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- Study: Southern Blacks Die at Higher Rate Kire Sat Feb-05-05 09:24 AM7
- I'm not touchin' it! msgadget Sat Feb-05-05 01:34 AM0
- Well, remember when Yahoo! got some guy mixed up with Barack Obama? SemiCharmedQu... Fri Feb-04-05 06:10 AM4
- What does China have to do with us? msgadget Fri Feb-04-05 02:25 AM4
- JP Morgan Chase Apologizes cat_girl25 Fri Feb-04-05 01:18 AM2
- Nobody wants to talk about it, so it's up to me (sigh): [View All] msgadget Thu Feb-03-05 11:01 PM26
- Barack Obama? Misunderestim... Thu Feb-03-05 02:03 PM3
- Halle Berry says Hollywood is racist, DU screams "reverse racism" [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Wed Feb-02-05 11:41 PM42
- GOP Sees a Future in Black Churches qanda Wed Feb-02-05 07:09 PM13
- Please help me? Am I wrong thinking that the talk here [View All] xultar Mon Jan-31-05 02:03 PM31
- New York's "Official #1 Station for Hip Hop", Hot 97, suspends AM crew undergroundra... Mon Jan-31-05 10:21 AM6
- State of the Dream 2005 msgadget Sun Jan-30-05 02:16 PM0
- Atheists the most discriminated group in the U.S. SemiCharmedQu... Sat Jan-29-05 02:25 PM2
- The next time someone says "The Civil War wasn't about slavery" SemiCharmedQu... Sat Jan-29-05 01:16 PM11
- Condi and affirmative action bashing ... [View All] HamdenRice Sat Jan-29-05 12:57 PM23
- Four black actors get five Academy Award nominations kwassa Fri Jan-28-05 03:10 PM17
- What are your opinions on this? SemiCharmedQu... Thu Jan-27-05 12:50 PM3
- "Unforgivable Blackness" the Jack Johnson documentary on PBS kwassa Wed Jan-26-05 10:16 PM2
- What do you think Malcolm X would be saying today were he alive? ChavezSpeakst... Wed Jan-26-05 01:05 AM4
- The Black Commentator: Condeleeezza's Crimes SemiCharmedQu... Tue Jan-25-05 03:33 PM3
- Jazz Funeral For Democracy Swamp Rat Tue Jan-25-05 01:14 AM10
- Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Lisabtrucking Tue Jan-25-05 01:11 AM0
- Southern Bashing SemiCharmedQu... Sat Jan-22-05 07:50 PM10
- Michael Powell is resigning from the FCC kwassa Fri Jan-21-05 08:42 PM5
- Wow, we've turned on Obama already... [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Fri Jan-21-05 06:48 PM27
- Charlie Rangel is being called an "A"hole at GDp FrenchieCat Wed Jan-19-05 06:45 AM2
- Mixed race census designation carolinayello... Tue Jan-18-05 08:36 PM2
- Congratulations to Golden Globe Winner Jamie Foxx - RAY undergroundra... Tue Jan-18-05 06:58 PM7
- I think Blacks should leave the Dem party en masse. Check out the Green [View All] propagandafre... Tue Jan-18-05 06:12 PM38
- A funny thing happened at church yesterday American libe... Tue Jan-18-05 01:05 PM2
- Top Ten Conservative Idiots #9 SemiCharmedQu... Tue Jan-18-05 01:02 PM2
- Am I wrong? American libe... Tue Jan-18-05 08:29 AM5
- Did anyone see Armstrong and Cornel West duke it out on Black Forum? propagandafre... Mon Jan-17-05 04:45 PM18
- In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday. undergroundra... Mon Jan-17-05 01:37 PM7
- I received this flier from the National Alliance qanda Mon Jan-17-05 12:21 PM7
- BLACK POLITICS ARE IN A BLACK HOLE (Commentary - NEWSDAY) undergroundra... Sun Jan-16-05 06:23 PM6
- Mississippi Burning - Justice Delayed *IS* Justice Denied. undergroundra... Fri Jan-14-05 10:52 AM3
- Hooray! Another "Whites are being persecuted" thread! SemiCharmedQu... Thu Jan-13-05 05:10 PM3
- Armstrong Williams - White House Paid him to push 'No Child Left Behind' [View All] undergroundra... Thu Jan-13-05 12:40 PM27
- Are blacks the new 'bigots'? pbl Wed Jan-12-05 11:37 PM9
- I watched Rosewood last night mandyky Wed Jan-12-05 05:43 PM3
- Black Folk Art or racist objects? [View All] GOPFighter Wed Jan-12-05 05:11 PM23
- Wellington Web, DNC chair?? angee_is_mad Wed Jan-12-05 02:58 PM3
- My Co-Worker was called the N-word GOPFighter Tue Jan-11-05 03:06 PM13
- Capital Punishment. SemiCharmedQu... Tue Jan-11-05 01:42 AM2
- Interesting question.... FrenchieCat Sat Jan-08-05 02:26 PM7
- Since we've talked about Condi and Colon, what about their role in Haiti? TroubleMan Thu Jan-06-05 11:04 PM5
- Cosby's message -- moderated by Ellis Cose fortyfeetunde... Thu Jan-06-05 06:08 PM7
- Kwanzaa msgadget Thu Jan-06-05 03:23 PM14
- Whoa!! I missed this group. What an excellent idea! ChavezSpeakst... Wed Jan-05-05 03:27 PM4
- Powell vs. Clinton in New York -- how would you vote? [View All] HamdenRice Wed Jan-05-05 01:39 PM32
- Racism in the reporting of the tidal wave tragedy? SemiCharmedQu... Tue Jan-04-05 05:51 PM9
- Civil War Revisionists. SemiCharmedQu... Sat Jan-01-05 10:59 PM6
- Mfume has man-to-man talk with president msgadget Mon Dec-27-04 07:06 PM9
- $200M racial lawsuit is filed against Suffolk cops undergroundra... Wed Dec-22-04 12:11 PM4
- The Confederate Flag. SemiCharmedQu... Tue Dec-21-04 03:49 PM18
- message being preached by some black ministers...have you heard??? bobbieinok Sun Dec-19-04 05:00 PM5
- Why Do the Dems Want to Deny Her Seniority? msgadget Fri Dec-17-04 09:53 PM2
- Bush appointment is really a step back for diversity. undergroundra... Thu Dec-16-04 11:29 AM2
- Condoleeza, et al, role models? msgadget Thu Dec-16-04 03:41 AM2
- Jet Magazine undergroundra... Tue Dec-14-04 06:07 PM15
- Republicans making inroads into black churches Truth Hurts A... Tue Dec-14-04 03:04 AM5
- Our ugly past GOPFighter Thu Dec-09-04 04:55 PM3
- What makes an issue African American? msgadget Thu Dec-09-04 03:33 PM3
- figured i would post this here mark414 Tue Dec-07-04 02:13 AM2
- "University of Georgia panel seeks to enroll more blacks" The Backlash ... Tue Dec-07-04 01:42 AM1
- Black Dems Must Clean Up Own House qanda Mon Dec-06-04 02:02 PM17
- Alabama Reminded of George Wallace msgadget Sun Dec-05-04 10:27 PM5
- What current Black leader(s) do you admire the most? Robeson Sun Dec-05-04 04:01 PM9
- I may be slow...but I have seen how repubs are dividing blacks patdem Sun Dec-05-04 02:52 PM3
- What do you think about the current "Food for Oil" "Scandal" ? FrenchieCat Sun Dec-05-04 02:30 PM2
- Sexualizing the Condi-Bush relationship. [View All] AP Fri Dec-03-04 08:17 PM55
- NAACP President Kweisi Mfume to step down. undergroundra... Fri Dec-03-04 01:45 AM10
- Abercrombie & Fitch to pay $40 million to settle discrimination case pbl Thu Dec-02-04 06:55 PM8
- Tavis Smiley to Leave NPR After 3 Years msgadget Thu Dec-02-04 05:37 PM3
- Cross burned in front of interracial couples' LI home undergroundra... Wed Dec-01-04 11:06 PM11
- Do you think that Powell and Rice are "Uncle Toms?" (Poll) Truth Hurts A... Tue Nov-30-04 06:49 PM13
- 3rd Party/Independent an option for perceived Dem indifference? GOPFighter Tue Nov-30-04 01:40 PM2
- Ray Charles Still Popular After Death undergroundra... Sun Nov-28-04 01:35 PM7
- May I introduce a talented brother, Cory A. Booker. undergroundra... Sat Nov-27-04 11:28 PM10
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