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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:23 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Atheists and Agnostics Group Skinner Admin Tue Nov-16-04 05:22 PM0
- Find me on FB under "Marcus Junius Brutus." Deep13 Sun Dec-11-11 12:00 AM0
- Extended edition of my recent R/T post darkstar3 Sat Dec-10-11 11:58 PM5
- I'm not ashamed! amyrose2712 Sat Dec-10-11 08:47 PM3
- "So, you're the wise one?" beam me up sc... Sat Dec-10-11 11:40 AM9
- Truth and laughs: An atheist reviews the Bible on NMMNG Sat Dec-10-11 09:07 AM2
- You need to see "Rick Perry: Weak, man" WillParkinson Sat Dec-10-11 09:04 AM2
- Mythbusters Investigates the Existence of God... TruthBeTold65 Sat Dec-10-11 03:41 AM2
- The Good Samaritan frogmarch Fri Dec-09-11 08:42 PM3
- Psst! We're under "religion" in DU3. BiggJawn Fri Dec-09-11 05:46 PM5
- Funny Friday... TruthBeTold65 Fri Dec-09-11 01:11 PM1
- Did you guys all see this? "A Scientist Visits A Creationist Museum" MarkCharles Thu Dec-08-11 11:06 PM3
- So - OK. I thought this was really funny... BrendaBrick Thu Dec-08-11 10:21 PM4
- I imagine you guys can appreciated this NMMNG Thu Dec-08-11 10:03 PM3
- I will never look at a tree topper the same way again cleanhippie Thu Dec-08-11 02:17 PM2
- They're watching me... BiggJawn Wed Dec-07-11 09:39 PM6
- Hey guys, beam me up sc... Wed Dec-07-11 10:25 AM10
- I NEVER thought I would see the day when progressives/liberals on DU advocated lying to children. cleanhippie Wed Dec-07-11 08:59 AM7
- A letter I wrote to the editor of my city's rag uriel1972 Tue Dec-06-11 02:10 PM2
- This is why religion must no longer exist... TruthBeTold65 Mon Dec-05-11 09:22 PM8
- People Think Atheists Are Just As Bad As Rapists? Christ. amyrose2712 Mon Dec-05-11 09:17 PM5
- Wingnut classic NMMNG Mon Dec-05-11 07:56 PM8
- I NEED TO RANT!How do I combat this? amyrose2712 Mon Dec-05-11 06:57 PM18
- Can Atheists have a laugh on Sunday? "Jesus Toast" video MarkCharles Mon Dec-05-11 02:07 PM8
- Great atheist rant... TruthBeTold65 Sun Dec-04-11 02:48 PM4
- Poll: Christmas Tree, Or Holiday Tree? Ian David Sun Dec-04-11 07:39 AM8
- Creepy find on PostSecret NMMNG Sat Dec-03-11 07:41 AM11
- Funny for Friday... TruthBeTold65 Fri Dec-02-11 02:07 PM1
- To add to Funny Friday--David Cross - Religion amyrose2712 Fri Dec-02-11 11:50 AM1
- Holiday programming. yellerpup Thu Dec-01-11 10:55 PM1
- Surefire way to tell it's election season NMMNG Thu Dec-01-11 09:41 PM5
- I think most of the Xtians have me on ignore in R/T. Deep13 Thu Dec-01-11 07:03 AM14
- Believers spread love all over atheist's vehicle NMMNG Thu Dec-01-11 02:03 AM13
- A Christian Store Denied Him This T-Shirt… WillParkinson Wed Nov-30-11 08:58 PM13
- Getting together slightly offensive cold weather holiday music - any suggestions? [View All] REP Tue Nov-29-11 06:02 PM22
- You learn something new in R/T every day. Goblinmonger Tue Nov-29-11 01:27 PM12
- Collin Quinn's Thanksgiving Tweets today. Goblinmonger Tue Nov-29-11 01:35 AM10
- FAKERY: About That Stigmata, Father... WillParkinson Mon Nov-28-11 08:04 AM4
- Prayboy cleanhippie Sun Nov-27-11 03:16 PM5
- Some Holiday Humor NMMNG Sat Nov-26-11 08:23 PM2
- Octopriest frogmarch Sat Nov-26-11 07:42 PM5
- George Carlin on religion... awoke_in_2003 Sat Nov-26-11 04:54 PM1
- Just a little post for myself. The closest I come to worshiping something has to be the Sun... BlueJazz Sat Nov-26-11 12:52 AM10
- Wow, Sam Harris is kind of a warmonger, eh? LAGC Fri Nov-25-11 03:01 PM5
- Sorry, cancer doesn't = ready for religion [View All] Ninjaneer Thu Nov-24-11 04:02 PM29
- "What Convinced You?" NMMNG Wed Nov-23-11 03:56 PM14
- As my FB friend said "Here's an excellent way to get yourself stabbed in the eye after a meal. " amyrose2712 Tue Nov-22-11 02:22 PM3
- I have returned. BiggJawn Mon Nov-21-11 02:02 PM11
- Hitch tiddlywinks Sun Nov-20-11 11:18 PM0
- "To Save Their Souls" onager Sun Nov-20-11 09:49 PM4
- On these "other ways of knowing." [View All] cleanhippie Fri Nov-18-11 09:35 PM26
- Poe's Law cleanhippie Fri Nov-18-11 10:22 AM18
- Voters Show Discomfort Supporting Religious Diversity (Check who Dems most uncomfy with) WillParkinson Wed Nov-16-11 05:37 PM3
- Linus explains what Christmas is all about.... amyrose2712 Wed Nov-16-11 05:31 PM10
- "God bless you" When you sneeze. What say you? [View All] amyrose2712 Wed Nov-16-11 11:04 AM31
- Anybody else seen this documentary? onager Mon Nov-14-11 09:51 PM6
- The only place I have the guts to post this.... amyrose2712 Sun Nov-13-11 03:58 PM5
- Christian Pastor has had "several credible dreams" warning of impending terrorist attacks NMMNG Thu Nov-10-11 09:13 PM0
- So the Duggars Are Having Their 20th Kid Rozlee Tue Nov-08-11 07:50 PM7
- Trained Monkeys NMMNG Tue Nov-08-11 07:42 PM5
- can someone PM me Soylent Brice Mon Nov-07-11 09:03 PM14
- Contraception Pioneer Bill Baird (Humanist) to speak at Boston University, Tuesday Nov. 8th Ian David Mon Nov-07-11 03:33 PM0
- I don't know if this quote is attributed accurately, but I like it; A HERETIC I A... Mon Nov-07-11 01:22 PM12
- Suicidal lesbian Marine Corps vet seeks help, gets Jesus instead Ian David Mon Nov-07-11 01:23 AM6
- curious tiddlywinks Sun Nov-06-11 08:28 PM1
- Saying Hello tiddlywinks Sun Nov-06-11 04:12 PM14
- X-post R/T: How Science Saved My Soul, youtube video, really impressive. Deep13 Fri Nov-04-11 02:52 PM2
- Letter I just sent to Diana DeGette DavidDvorkin Thu Nov-03-11 09:27 PM2
- Cosmos for Rednecks amyrose2712 Mon Oct-31-11 11:44 PM5
- Oh FFS. It's not even Halloween yet NMMNG Mon Oct-31-11 11:38 PM14
- Is anyone else tired darkstar3 Sun Oct-30-11 12:25 AM17
- My first atheist funeral undeterred Sat Oct-29-11 08:45 PM6
- It's working! cleanhippie Fri Oct-28-11 07:09 PM2
- Morality vs Religion WhollyHeretic Thu Oct-27-11 09:17 PM3
- Found on reddit, if you haven't seen it you might laugh. :) darkstar3 Thu Oct-27-11 06:44 PM9
- Great picture - Atheists in Foxholes WillParkinson Thu Oct-27-11 06:04 PM5
- Place your votes now for the Bad Faith Awards NMMNG Thu Oct-27-11 11:36 AM6
- This One's Been Around, But, It's Still Priceless. Mrs. Betty Bowers Rozlee Wed Oct-26-11 10:17 PM0
- Define YOUR atheism. Goblinmonger Wed Oct-26-11 03:53 PM13
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