
- New Charity will pay "New Atheists" to "Get A Clue"! Synnical Wed Sep-16-09 05:10 PM9
- Funny review of "The Greatest Show on Earth" laconicsax Wed Sep-16-09 04:08 PM2
- AANEWS for Monday, September 14, 2009 (Darwin Film too "controversial" to get a US Distributor") Synnical Tue Sep-15-09 06:34 PM0
- Synnical Mon Sep-14-09 08:46 PM0
- The Atheist's Way: Living Well Without Gods Synnical Mon Sep-14-09 08:33 AM2
- Oh, those Catholics - they never persecute anyone (Sunday Catholic Weekly - Polish Version) Synnical Mon Sep-14-09 08:03 AM3
- Indiana News: Religious skeptics believe their voices will be heard Synnical Sat Sep-12-09 08:03 PM0
- Bad Op Ed, Bad Headline writers - Obama's Address to Schools and atheism Synnical Sat Sep-12-09 12:18 PM3
- Atheist Group Offers to Take Care of Christians' Pets After the Rapture brooklynite Sat Sep-12-09 07:14 AM7
- Eddie Izzard admits his atheism on Craig Ferguson charlie Fri Sep-11-09 02:59 PM5
- Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America. laconicsax Fri Sep-11-09 10:19 AM18
- Hello all new Atheist here and a few questions Razoor Thu Sep-10-09 10:21 PM7
- "If you knew going to church would wipe out malaria would you go?" TZ Thu Sep-10-09 11:44 AM8
- Philip Pullman to publish novel about 'the Scoundrel Christ' charlie Thu Sep-10-09 01:28 AM1
- Come join the Atheist Chat Room! Ian David Wed Sep-09-09 11:39 PM1
- I just had a fun time going back and re-reading all of the Jesus and Mo cartoons. laconicsax Wed Sep-09-09 02:01 PM6
- Any other _Free Inquiry_ subscribers here? Ignis Sat Sep-05-09 01:16 PM11
- Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham visited Japan recently and saw a Buddhist temple YankeyMCC Fri Sep-04-09 03:45 PM6
- If Atheists Left America Manifestor_of... Thu Sep-03-09 06:50 PM5
- East Texas Meetup Party - Please check it out! Manifestor_of... Thu Sep-03-09 02:59 AM0
- I feel guilty about posting this video. laconicsax Wed Sep-02-09 07:18 PM3
- X-post from GD fundies and sex abuse - Pat's "skkkool" Soylent Brice Wed Sep-02-09 05:28 PM0
- ". . . on earth, as it is in Heaven . . ." montanto Wed Sep-02-09 07:17 AM14
- Terry Pratchett fixes Pascal's Wager onager Wed Sep-02-09 02:29 AM1
- Obama Has Dramatically Changed Role of Faith-Based Office salvorhardin Tue Sep-01-09 06:42 PM10
- Has anyone else seen this video? Manifestor_of... Tue Sep-01-09 01:42 AM6
- The Human Family Tree on Nat Geo Channel...Suck it, Fundies! pink-o Mon Aug-31-09 07:33 PM1
- 10 Reasons why God never got a PhD Lost-in-FL Mon Aug-31-09 06:24 PM5
- Iowa bus driver suspended over atheist ad WhollyHeretic Sun Aug-30-09 10:38 PM10
- Finally! laconicsax Sun Aug-30-09 08:23 PM0
- Supertheory of Supereverything :^) Lars39 Sun Aug-30-09 09:59 AM3
- Now's your chance: Ezlivin Sun Aug-30-09 09:31 AM0
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