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- Sexual assault reports drop at academies unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 08:31 AM1
- Decision on charges may take months for U.S. teens in Japanese custody unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:57 AM0
- Study aims to help reconstruct injured faces unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:54 AM0
- Kandahar builds ahead of troops surge unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:52 AM0
- AF to pick 289 NCOs for involuntary retraining unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:43 AM0
- Marine walks across country for disabled vets unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:41 AM0
- Defense spending bill passes procedural hurdle unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:40 AM0
- Re-up money to dry up for 28 MOSs unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:39 AM0
- Construction begins on CG fast response cutters unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:31 AM0
- 2nd LCS delivered to Navy unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:28 AM0
- Navy discloses LCS mine-sub cost spike unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:24 AM0
- CG captain says affairs not criminal unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:22 AM0
- Truman sailor acquitted of murder unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:21 AM0
- Iraqis: Iranians cross border, seize oil well unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:14 AM0
- Overseas COLA climbs at Alaska locations unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:13 AM0
- Gates urges grads to enter public service unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:12 AM0
- Rangers suspected in stabbing will not deploy unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:10 AM0
- Burn pit data worthless, expert says unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:09 AM0
- A million soldiers deployed since 9/11 unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:05 AM0
- Fixes on the way for nonsecure UAV links unhappycamper Sat Dec-19-09 07:04 AM0
- Man pleads guilty to possessing Vulcan cannon unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 10:09 AM3
- Defense spending bill passes Senate, 63-33 unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 09:52 AM1
- AP-GfK Poll: Gains for Obama, not his Afghan plans unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 08:41 AM1
- Senator blocks nominees over tanker dispute unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 07:31 AM1
- Pakistan: U.S. strike kills 17 in Waziristan unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 07:26 AM1
- Military study shows increase in suicide attempts, PTSD symptoms unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 07:02 AM1
- Reliance on contractors sparks oversight concerns unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 07:01 AM0
- unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 07:00 AM0
- Ex-master chief petty officer gets four years in Iraq fuel thefts unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:58 AM0
- Military update: Stateside housing rates to stay flat for many unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:57 AM0
- Iraq to Afghanistan: A radical adjustment unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:54 AM0
- NKorea thanks SKorea for swine flu medicine unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:52 AM0
- Raptor pilots at Langley after UAE training unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:48 AM0
- 8th Air Force to temporarily move off Barksdale unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:44 AM0
- Tankers to leave Grand Forks by December 2010 unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:42 AM0
- Iran protests reported U.S. Navy incident unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:38 AM0
- C. Guard petty officer details affair with O-6 unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:35 AM0
- Maine Guard unit not going to Iraq after all unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:31 AM0
- Pakistan, U.S at odds on enemies in terror war unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:30 AM0
- U.S. Special Forces aid French anti-Taliban ops unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:28 AM0
- Hood tightens gun-registration policy unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:27 AM0
- Congress puts Fort Hood shooting probe on hold unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:25 AM0
- Pentagon: Insurgents intercepted UAV videos unhappycamper Fri Dec-18-09 06:25 AM0
- Lawmakers Offer 'War Bonds' Legislation unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 01:46 PM2
- Improved Magazine Increases Reliability unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 09:04 AM1
- Are they including Veterans in the HCR.... lldu Thu Dec-17-09 08:38 AM3
- Mullen visits front line of Afghanistan war unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 08:25 AM1
- No Prosecution for Dumping Vet's Ashes unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 08:14 AM0
- Command sergeant major pleads guilty after sexual contact with subordinate unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 08:12 AM4
- NATO to Cut Kosovo Troop Levels unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 08:09 AM0
- First West Coast-based Osprey arrives unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 08:05 AM1
- DoDBuzz: Many Headed Dragon Heads to Af-Pak unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 08:01 AM0
- US Marines May not Wait for JLTV unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:57 AM0
- Lawmakers: Soldiers have problems with combat gear unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:43 AM0
- Analysis: U.S. troops must watch and wait as Iraqi violence spikes unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:41 AM1
- US to expand eyes in the sky over Afghanistan unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:39 AM0
- Funding approved for new Nebraska Guard HQ unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:32 AM0
- Academy says religious tolerance is increasing unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:31 AM0
- Camp Lejeune sgt. allegedly assaulted child unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:30 AM1
- Japan party leader wants Futenma off Okinawa unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:29 AM0
- AP poll: Tepid public support for Afghan surge unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:28 AM1
- New hospital proposed for Camp Pendleton unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:21 AM0
- Michigan completes first SSGN deployment unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:20 AM0
- Navy, San Francisco reach Treasure Island deal unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:18 AM0
- U.S. withdrawal still on track, Iraqi PM says unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:12 AM0
- Terror watchdog: Tape exists of captured GI unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:11 AM0
- Attorney: Hood suspect Hasan moved out of ICU unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:10 AM0
- Senate last hurdle for appropriations bill unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:09 AM0
- House approves 3.4 percent pay raise unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:06 AM0
- Plan would trim 8 floors from Fort Lee hotel unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:05 AM0
- Troops admit to abusing prescription drugs unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:04 AM0
- BAH increase for 2010 averages 2.5 percent unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:02 AM0
- Gates orders review of military mentor program unhappycamper Thu Dec-17-09 07:01 AM0
- Some retailers inflate costs to ship to APO addresses unhappycamper Wed Dec-16-09 07:04 PM2
- DoDBuzz: Afghan IEDs Hammered Soviets unhappycamper Wed Dec-16-09 07:40 AM1
- Ramstein Airmen Train in Israel unhappycamper Wed Dec-16-09 07:37 AM0
- Officials Discuss Army Transformation unhappycamper Wed Dec-16-09 07:36 AM0
- GIs Prepare for 'Complex Human Terrain' unhappycamper Wed Dec-16-09 07:34 AM0
- More Troop Families Move to SKorea unhappycamper Wed Dec-16-09 07:32 AM0
- Finis unhappycamper Wed Dec-16-09 07:28 AM0
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