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- Where is the biggest gathering of JRE supporters? [View All] timeforarevol... Fri Mar-07-08 02:08 PM57
- This sums it up for me: "The man is not Presidential..." AndyA Thu Mar-06-08 07:31 PM7
- Does anyone have links to see what percentage of votes John Edwards balantz Thu Mar-06-08 09:58 AM8
- Interesting read about Obama. Mr."Clean" ain't so clean! saracat Wed Mar-05-08 06:15 PM2
- More about the John Edwards Petition to Democratic Leadership kelligesq Wed Mar-05-08 04:58 PM10
- Take a look at this post about the wonder "O". balantz Wed Mar-05-08 11:08 AM8
- Well, I guess this is SOMETHING to be hopeful for TexasBushwhac... Wed Mar-05-08 04:37 AM7
- How are you now feeling about JRE's not endorsing? [View All] spooky3 Wed Mar-05-08 02:20 AM30
- Quote for today bobbolink Tue Mar-04-08 08:37 PM11
- Anyone voting for John Edwards this Tuesday? pamela Tue Mar-04-08 07:17 PM19
- For anyone who is really interested in history, here is an article Ninga Tue Mar-04-08 04:33 PM1
- Edwards getting 6% in one Ohio poll pamela Tue Mar-04-08 02:17 PM5
- Could you use a little humor today? FUNNY TRUE STORY Andrea Tue Mar-04-08 01:29 PM3
- Talk here - is reminiscent of the 1980 campaign - which fractured the party and paved Ninga Tue Mar-04-08 12:51 PM19
- Okay, this just makes proves the bad feelings I have about Obama Greylyn58 Mon Mar-03-08 10:22 PM13
- Let's say that a majority of men and women in the DU community are Old Crusoe Mon Mar-03-08 08:50 PM17
- wow am i sick of this crap!! and the rudeness and nastiness of the Obama crowd. flyarm Mon Mar-03-08 11:50 AM11
- Anyone else giving thought to turning off the news and radio for at least 8 years in the event [View All] saracat Mon Mar-03-08 06:58 AM38
- Announcing the EENR Blog benny05 Sun Mar-02-08 02:48 PM9
- I've wanted to say this for some time about Obama and his supporters Greylyn58 Sun Mar-02-08 01:32 PM11
- Ok, this is just unacceptable MissDeeds Sat Mar-01-08 07:14 PM18
- Info about Dan Lungren? asdjrocky Sat Mar-01-08 02:31 PM0
- Edwards is asking his delagates to stick with him! Go John saracat Fri Feb-29-08 01:24 PM4
- How many would sign up for a Draft Edwards movement? hear this out - [View All] kelligesq Fri Feb-29-08 12:26 AM37
- What do you think about this Robert Parry article posted here? [View All] balantz Fri Feb-29-08 12:24 AM33
- Today, I voted my heart. machka Thu Feb-28-08 10:27 PM6
- Article: Obama's The Audacity of Hope: Portrait of a modern American political operative bpeale Thu Feb-28-08 07:20 PM2
- Article: Politics of Dopes: Barack Obama, Empty Suit by Ted Rall bpeale Thu Feb-28-08 12:10 PM1
- No way I'm going anywhere. If this group folds, I'll just lurk in yy4me Thu Feb-28-08 12:16 AM15
- I think it may be time to leave. I really can't take the Obamites. [View All] saracat Wed Feb-27-08 08:20 PM25
- Sinking like a stone in GDP- asdjrocky Wed Feb-27-08 06:06 PM1
- Okay... waiting for h... Tue Feb-26-08 10:53 PM6
- Perfect example of Obamites continuing to dis Edwards! See beloe.Needs help saracat Tue Feb-26-08 06:58 PM3
- Please give this thread some Edwardian love! bobbolink Mon Feb-25-08 09:00 PM1
- Love your candidate here: balantz Mon Feb-25-08 12:08 PM0
- check this out!!!!!!!!! flyarm Sun Feb-24-08 09:30 PM1
- Just returned a DNC questionnaire in the mail. Seabiscuit Sun Feb-24-08 04:02 PM6
- Okay...I have to register my disgust at something I just read in GD-P Greylyn58 Sun Feb-24-08 04:01 PM2
- Edwards people supporting Clinton at this point: Seabiscuit Sat Feb-23-08 04:41 PM2
- I can't stand Obama or Hillary. I'm still voting Edwards in Texas. readmoreoften Sat Feb-23-08 02:40 PM8
- Thought I'd stir things up a bit in GD-P- asdjrocky Sat Feb-23-08 02:24 PM4
- Please Read Tom Rinaldo's thread Catchawave Fri Feb-22-08 09:25 PM0
- Just a bit of light humor here: waiting for h... Fri Feb-22-08 08:18 PM5
- A Couple of Good Resources re: Homelessness and Poverty pamela Fri Feb-22-08 04:39 PM13
- I just have one thing to say! asdjrocky Fri Feb-22-08 01:27 PM3
- I just opened a package containing a dozen Edwards bumper magnets and two large signs Der Blaue Eng... Fri Feb-22-08 12:13 PM8
- Why did John throw in the towel? [View All] Ninga Fri Feb-22-08 11:32 AM61
- I have a question I deleted from LGBTbecause I didn't want it to look bad for Hillary. saracat Fri Feb-22-08 02:27 AM0
- Targeting Target- asdjrocky Thu Feb-21-08 10:16 PM0
- Obama sucks balantz Thu Feb-21-08 06:47 PM4
- We are watching a sure-win slip through our fingers [View All] Horse with no... Thu Feb-21-08 05:14 PM34
- I just can't read GDP anymore. They are driving me away.Maybe DU doesn't saracat Thu Feb-21-08 12:40 PM13
- This is what bothers me about Obama Horse with no... Thu Feb-21-08 12:35 PM14
- An incident at my dry cleaners. saracat Thu Feb-21-08 11:39 AM3
- Take part in my poll balantz Wed Feb-20-08 04:31 PM6
- Did you all see this: Obama, PNAC & Cheney kelligesq Wed Feb-20-08 02:45 PM2
- WINTER SOLDIER: Why testify? The spirit of Winter Soldiers bpeale Wed Feb-20-08 02:14 PM4
- 2009 Proposed Budget Slashes Homeless Funding [View All] pamela Wed Feb-20-08 12:52 PM24
- WINTER SOLDIER: Why testify? Because America Needs It bpeale Wed Feb-20-08 12:39 PM0
- WINTER SOLDIER: Why testify? To confront the truth. bpeale Wed Feb-20-08 12:08 PM0
- WINTER SOLDIER: Why testify? To set the record straight. bpeale Wed Feb-20-08 11:39 AM0
- Another try at classism.... bobbolink Wed Feb-20-08 09:34 AM4
- It sure is looking like Obama. balantz Wed Feb-20-08 12:41 AM0
- My little attempt at humor dropping off the GD.... Catchawave Tue Feb-19-08 10:01 PM2
- Did you all know that the Edwards blog has been pulled? TheGoldenRule Tue Feb-19-08 06:16 PM11
- Very good article about poverty... please read, and please keep on top! bobbolink Tue Feb-19-08 05:57 PM4
- Please give Hissyspit's post some JRE love: waiting for h... Tue Feb-19-08 02:10 PM1
- Something to put a smile on your face Horse with no... Tue Feb-19-08 01:51 PM5
- *************URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW!!! ****************** [View All] bobbolink Tue Feb-19-08 12:20 PM43
- For the first time in many many years, I am on the outside, looking in. I do not feel a part [View All] Ninga Tue Feb-19-08 11:52 AM39
- Edwardians, Check in here [View All] Andrea Mon Feb-18-08 08:59 PM67
- Anyone else a bit disturbed by the Edwards "hugging " Obama picture today? saracat Mon Feb-18-08 08:50 PM16
- Just want to post this only in this forum. saracat Sun Feb-17-08 08:14 PM10
- Stand there and Bleed- asdjrocky Sun Feb-17-08 04:42 PM5
- CAUCUS GOERS kelligesq Sun Feb-17-08 11:50 AM6
- This says it all for me... iris5426 Sat Feb-16-08 01:29 PM6
- GDp: Caucus Me :) Catchawave Sat Feb-16-08 01:15 AM1
- can we give a K&R to this thread... flyarm Fri Feb-15-08 06:07 PM0
- Action on Homelessness and Poverty balantz Fri Feb-15-08 05:58 PM3
- This Edwardian deserves your support! bobbolink Fri Feb-15-08 03:56 PM0
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