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- Bought A Martin This Weekend ProfessorGAC Fri Jun-03-05 06:26 AM8
- If you could "come back" playing any instrument, what would it be? [View All] leftofthedial Fri Jun-03-05 12:57 AM21
- I gotta need for a five-way bat toggle switch. Not a Strat slider. Help? Opposite Reac... Sun May-29-05 11:28 PM2
- Does anybody use Sibelius here? Goldmund Fri May-27-05 02:00 PM0
- Would you play a Betty Page guitar? Blue-Jay Sun May-22-05 01:26 AM6
- What is it? cestpaspossib... Thu May-19-05 12:45 PM2
- Harmonic Minor scale porkrind Tue May-17-05 01:17 AM8
- Live setup for an acoustic guitar? ALago1 Mon May-16-05 07:46 PM9
- Audigy 2 Platinum remote control and Adobe Audition Crab Nebula Sun May-15-05 06:54 AM0
- Check out this animation! Kire Sat May-14-05 04:53 PM2
- the better i play, the worse i play.. toddzilla Mon May-09-05 12:47 PM2
- Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker + L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. = awesome Crab Nebula Sun May-08-05 06:06 AM1
- Sunday night 5-8-05 SHRED Fri May-06-05 10:45 AM3
- Bought A Neat New Toy This Week ProfessorGAC Fri May-06-05 05:57 AM3
- ZOOM MRS1608-CD live recording review. XNASA Wed May-04-05 10:43 AM2
- Les Paul sure was ahead of his time. johnnie Wed May-04-05 05:10 AM1
- Post some pieces you love to play/perform jpgray Sun May-01-05 04:55 PM6
- MP3 players... one_true_lero... Sat Apr-30-05 08:04 PM5
- Cheesy Guitars - Guitars and Basses from behind the Iron Curtain name not need... Sat Apr-23-05 07:19 AM1
- acoustic guitar pickup Crab Nebula Fri Apr-22-05 09:21 PM12
- for all you electronic musicians out there . . . OneBlueSky Fri Apr-22-05 12:27 PM1
- After 10+ years, I'm retiring my NaftaCaster no name no sl... Wed Apr-20-05 06:44 AM2
- John Fahey Tribute mitchum Sat Apr-16-05 11:08 AM0
- Incredible new music production gadget... yibbehobba Sat Apr-16-05 05:57 AM4
- keyboardist - Any insights to an Ensoniq EPS Sampler. Bonhomme Rich... Fri Apr-15-05 10:17 AM14
- what makes a good music store? toddzilla Thu Apr-14-05 02:37 PM19
- Post a pic of your favorite Instrument combo that........... Bonhomme Rich... Thu Apr-14-05 02:34 PM15
- Shameless self-promotion: check out my band's song Goldmund Wed Apr-13-05 11:02 PM1
- What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you at a gig? [View All] Blue-Jay Tue Apr-12-05 07:00 PM31
- Take that you jamband weaklings :) mitchum Tue Apr-12-05 04:50 PM3
- If you were to get one keyboard.................. Bonhomme Rich... Mon Apr-11-05 05:08 PM11
- Feelings about Jay Turser Guitars/Basses? emulatorloo Sat Apr-09-05 10:07 PM2
- does anyone know where I can buy Andecy by Andrew York? banjosareunde... Fri Apr-08-05 11:59 PM0
- If You Were Going to Ship an Electric Guitar ... Crisco Fri Apr-08-05 03:15 PM5
- Okay ... what exactly is wrong with Squier guitars? Pepperbelly Fri Apr-08-05 01:29 PM13
- Best Cheap Electric Bass emulatorloo Fri Apr-08-05 11:35 AM7
- Well, I Bought Another Guitar! ProfessorGAC Thu Apr-07-05 08:43 PM7
- Why is the Musician's Group stagnant? XNASA Thu Apr-07-05 02:29 PM13
- Guitar pickup covers??? SHRED Thu Apr-07-05 09:31 AM5
- Great acoustic guitars for beginners and advanced players RedTail Wolf Thu Apr-07-05 01:47 AM1
- What do I need? Maestro Tue Apr-05-05 10:03 PM9
- Announcing my new business: Hyperion Cables. chaska Tue Apr-05-05 01:39 PM0
- Some things seem to good to be true. XNASA Tue Apr-05-05 12:29 PM4
- The unluckiest band in America.... opiate69 Wed Mar-30-05 06:50 PM1
- Should I take up Saxaphone again? freethought Sun Mar-27-05 04:42 AM5
- Want to get played on my station? enigmatic Fri Mar-25-05 09:01 AM7
- I need musician help... rosebud57 Fri Mar-18-05 03:34 PM5
- I just picked up a Marshal JCM900/1960 4x12 cab ZoCrowes Thu Mar-17-05 03:18 PM7
- Wanna see my rig? TrogL Tue Mar-15-05 01:03 PM6
- Guitarists - - - - This Is Cool Floogeldy Mon Mar-14-05 02:54 PM0
- I've got a gig on the 12th and 13th of March TrogL Mon Mar-14-05 01:58 PM4
- Need someone who can play slide and male vocals for... rosebud57 Fri Mar-11-05 02:39 PM0
- What do you think of the Roland VK-8 or VK-8M TrogL Thu Mar-10-05 04:59 PM3
- Has your setup ever gotten this bad? Neo Thu Mar-10-05 04:52 PM6
- Gill & King together. XNASA Thu Mar-10-05 10:52 AM4
- Anybody heard The Notorious Cherry Bombs? dbt Thu Mar-10-05 06:35 AM2
- Does anyone here know how to play Beck's Loser on guitar? rosebud57 Wed Mar-09-05 01:39 PM7
- On Becoming Too Old To Rock Anymore dbt Tue Mar-08-05 04:13 PM9
- Okay, keyboardists...enlighten me. leftist_rebel... Tue Mar-08-05 12:53 PM19
- What is the origin of this European melodic concert chant? bbernardini Mon Mar-07-05 08:20 AM0
- Any alternate guitar tuning recommendations? Beware the Be... Sat Mar-05-05 06:56 PM17
- Help needed for composing/mixing/recording on a PC progressoid Thu Mar-03-05 10:36 AM2
- Keyboardists: recommend a two-tier stand! bbernardini Mon Feb-28-05 08:48 AM1
- Signing in. [View All] Wat_Tyler Fri Feb-25-05 03:50 PM60
- any serious guitar collectors in here? Check this out nothingshocks... Fri Feb-25-05 03:34 PM1
- Fender Rhodes? (Poll) ronzo Fri Feb-25-05 03:29 PM7
- How many women are in here? [View All] rbnyc Wed Feb-23-05 01:44 PM23
- Has anyone here been "signed" or put our a record on a major? Sterling Tue Feb-22-05 08:56 PM9
- I just got to jam with my son, Too cool! Dr Batsen D B... Sun Feb-20-05 10:14 AM3
- How far from your ideal do you move to be in a band? toddzilla Fri Feb-18-05 11:42 PM5
- I played with professorGAC last weekend. Blue-Jay Tue Feb-15-05 03:36 PM5
- DU Musician's Group Shameless Plug Thread! [View All] Beware the Be... Tue Feb-15-05 02:04 PM36
- I made the plunge. My ZOOM MRS-1608CD is in the mail. XNASA Tue Feb-15-05 11:33 AM15
- Anybody here have a Silvertone 1474 tube-type guitar amp? Opposite Reac... Sat Feb-12-05 08:55 PM3
- Does anyone have the cool edit upgrade to audition? johnnie Sat Feb-12-05 01:35 PM0
- Incredible 'Blast from My Past' made available on XNASA Thu Feb-10-05 12:52 PM0
- Keyboardists, is the optional part of this score too hard to play? Ladyhawk Thu Feb-10-05 12:14 AM6
- Any advice on purchasing a hard-disc multitrack? XNASA Tue Feb-08-05 04:25 PM5
- flame fest warning: twelve string bass LifeDuringWar... Tue Feb-08-05 01:19 PM18
- dead in here.. toddzilla Mon Feb-07-05 03:20 PM4
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