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- No Longer Majority Black, Harlem Is in Transition Blue_Tires Wed Jan-06-10 11:39 AM0
- For those who haven't heard, because a Black man is in the Fire1 Tue Jan-05-10 04:41 PM13
- Tell me what you think, really! FrenchieCat Tue Jan-05-10 04:23 AM12
- WSY Top Stories of 2009 angee_is_mad Mon Jan-04-10 03:40 PM2
- Great panel on the assassination of Fred Hampton on line. EFerrari Mon Jan-04-10 03:39 PM1
- Tiana! Number23 Sun Jan-03-10 05:21 PM10
- I still miss Michael Jackson. HopeOverFear Sat Jan-02-10 10:02 AM4
- Okay, this is amazing (2009 Year End Review) Number23 Fri Jan-01-10 11:40 PM13
- Had to LOL at this picture firedupdem Fri Jan-01-10 10:21 PM4
- Happy New Year, to all of AAIG!!!! God Bless. n/t Fire1 Fri Jan-01-10 10:19 PM7
- Great Michelle Obama diary angee_is_mad Fri Jan-01-10 07:24 PM1
- Did anyone poll whites for the last 42 presidents on whether they were thrilled or not? SemiCharmedQu... Fri Jan-01-10 04:04 AM6
- I don't read racist blogs for a reason.... firedupdem Tue Dec-29-09 06:39 PM9
- Percy E. Sutton, Political Trailblazer, Dies at 89 firedupdem Mon Dec-28-09 01:59 PM4
- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR XMAS BABE!! [View All] Karenina Mon Dec-28-09 02:17 AM20
- firedupdem Sat Dec-26-09 06:49 PM8
- I've been thinking about this for a little while now Tobin S. Fri Dec-25-09 12:47 PM10
- Merry Christmas AAIG Group! firedupdem Thu Dec-24-09 03:49 PM9
- Race/Equality Forum? [View All] Number23 Wed Dec-23-09 05:20 PM26
- Malia and Sasha's first Interview - VIDEO FrenchieCat Wed Dec-23-09 02:58 PM2
- The Princess and the Frong [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Tue Dec-22-09 07:42 PM31
- Hey Everybody!!! My birthday is TODAY!!!!! [View All] Fire1 Mon Dec-21-09 09:28 PM26
- Yes, there are others looking on Tobin S. Mon Dec-21-09 06:58 PM9
- Have fun, kids! AspenRose Mon Dec-21-09 06:55 PM6
- Christmas at the White House on HGTV now... n/t firedupdem Sun Dec-20-09 08:30 PM3
- Who needs health Insurance most and doesn't have it? FrenchieCat Sun Dec-20-09 05:38 PM10
- Does "The Princess and the Frog" Inspire Racial Stereotypes? Blue_Tires Sun Dec-20-09 04:18 PM10
- DNA clears Fla. man after 35 years behind bars firedupdem Sun Dec-20-09 03:06 PM5
- Minority Businesses Shut Out of Stimulus Loans firedupdem Sun Dec-20-09 01:48 PM4
- Really? Democrats want to kill a Democratic party platform initiative? firedupdem Sun Dec-20-09 01:13 PM6
- Quads accepted into Yale angee_is_mad Sat Dec-19-09 10:04 PM1
- Two Black Role Models Done In By Hubris [View All] firedupdem Fri Dec-18-09 03:43 PM32
- America's racial divide is still not bridged Blue_Tires Thu Dec-17-09 11:53 PM5
- African-Americans Go From Being No Good At Sports To Being Only Good At Sports Blue_Tires Thu Dec-17-09 02:25 PM1
- Tiger Woods, y'all. It's all good, y'all... [View All] Number23 Thu Dec-17-09 02:21 PM27
- Damn! firedupdem Tue Dec-15-09 06:42 PM9
- Man accused of dragging woman from bar by hair firedupdem Tue Dec-15-09 03:03 PM7
- Who's watching the Jacksons on A& E? HopeOverFear Tue Dec-15-09 01:09 PM2
- Donyale Luna [View All] Number23 Mon Dec-14-09 06:32 PM22
- Firestorm over lady 'commish' (FDNY) Blue_Tires Mon Dec-14-09 05:33 PM1
- Ethiopian Jews still face racism in Israel firedupdem Mon Dec-14-09 02:57 PM10
- Bobb to parents: Help us help kids firedupdem Mon Dec-14-09 02:06 PM4
- Call it tall, thin, white, blond privilege. kwassa Mon Dec-14-09 12:34 PM4
- Desmond Tutu in Copenhagen Karenina Mon Dec-14-09 12:19 PM3
- Obama's Approval Slide Finds Whites Down to 39% Number23 Sun Dec-13-09 01:28 PM17
- I'm too through! When some on the Left advocate that they should align with racist ass Teabaggers, FrenchieCat Thu Dec-10-09 09:27 PM7
- Asian students vow to continue school boycott Blue_Tires Wed Dec-09-09 08:48 PM1
- David Mamet's Race Against the Cultural Clock Blue_Tires Wed Dec-09-09 10:28 AM0
- Hell Hath No Fury Like a Swedish Ex-Model Blue_Tires Wed Dec-09-09 10:26 AM0
- Review: Paul Mooney's 'Black Is the New White' Blue_Tires Wed Dec-09-09 10:02 AM0
- What the hell? firedupdem Tue Dec-08-09 09:25 PM19
- Race Relations: Middle-class exodus also gets blame for Saginaw's troubles Blue_Tires Mon Dec-07-09 03:14 PM2
- Republicans Don't Like That Uppity Man in the White House (Caught on the Interwebs!) [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Sun Dec-06-09 05:00 PM40
- Today is the 40th anniversary of Fred Hampton's murder. EFerrari Sat Dec-05-09 03:56 AM1
- Is Tiana the Tipping Point? What Is Known About the Prevalence of Black Characters in Popular Film Blue_Tires Fri Dec-04-09 06:59 PM2
- kwassa Fri Dec-04-09 11:42 AM6
- My "Obama, you are failing the White Glove Test!" unfunny satire! FrenchieCat Wed Dec-02-09 12:05 PM13
- If you've never seen this and you're a Baldwin fan, you have to check it out EFerrari Fri Nov-27-09 02:05 PM8
- Have a Happy Thanksgiving! firedupdem Thu Nov-26-09 05:59 PM10
- Happy Thanksgiving to the AAIG! Kind of Blue Thu Nov-26-09 05:58 PM2
- The Nation: Bad Black Mothers Blue_Tires Thu Nov-26-09 04:11 PM6
- delete firedupdem Sat Nov-21-09 08:40 PM0
- Red Scare, Black Scare Blue_Tires Sat Nov-21-09 05:28 PM2
- Shaniya Davis kwassa Fri Nov-20-09 07:53 PM8
- Guess I'll hang out here until GD:P is back up HopeOverFear Thu Nov-19-09 09:10 PM2
- Ugly Truth: Most U.S. Kids Sentenced to Die In Prison Are Black Brewman_Jax Thu Nov-19-09 08:51 PM13
- Number of African Americans with Four-Year Degrees Reaches New High Number23 Thu Nov-19-09 08:44 PM2
- OK! How does one get in touch with the Rev. Jackson and Fire1 Wed Nov-18-09 07:15 PM4
- Black 'Oriental Angel' Sparks China Race Row Blue_Tires Sat Nov-14-09 11:11 AM10
- Skin-whitening, and color-struck in India kwassa Fri Nov-13-09 11:01 PM1
- Blue_Tires Fri Nov-13-09 06:04 PM8
- The Negro Motorist Green Book, 1949 XemaSab Thu Nov-12-09 04:33 PM13
- When Push Comes to Shove (movie review) Blue_Tires Fri Nov-06-09 08:26 PM10
- Breaking the last racial taboo Number23 Fri Nov-06-09 08:23 PM13
- A racist nutcase runs for Congress kwassa Fri Nov-06-09 05:49 PM8
- Can Prosecutors Be Sued By People They Framed? Brewman_Jax Fri Nov-06-09 05:34 PM8
- Call me naive. Call me crazy. But I ain't buying it. Number23 Fri Nov-06-09 05:29 PM10
- Colin Powell on African-American fathers, volunteering Blue_Tires Fri Nov-06-09 03:42 PM5
- Regina Benjamin, confirmed as Surgeon General, plans to make prevention a priority Blue_Tires Mon Nov-02-09 10:05 PM1
- It's unanimous! Number23 Mon Nov-02-09 02:33 PM7
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