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- "NOLA police officials have said race was not a factor in the incident." undergroundra... Tue Oct-11-05 09:13 PM6
- AP: Minority Firms Getting Few Katrina Pacts rogue emissar... Mon Oct-10-05 01:38 PM0
- Latest thread arguing about racism in GD kwassa Sun Oct-09-05 12:26 AM2
- Portrait of an Ex-Slave: My Great Grandfather HamdenRice Wed Oct-05-05 02:47 PM9
- Good answer msgadget Tue Oct-04-05 03:44 PM0
- History of slavery in New York exhibit kwassa Tue Oct-04-05 02:43 PM1
- Racism: What is it? cleanheart.39... Tue Oct-04-05 02:39 PM1
- Nipsey Russell Dies undergroundra... Tue Oct-04-05 09:22 AM2
- Constance Baker Motley died Wednesday. Karenina Sat Oct-01-05 06:24 PM3
- Blackonomics at Harvard fortyfeetunde... Fri Sep-30-05 11:04 PM0
- Mass Evacuations of Large Cities cat_girl25 Thu Sep-29-05 01:01 AM3
- The Battered Race Syndrome cleanheart.39... Wed Sep-28-05 02:58 PM0
- The Fears of White People alarcojon Tue Sep-27-05 12:47 AM5
- And, now Affirmative Action msgadget Tue Sep-27-05 12:46 AM6
- Poor Black People, the "throwaway people" undergroundra... Tue Sep-27-05 12:43 AM4
- New Orleans lessons about neglect may apply to our own children fortyfeetunde... Sun Sep-25-05 10:22 AM0
- Obama's got a Podcast msgadget Tue Sep-20-05 10:48 PM0
- History of Davis-Bacon msgadget Tue Sep-20-05 12:58 AM2
- Why was TD Jakes hanging out w/the boy king? bliss_eternal Mon Sep-19-05 04:31 AM4
- what's been on the Tom Joyner show about NOLA? bobbieinok Sun Sep-18-05 11:38 PM3
- This story makes me ill ... kwassa Sat Sep-17-05 03:13 PM8
- Now that Frances Newton is gone.... fortyfeetunde... Sat Sep-17-05 12:59 AM0
- Poll shows racial divide on storm response SemiCharmedQu... Fri Sep-16-05 07:17 AM2
- Check this on BET sandnsea Thu Sep-15-05 02:08 PM8
- All it took was a non-political but highly visible artist msgadget Wed Sep-14-05 08:54 PM0
- Police Trapped Thousands in New Orleans. *****A MUST READ***** undergroundra... Tue Sep-13-05 12:47 PM1
- My daughter's N'awleans family has been adopted by Window Tue Sep-13-05 02:39 AM4
- What is the future of race relations in this country? [View All] RagingInMiami Mon Sep-12-05 11:25 PM26
- How dismal is reality? msgadget Sun Sep-11-05 06:34 AM5
- NewsHour discussion on race/class in New Orleans omega minimo Sat Sep-10-05 09:55 PM0
- Congressional Black Caucus msgadget Sat Sep-10-05 02:34 PM2
- So, how do the blacks that voted for * feel now? bliss_eternal Sat Sep-10-05 02:32 PM3
- "Where are you from?" Lurking_Argyl... Fri Sep-09-05 02:43 PM2
- Seriously, does it ever appear to you that BOTH sides are a little nuts? msgadget Thu Sep-08-05 08:35 PM2
- 'Restoring' the poor msgadget Thu Sep-08-05 09:30 AM1
- Okay, this may be stumping but the 'other' Christians finally have a say msgadget Wed Sep-07-05 09:24 PM0
- And, lest we forget what we're dealing with msgadget Wed Sep-07-05 07:22 PM6
- Talk about placing blame where it belongs Lurking_Argyl... Wed Sep-07-05 02:08 AM4
- How the rest of the world sees the US - this from Canada msgadget Wed Sep-07-05 12:29 AM0
- Spinning, spinning... msgadget Tue Sep-06-05 02:19 AM3
- What Oakland, California is doing to help New Orleans Citizens FrenchieCat Tue Sep-06-05 01:47 AM3
- 'To Me, It Just Seems Like Black People Are Marked' undergroundra... Mon Sep-05-05 06:45 PM5
- What is the background of Mayor Nolin in NO ? goclark Mon Sep-05-05 02:33 PM8
- I was in Miami in 1980 when we had one of the most vicious race riots RagingInMiami Mon Sep-05-05 10:28 AM0
- Just saw Bill Cosby on CBS goclark Mon Sep-05-05 03:29 AM18
- Let's hit Kanye's Web Site to let him know we support his words! undergroundra... Mon Sep-05-05 03:00 AM5
- Honore orders soldiers to put their weapons down! bliss_eternal Mon Sep-05-05 02:50 AM2
- Some of us DU "get it" omega minimo Sun Sep-04-05 04:23 PM0
- Heil Chris Matthews. NO "residents" are generally disorderly. Kerrytraveler... Sun Sep-04-05 01:47 AM7
- I apologize for my post (link below) ....I meant sick as 'sick at heart' bobbieinok Sun Sep-04-05 01:42 AM1
- Coretta Scott King Is Mostly Paralyzed undergroundra... Sat Sep-03-05 07:45 PM4
- Kanye West Slams Bush In Live Telethon undergroundra... Sat Sep-03-05 07:42 PM5
- Ooh!!! Look at the scary black people!!! TroubleMan Sat Sep-03-05 07:41 PM10
- This thread blew me away... bliss_eternal Sat Sep-03-05 07:40 PM18
- Racial disparity in news reporting? Naaaaaahhhhh alarcojon Sat Sep-03-05 05:39 PM3
- How'd he find the ONE msgadget Sat Sep-03-05 05:28 PM6
- Mourning... bliss_eternal Sat Sep-03-05 05:16 PM4
- Please vote for this thread msgadget Sat Sep-03-05 01:50 PM4
- John H. Johnson Funeral USAcitizen Sat Sep-03-05 08:19 AM0
- Anybody heard from Swamp Rat? I think he lives in Louisiana. TroubleMan Fri Sep-02-05 09:29 PM9
- Woes Raging Before the Flood msgadget Fri Sep-02-05 09:12 PM0
- from 60+ white woman----is there much anger in black communities now bobbieinok Fri Sep-02-05 07:44 PM3
- The storm as 'civic examination' msgadget Fri Sep-02-05 02:58 PM4
- Katrina relief fund info politicasista Thu Sep-01-05 11:09 PM0
- Another DU racism and stupidity alert ... HamdenRice Thu Sep-01-05 10:13 PM5
- Was slavery beneficial to blacks ? [View All] USAcitizen Thu Sep-01-05 09:35 PM22
- I'd support this guy, msgadget Thu Sep-01-05 04:28 PM2
- OK... If I don't hear from the Democrats and I mean right now!!! Truth Hurts A... Thu Sep-01-05 04:24 PM3
- Looting New Orleans and America's Poverty Crisis ( undergroundra... Thu Sep-01-05 04:01 PM3
- Reviving Jim Crow? msgadget Wed Aug-31-05 07:24 AM5
- Voting Rights v New ID Requirements in GA wildeyed Tue Aug-30-05 04:05 PM3
- At the * protest in Rancho Cucomongo, a white guy waved a confederate flag Kerrytraveler... Tue Aug-30-05 02:46 PM2
- DoJ racial profiling cover-up paineinthears... Mon Aug-29-05 09:44 AM0
- Profiling in the news msgadget Sun Aug-28-05 10:19 PM5
- Winfrey 'Furious' at Snubbing Allegations fortyfeetunde... Sun Aug-28-05 12:43 AM0
- James vs Booker in NJ? msgadget Fri Aug-26-05 08:49 PM0
- I need to talk. Karenina Fri Aug-26-05 04:36 PM16
- It is impossible to discuss racism on DU anywhere but here HamdenRice Thu Aug-25-05 03:53 PM18
- undergroundra... Thu Aug-25-05 04:35 AM3
- Here's a story about South Africa that might interest you guys ... HamdenRice Sat Aug-20-05 04:51 AM4
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