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- Anyone catch JE on Tyra yesterday? dropkickpa Sat Jan-26-08 09:00 PM12
- Hope, Competence, or Confidence Two Americas Sat Jan-26-08 08:36 PM10
- Read this over at Kos: waiting for h... Sat Jan-26-08 03:31 PM1
- How about a Happy Gram (via a friend in CA)....some tidbits to make you smile :) Catchawave Sat Jan-26-08 02:44 PM6
- Man....I got a severe case of "BUTTERFLIES"! lisainmilo Sat Jan-26-08 12:50 PM4
- 12:10 am election day in SC. Data compiled and reduced,being entered Ninga Sat Jan-26-08 12:08 PM6
- My song to Edwards, on the eve of the SC primary- asdjrocky Sat Jan-26-08 10:20 AM2
- Important thread- asdjrocky Sat Jan-26-08 10:00 AM4
- Checking in from SC and the Edwards field office in Charleston Ninga Sat Jan-26-08 09:55 AM15
- Hey guys - can I get some support in this thread I started in GD-P Beaverhausen Sat Jan-26-08 09:52 AM4
- South Carolina Straw Poll up.... Catchawave Fri Jan-25-08 07:35 PM3
- I am really getting pissed at the poll spinners from both the opposition camps and the newbies saracat Fri Jan-25-08 04:45 PM9
- Regarding that *beautiful* letter from MLK III... redqueen Fri Jan-25-08 04:24 PM3
- Let's be the grown-up supporters- asdjrocky Fri Jan-25-08 01:08 PM0
- John is on the Tyra Banks show today Beaverhausen Fri Jan-25-08 12:20 PM2
- Support this DU thread : 8 reasons......... Catchawave Fri Jan-25-08 12:15 PM3
- Nothin could be finah Old Crusoe Fri Jan-25-08 08:29 AM16
- FYI, I am supporting Edwards IndianaGreen Fri Jan-25-08 08:02 AM13
- Edwards is now second in S Carolina over Hilary!!! SeattleGirl Thu Jan-24-08 11:50 PM7
- Wheeee!!! SECOND poll Confirms Edwards' Upper Movement in SC NastyRiffraff Thu Jan-24-08 11:11 PM4
- I just talked to someone at CNN... pamela Thu Jan-24-08 11:08 PM14
- John Edwards - Trial Lawyers and Corporate Lobbyists? waiting for h... Thu Jan-24-08 10:34 PM0
- Native Son: The Movie waiting for h... Thu Jan-24-08 07:06 PM6
- Orwellian_Ghost has a topic goin' Plucketeer Thu Jan-24-08 05:01 PM1
- Hey California! Let's rock! asdjrocky Thu Jan-24-08 03:46 PM8
- Is it happening? Dare I say it? AndyA Thu Jan-24-08 01:51 PM10
- On the ground in Charleston SC working for the Edwards campaign. Ninga Thu Jan-24-08 01:14 AM9
- John Edwards on FISA filibuster smokey nj Thu Jan-24-08 12:48 AM0
- Edwards Closing Gap with Hillary in SC Ms. November Thu Jan-24-08 12:41 AM17
- Does anyone here remember.... lisainmilo Wed Jan-23-08 11:15 PM4
- OK reminder post is up on economist....needs love. lisainmilo Wed Jan-23-08 11:01 PM0
- Fresno Bee endorses John Edwards ! Catchawave Wed Jan-23-08 10:18 PM12
- Edwards-vs-O'Reilly pamela Wed Jan-23-08 09:50 PM1
- Someone in GD posted that Olbermann will interview Edwards today! SeattleGirl Wed Jan-23-08 08:32 PM4
- Does whether or not one trusts John Edwards depend on how one grew up? [View All] smokey nj Wed Jan-23-08 08:28 PM22
- Edwards could win Saturday, don't be surprised.... monmouth Wed Jan-23-08 07:11 PM3
- More letters to write- asdjrocky Wed Jan-23-08 06:42 PM2
- Question I don't dare post in GD Primary: Isn't it equally bigoted to vote saracat Wed Jan-23-08 05:53 PM15
- 4.9 Million people watched the debates last night! lisainmilo Wed Jan-23-08 03:56 PM5
- ugly, ugly, ugly Two Americas Wed Jan-23-08 12:23 PM18
- lame54's new video is fantastic! pamela Wed Jan-23-08 03:27 AM6
- My signs are on the way! lisainmilo Wed Jan-23-08 03:06 AM8
- A sobering example. Plucketeer Wed Jan-23-08 02:40 AM6
- This is what needs to be done zalinda Wed Jan-23-08 01:07 AM4
- "Mudcat" Saunders article.....wanted to make sure you guys see it! Catchawave Wed Jan-23-08 01:04 AM6
- Earlier today, there was a picture of Edwards in front of a MLK mural.... bobbolink Tue Jan-22-08 11:33 PM2
- Stark Difference Between Obama and Edwards on Trade! K + R Please saracat Tue Jan-22-08 08:28 PM1
- Edwards campaign merchandise Der Blaue Eng... Tue Jan-22-08 08:11 PM5
- Last night's debate confirmed I made the right choice in candidates Ishoutandscre... Tue Jan-22-08 07:50 PM3
- What is this crap with all these OP's suddenly saying they are saracat Tue Jan-22-08 07:05 PM11
- crickets Two Americas Tue Jan-22-08 04:01 PM0
- "Sunflowers For Edwards" Catchawave Tue Jan-22-08 03:48 PM6
- MLK III urges JE to stay in the race !!! Catchawave Tue Jan-22-08 03:02 PM4
- Someone posted an article today concerning deregulation lyonn Tue Jan-22-08 02:14 PM2
- More for John Edwards now than ever. [View All] Old Crusoe Tue Jan-22-08 12:37 PM30
- And a very unimportant thread- asdjrocky Tue Jan-22-08 12:11 PM3
- Anyone notice the Obama dodge on Rezko? he acted like it was the barest of association saracat Tue Jan-22-08 10:49 AM3
- Hey you guys -- this might be of some interest... [View All] Old Crusoe Tue Jan-22-08 09:25 AM34
- FYI: JE to appear on Letterman and Tyra Banks this week - schedule Catchawave Tue Jan-22-08 02:29 AM3
- Very important thread Two Americas Tue Jan-22-08 01:03 AM2
- My post needs love guys lisainmilo Tue Jan-22-08 12:28 AM3
- Fabulous Post Debate dKos diary: Catchawave Tue Jan-22-08 12:06 AM0
- Outstanding, outstanding. Edwards did not leave anything on the table. He Ninga Mon Jan-21-08 10:28 PM1
- My trip to Las Vegas last weekend Beaverhausen Mon Jan-21-08 07:47 PM3
- Figured you guys would is Elizabeth Edwards doing? Desertrose Mon Jan-21-08 06:41 PM2
- You know, I have "The Tortoise and The Hare" stuck in my head. SeattleGirl Mon Jan-21-08 05:18 PM10
- I booked my flight to SC, and I am going next week. I don't even know where Ninga Mon Jan-21-08 04:43 PM13
- So... Here I am again PhoneBanking... glowing Mon Jan-21-08 03:58 PM3
- Edwards needs to score big in the debate tonight. He was very good in the last Ninga Mon Jan-21-08 03:35 PM4
- How do you go from a 3-way tie to what we saw today? Horse with no... Mon Jan-21-08 01:52 AM13
- Just posted Nevada trip- asdjrocky Sun Jan-20-08 10:47 PM1
- Found this in GD: link to a great Edwards slideshow! SeattleGirl Sun Jan-20-08 10:42 PM4
- John Edwards to be on Letterman Tuesday night frogmarch Sun Jan-20-08 10:38 PM1
- Hey Edwards people. Old Crusoe Sun Jan-20-08 10:27 PM6
- Looking at a timeline for JRE and came across a debate with him and Cheney 2004 lisainmilo Sun Jan-20-08 07:22 PM0
- Important Question Andrea Sun Jan-20-08 06:19 PM11
- Okay this is scary.Today Patrick Fitzgerald ties Obama to the Rezko scandal, saracat Sun Jan-20-08 04:57 PM19
- After yesterdays ugliness, please join me in sending good wishes to Elizabeth saracat Sun Jan-20-08 04:52 PM1
- "Edwards looks like a winner in S.C." Catchawave Sun Jan-20-08 02:31 PM4
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