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- With all the hate going around....It is going to be hard for me to vote lisainmilo Sun Jan-13-08 10:00 PM7
- Posted in GDP, after waiting for a few days... asdjrocky Sun Jan-13-08 09:40 PM3
- psst just be positive zalinda Sun Jan-13-08 05:47 PM7
- This disturbs me sandyd921 Sun Jan-13-08 04:50 PM4
- Help !!!!!! zalinda Sun Jan-13-08 03:58 PM3
- Edwards Netroots Insurrection sandyd921 Sun Jan-13-08 03:03 PM1
- I don't have much, but I made a $25 contribution to John Edwards Greylyn58 Sun Jan-13-08 01:11 AM8
- My trip to NH, JRE video FogerRox Sat Jan-12-08 09:49 PM1
- Finished My Ad! Cowpunk Sat Jan-12-08 09:47 PM2
- My progress on a grassroots Edwards group---Please, reach out for poor folk! bobbolink Sat Jan-12-08 04:21 PM6
- I just got a response from NBC News re: "fair" coverage of Edwards. huskerlaw Sat Jan-12-08 11:29 AM10
- Today is my birthday Horse with no... Sat Jan-12-08 02:03 AM9
- It's happening. AndyA Fri Jan-11-08 11:36 PM3
- The last time I looked, the O'Donnell Huff Post had 509 comments. Go back and read it again, Ninga Fri Jan-11-08 09:07 PM5
- Vote in straw poll.... onehandle Fri Jan-11-08 08:57 PM2
- I need some advice, Edwards people Cowpunk Fri Jan-11-08 08:32 PM3
- Edwardians are the warriors in the battle for the hearts and minds of the voters. Ninga Fri Jan-11-08 07:05 PM5
- Here's a post everyone should read. I think it is one of the best I've seen AndyA Fri Jan-11-08 05:06 PM2
- Ned Lamont also Endorses Another Candidate [View All] benny05 Fri Jan-11-08 04:03 PM22
- Isn't this odd? The "loser" is tied with Obama saracat Fri Jan-11-08 03:39 PM0
- a request Two Americas Fri Jan-11-08 02:36 PM0
- John Edwards healthcare...why its needed bpeale Fri Jan-11-08 02:13 PM1
- I just heard that my Democratic Gov.Janet Napolitano is going to be endorsing Obama on Tues. saracat Fri Jan-11-08 09:40 AM5
- I encourage everyone who supports Edwards and is also on Kerry's AndyA Fri Jan-11-08 12:22 AM13
- Is this true? Did John say, as Jane Hamsher staes, that is he doesn't do well in SC, he will " saracat Thu Jan-10-08 11:35 PM1
- Trying out my new avatar.... asdjrocky Thu Jan-10-08 05:15 PM7
- Just to make sure you guys see JRE's comments: Catchawave Thu Jan-10-08 03:46 PM2
- Observation about the supporter's groups' forums. onehandle Thu Jan-10-08 01:13 PM8
- And Another Way To Help Edwards: asdjrocky Wed Jan-09-08 11:16 PM1
- I learned something last night - waiting for h... Wed Jan-09-08 10:13 PM3
- More Ways to Help- asdjrocky Wed Jan-09-08 10:04 PM1
- High Hopes! frogmarch Wed Jan-09-08 09:51 PM2
- Group Hug for all DU Edwards supporters! [View All] bobbolink Wed Jan-09-08 08:35 PM29
- Folks--stay strong Horse with no... Wed Jan-09-08 07:31 PM11
- So, poor folk don't vote for Edwards? PLEASE, help me CHANGE that! bobbolink Wed Jan-09-08 07:30 PM17
- vote counting bpeale Wed Jan-09-08 06:09 PM1
- WOO HOO! John said it again: He's in until the convention! AndyA Wed Jan-09-08 05:05 PM8
- Atlanta supporters-- Edwards is asking for volunteers Donnachaidh Wed Jan-09-08 01:05 PM0
- i'm feeling really depressed bpeale Wed Jan-09-08 12:58 PM9
- Any pro-Edwards activity in Missouri? LongTomH Wed Jan-09-08 12:41 PM3
- You know what/ I am not gonna watch the results.I think I will watch a movie saracat Tue Jan-08-08 10:19 PM6
- ***IMPORTANT REMINDER**** EDWARDS DONATIONS ! bobbolink Tue Jan-08-08 10:13 PM10
- Finally got Part 3 posted: asdjrocky Tue Jan-08-08 09:54 PM1
- Link to live results.... Catchawave Tue Jan-08-08 09:21 PM1
- Hey guys, how about some good news !? Catchawave Tue Jan-08-08 08:18 PM3
- Edwards supporters, please do not post any of your fears or negative stuff.It allows the opposition saracat Tue Jan-08-08 07:36 PM9
- My plea for sanity. K+ r please? saracat Tue Jan-08-08 07:27 PM3
- Help Help Help...Skinner yelled at me and this thread needs Edwards love.. Ninga Tue Jan-08-08 06:52 PM2
- Chamber of Commerce Hates Anti-Business Candidates Ms. November Tue Jan-08-08 05:28 PM7
- Anybody have a link to a real time primary result page? Duncan Tue Jan-08-08 03:57 PM4
- Danny Glover endorses John Edwards + Will the Convention be Contested? bpeale Tue Jan-08-08 02:44 PM2
- I'm about done. onehandle Tue Jan-08-08 01:24 PM6
- Vermonters invade New Hampshire for Edwards ! Catchawave Tue Jan-08-08 01:11 PM5
- Some love in GDP? asdjrocky Tue Jan-08-08 11:04 AM5
- Real People Closing For Edwards! Please give it some love! K+ R saracat Tue Jan-08-08 10:05 AM1
- Please alert on this.Apparently it is racist to support John over Obama! saracat Tue Jan-08-08 04:04 AM1
- whoaaaa Two Americas Tue Jan-08-08 02:17 AM0
- Is JE's message "playing in Peoria?" pamela Tue Jan-08-08 01:30 AM3
- I'm supporting John Edwards wavesofeuphor... Mon Jan-07-08 11:47 PM7
- One of the analysts on Hardball thinks Edwards will take 2nd in NH... K Gardner Mon Jan-07-08 11:13 PM5
- Topic subject New Hampshire Primary - Democrats agree with John Edwards on the Issues rodeodance Mon Jan-07-08 10:57 PM2
- Team MSNBC -Joe,Mika, Tweety - are positively glowing and upbeat pushing Obama to beat the band this Ninga Mon Jan-07-08 09:56 PM3
- My message to friends and family sandyd921 Mon Jan-07-08 08:06 PM4
- Back from Iowa! asdjrocky Mon Jan-07-08 05:48 PM12
- JRE can kick Republican butts benny05 Mon Jan-07-08 03:38 PM0
- Being the media zalinda Mon Jan-07-08 03:32 PM0
- Vote -----> onehandle Mon Jan-07-08 12:50 PM0
- Did ya'll see this... lets kick it.. sounds really good to me glowing Mon Jan-07-08 11:21 AM5
- So... I'm Phonebanking for Edwards and NH is tough... just like I thought glowing Mon Jan-07-08 12:46 AM8
- The corporate media blackout of John Edwards gets worse Diamonique Mon Jan-07-08 12:16 AM3
- very, very exciting news Two Americas Sun Jan-06-08 11:30 PM3
- Edwards stories on Google in the last few hours rodeodance Sun Jan-06-08 04:10 PM0
- Edwards on This Week w/GeorgeS (diary w/video) Catchawave Sun Jan-06-08 02:36 PM3
- Norah O'Donnell reports that Iowa polling data shows the poor and union households did not support Ninga Sun Jan-06-08 01:57 PM11
- The question Obama's supporters and campaign cannot answer: AndyA Sun Jan-06-08 11:30 AM2
- NYT has the NH Dem Debate transcript up: Catchawave Sun Jan-06-08 11:27 AM0
- Great diary on JRE skipping Club 100 Dinner Catchawave Sun Jan-06-08 11:03 AM1
- Edwards Rated High By WMUR Instant Response. Thread needs love! saracat Sun Jan-06-08 04:33 AM0
- I just contributed and volunteered on Edwards' website mycritters2 Sat Jan-05-08 11:49 PM10
- EDWARDS SUPPORTERS: Ways to help WIN New Hampshire. Kerry2008 Sat Jan-05-08 10:14 PM1
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