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- Sidewinder to take aim at ground targets unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:48 AM0
- Composite research grant could help SEALs unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:42 AM0
- Air wing CMC fired for fraternization unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:41 AM0
- Yemeni president willing to talk with al-Qaida unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:37 AM0
- unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:31 AM0
- Hearing due today for accused SEAL unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:23 AM0
- Soldiers, kin face cuts in base services unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:14 AM0
- Soldier charged in Japan traffic death case unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:11 AM0
- After year in Afghanistan, platoon savors home unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:03 AM0
- Soldier finds little sister he never knew unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:01 AM0
- Bill requires emergency birth control access unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 09:00 AM1
- Xe aiming for Afghan police training deal unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:56 AM0
- Afghans agree on Bagram prison handover plan unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:55 AM1
- Back in Iraq, GIs find peace in former war zone unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:46 AM0
- Some Afghans losing hope after 8 years of war unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:41 AM0
- From the WTF file: unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:38 AM0
- 3 U.S. troops die in Afghan fighting unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:36 AM0
- Plastic helmets fail tests unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:32 AM0
- TRADOC predicts the future of warfare unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:30 AM1
- DoD review: Hasan superiors ignored concerns unhappycamper Mon Jan-11-10 08:29 AM0
- Coast Guard announces decision to end LORAN-C unhappycamper Sun Jan-10-10 10:31 PM6
- AF seeks to replace UH-1N helicopter unhappycamper Sun Jan-10-10 09:29 PM2
- AF's New Aircraft Arrives at Bagram unhappycamper Sun Jan-10-10 07:06 PM5
- Independence Readies for Commissioning unhappycamper Sat Jan-09-10 09:29 AM5
- Reservist running for Senate slams gay claim unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 10:29 PM7
- Soldier accidentally kills self with own gun unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 02:51 PM2
- No attempted murder charge for Yokota teens unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 11:31 AM5
- More A400M Aircraft to Fly Trials This Year unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 11:14 AM3
- Pentagon: More return to fight after leaving Gitmo unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 09:08 AM3
- Army Seeks Additional CAB to Reach Goal unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:33 AM0
- NATO unit launches radio station for rural Afghans unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:29 AM1
- Wounded Illinois Guard soldiers stuck in limbo unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:27 AM0
- Japanese leader seeks to arrange Clinton meeting unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:26 AM0
- Ex-Air Force spouse gets 30 years for killing boy unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:24 AM0
- Christmas plane attack case will test defense unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:23 AM0
- Overseas military will have to register again to get ballots this year unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:21 AM0
- Obama orders up more air security, intel sharing unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:20 AM0
- E-7 provides clothing for wounded warriors unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:15 AM0
- New mark: 43 days between Iraq casualties unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 08:03 AM0
- unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:59 AM0
- 2 Lejeune Marines charged in triple shooting unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:58 AM0
- Hamdaniya squad leader seeks release unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:56 AM0
- Family affair: 3 Vt. guardsmen part of surge unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:55 AM1
- Navy to close Ingleside 5 months early unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:55 AM1
- Bagram detainee battle echoes Gitmo argument unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:53 AM0
- P-3s join pirate patrol in the Seychelles unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:48 AM0
- Battleship Missouri comes out of drydock unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:48 AM1
- LPD machinery issue could affect other ships unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:47 AM0
- Mullen to speak today at Naval War College unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:43 AM0
- Soldier charged after fatal crash on Okinawa unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:41 AM0
- unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:40 AM0
- Bomb in Iraq kills Fort Hood soldier unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:35 AM0
- Afghans blame U.S. troops for bomb deaths unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:33 AM0
- British gen. defends decisions in Basra battle unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:30 AM0
- Bagram detainee battle echoes Gitmo argument unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:29 AM0
- unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:27 AM0
- Army contracting HQ moving from Va. to Ala. unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:26 AM0
- $650K in damages for recruiter sex assault unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:25 AM0
- 2 ex-Blackwater guards charged with murder unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:24 AM0
- Gates to stay at Pentagon through 2010 unhappycamper Fri Jan-08-10 07:23 AM0
- My brain is coming back slowly-Operation Helmet ltte w8liftinglady Fri Jan-08-10 06:57 AM2
- Army specialist jailed for threats against fellow soldiers, commanders unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 11:00 PM2
- SEAL faker pleads guilty in Stolen Valor case unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 05:58 PM2
- Mullen to address departing Vt. guardsmen unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 01:08 PM1
- 6 tons of illegal drugs seized in Afghanistan unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 01:07 PM2
- Seabees Build New Cantina in Djibouti unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 11:33 AM2
- Families of the Fallen center opens at Dover unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 09:46 AM2
- Intel: US Shuts Down Arms Shipment to Georgia unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 09:30 AM2
- Attorney: Hood suspect to have mental exam unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 09:30 AM2
- Yemen opposed to U.S. intervention vs. al-Qaida unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:37 AM1
- DoD Buzz: Army Eyes Mixed UAV, Pilot Formations unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:36 AM0
- Pentagon: More return to fight after leaving Gitmo unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:27 AM2
- Italian officials to meet with Ryanair over plan to suspend flights unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:17 AM0
- Blog: 10,000 flying hours in six months unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:10 AM0
- Police: Master sgt. committed murder-suicide unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:05 AM0
- Pipeline explosion at Barksdale kills civilian unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:04 AM0
- Lejeune policeman charged in death of son unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:01 AM0
- Plan calls for Corps to retain amphib expertise unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 08:00 AM0
- Seabee Afghan deployment reportedly extended unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 07:57 AM0
- Prosecutors seek to delay SEAL detainee trials unhappycamper Thu Jan-07-10 07:56 AM0
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