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- Nice quote on religion posted on a Brazilian forum: Commie Pinko ... Thu Jan-28-10 09:41 AM4
- Did you know that Jesus assists surgeons... rexcat Mon Jan-25-10 09:53 PM4
- Well, now this changes EVERYTHING.... amyrose2712 Mon Jan-25-10 02:06 AM8
- Aww, we broke their poll Ian David Sat Jan-23-10 11:17 AM3
- Maybe I'll get an answer here, What happened to the share icons? amyrose2712 Sat Jan-23-10 08:06 AM5
- Lots of people thanking GOD on the Golden Globes, too bad GOD didn't stop the earthquake! KansasVoter Wed Jan-20-10 03:20 PM9
- Hitchens: A Fault Is Not a Sin - It's idiotic to blame anything other than geology Synnical Wed Jan-20-10 01:55 AM1
- Non-Believers Giving Aid: a religion-free way to help disaster victims progressoid Tue Jan-19-10 11:29 PM6
- A resource page for atheists Manifestor_of... Tue Jan-19-10 09:07 PM2
- So, God allowed the earthquake but will also help some NFL running back to score this weekend! KansasVoter Tue Jan-19-10 03:46 AM5
- Skeptics and Humanist Aid Relief Efforts (SHARE) is accepting disaster-relief donations for Haiti Ian David Mon Jan-18-10 12:50 PM4
- Do you celebrate Christmas? [View All] Manifestor_of... Sun Jan-17-10 08:04 PM37
- Atheist Takes Office - Religionists Threaten Lawsuit Synnical Sun Jan-17-10 04:11 PM4
- The persistence of the "Hitler, Stalin, Mao" meme-- vixengrl Thu Jan-14-10 11:59 AM5
- funny sign lazarus Thu Jan-14-10 04:58 AM3
- Funeral of an atheist friend inspires examination of the Here and the Hereafter Synnical Wed Jan-13-10 09:52 PM7
- why does shit like this piss me off so much?? Soylent Brice Wed Jan-13-10 03:36 PM8
- Reading Dawkins' "The God Delusion" LAGC Sat Jan-09-10 10:28 PM7
- A secretary put a DVD from her church on my desk this morning. [View All] Deep13 Sat Jan-09-10 10:26 PM23
- So I hear that Einstein proved the existence of a personal god. laconicsax Sat Jan-09-10 02:15 PM10
- Xpost from GD - Why do atheists face bias in office holding? Synnical Sat Jan-09-10 01:23 PM2
- Would You Take A Job At A Place That Advertised Itself As A "Xian Company?" stopbush Fri Jan-08-10 09:49 PM11
- I just gotta repost this here... onager Thu Jan-07-10 10:38 PM2
- Irish Befuddled By New Blasphemy Law Synnical Wed Jan-06-10 11:08 PM1
- A church even I would get up on Sundays for skepticscott Tue Jan-05-10 09:17 PM5
- A reply to a friend The Green Man... Mon Jan-04-10 10:44 PM3
- Corn on the Cross laconicsax Sun Jan-03-10 06:45 PM0
- Rabbit is the question muriel_volest... Sat Jan-02-10 07:57 PM2
- i find it ironic today Soylent Brice Thu Dec-31-09 01:59 PM3
- Fundies spamming Ben Whine's crap... onager Thu Dec-31-09 11:05 AM0
- WTF? A natural-born atheist in the Bible Belt... onager Wed Dec-30-09 09:29 PM4
- Finally a situation where it makes sense for athletes to thank Christ YankeyMCC Wed Dec-30-09 08:23 PM0
- I saw this and thought my friends here in the Atheists and Agnostics Group would enjoy it. ZombieHorde Wed Dec-30-09 08:09 PM6
- Unholy row in mountain resort as atheist joins city council tbyg52 Wed Dec-30-09 10:06 AM1
- This is driving me fucking batshit: "I'm an Atheist, but..." MindPilot Tue Dec-29-09 07:39 AM5
- A Hard Act to Follow... Soylent Brice Mon Dec-28-09 04:07 PM1
- I think this is funny. ZombieHorde Mon Dec-28-09 12:00 PM3
- Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Commie Pinko ... Fri Dec-25-09 05:14 PM4
- Have a Merry Mithras and-justice-f... Thu Dec-24-09 12:09 PM0
- Mr. Deity and Santa... progressoid Thu Dec-24-09 11:50 AM0
- Merry Secular Christmas . . . enlightenment Wed Dec-23-09 12:48 PM3
- Jesus Sez: Suck on THIS, Santa! onager Tue Dec-22-09 07:34 PM4
- 2009 Winter Solstice Greeting (And What This Is Really All About) From American Atheists WillBowden Mon Dec-21-09 07:51 PM2
- "I think life begins at conception but noooooo, I'm not a fundie!" Commie Pinko ... Mon Dec-21-09 06:54 PM6
- Doggy Xmas Synnical Mon Dec-21-09 12:02 PM3
- x-post: Maury X-mas (props to rcrush) Soylent Brice Sun Dec-20-09 02:02 PM1
- Am I a hypocrite? [View All] cynatnite Sat Dec-19-09 09:11 PM24
- Dawkins offers delusion removal services for bereaved and dying lizerdbits Sat Dec-19-09 02:23 AM4
- YES!!! Ernesto Fri Dec-18-09 06:33 PM2
- Merry Christmas... Tobin S. Fri Dec-18-09 06:11 PM6
- Pennsylvania County Agrees To Remove Religious Symbols From Courthouse Lawn and-justice-f... Thu Dec-17-09 10:17 PM0
- Poor, poor Pat Boone! tbyg52 Wed Dec-16-09 10:34 PM14
- We're vile. Commie Pinko ... Tue Dec-15-09 01:23 PM11
- Bloody New Atheists! laconicsax Mon Dec-14-09 11:58 PM2
- The Bible was the first to declare war on the Pagan Holiday Tree! SkyDaddy7 Mon Dec-14-09 02:56 PM2
- It's that time of year - My sorta annual re-post of Fuck Christmas Synnical Sun Dec-13-09 05:40 PM2
- history of xmas for the non-christian child? akwapez Sun Dec-13-09 05:17 PM5
- Witch Hunter Sues Humanist Activist in Attempt to Quell Criticism and-justice-f... Sat Dec-12-09 03:06 PM2
- New Book: The Atheist's Guide to Christmas Synnical Wed Dec-09-09 12:35 AM6
- I'm sure I already posted about this incredibly evil idea here. Commie Pinko ... Tue Dec-08-09 02:04 PM1
- I don't know if it's a thing--but, for me-- vixengrl Tue Dec-08-09 09:28 AM4
- Across the Pond: BibleThumper iPhone App Finds Cool Bible Verses for Atheists Synnical Mon Dec-07-09 11:47 PM4
- Wonkette: New Website Helps You Avoid Jew Stores Synnical Mon Dec-07-09 10:41 PM5
- From 1986: The New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom charlie Sun Dec-06-09 11:46 PM8
- What's a good exclamation of surprise/disbelief that is not religiously based? [View All] Auggie Sat Dec-05-09 02:09 PM30
- Don't you just love the denialism with the Psalm 109:8 stuff? laconicsax Sat Dec-05-09 12:27 PM13
- War On Xmas, a shot over the bow... onager Sat Dec-05-09 12:00 AM3
- The annual vitriol emerges in GD DavidDvorkin Fri Dec-04-09 11:53 PM9
- Could someone post this in R&T? I don't know how to get there from here Synnical Fri Dec-04-09 09:20 PM2
- Is it OK if I pat myself on the back? Commie Pinko ... Thu Dec-03-09 07:17 PM10
- Psychological Wellbeing How does your secular mindset factor in? Synnical Thu Dec-03-09 12:53 PM6
- How The Religious Right Stole Christmas and-justice-f... Thu Dec-03-09 12:40 AM0
- Too much Double Speak for me: Have we misunderstood Creationism? Synnical Wed Dec-02-09 09:58 PM6
- So apparently pointing out that the Bible can't be literally true is "fundamentalist." laconicsax Wed Dec-02-09 07:59 PM0
- Oof. Pat Condell is fed up with the tut-tutting about "aggressive" atheism charlie Tue Dec-01-09 08:19 PM4
- Sigh. I work with people who just cannot comprehend... WillBowden Mon Nov-30-09 01:34 PM10
- Holy jeebus terds!! and-justice-f... Sat Nov-28-09 12:56 AM0
- I would like to share a music video link. Lost-in-FL Fri Nov-27-09 08:25 PM2
- Atheist student groups flower on college campuses WillBowden Thu Nov-26-09 04:37 PM3
- So Jesus walks into an Inn with 3 nails in his hand undeterred Thu Nov-26-09 04:32 PM12
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