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- Welcome to the DU Homeschooling Group Skinner Admin Mon Nov-15-04 08:11 AM0
- Warning no_hypocrisy Wed Nov-02-11 11:47 AM3
- Policy vim876 Sat Sep-10-11 01:07 AM5
- Here's another resource. Maat Fri Aug-19-11 01:45 AM0
- Who's still homeschooling? Maat Wed Aug-17-11 12:25 PM0
- My client lost her children to child protection. One accusation of "neglect" was no_hypocrisy Mon Aug-08-11 12:26 AM2
- Over in General Discussion... vim876 Thu Aug-04-11 03:54 PM2
- Hiya! Maat Thu May-19-11 09:49 PM4
- Oh wow, I'm a home schooler now clyrc Thu May-19-11 04:42 PM9
- The Kahn Academy mzteris Mon May-02-11 03:16 PM1
- Famous Homeschoolers GoddessOfGuin... Mon May-02-11 03:13 PM13
- Bike-schooling . . . mzteris Mon May-02-11 02:32 PM1
- Will classrooms get to 50+, 60+ kids? mzteris Mon May-02-11 02:30 PM4
- Liberating! JCMach1 Thu Oct-07-10 11:23 PM7
- Where oh where have all the hs'ers gone? (Poll) mzteris Sat Oct-02-10 10:21 PM12
- high school curriculum . . . . anyone? mzteris Thu Sep-23-10 07:29 AM2
- Bravo, Mzteris! GoddessOfGuin... Tue Jun-29-10 06:40 PM3
- Evolved Homeschoolers mzteris Fri Jun-25-10 12:42 AM2
- we lost our precious son in a car accident on May 30 . . . DollyM Fri Jun-25-10 12:41 AM11
- Does anyone get their curriculum from K12 Virtual Academy? KitchenWitch Wed Jun-23-10 05:22 AM6
- Do you know any homeschool kids? mzteris Sat Jun-19-10 09:51 PM3
- Hello. Dinger Here. I Know I'm Not One Of Your Favorites Dinger Tue May-18-10 06:23 PM3
- Has anyone used Verticy Learning? wildeyed Sun Apr-04-10 07:17 PM12
- Anyone familiar with Keystone Highschool curric? n/t mzteris Sun Mar-14-10 01:40 PM3
- Is there a viable alternative to the HSLDA? AspenRose Mon Jan-18-10 10:44 PM4
- Uh-oh, you folks are getting bashed again. Odin2005 Tue Dec-15-09 09:28 AM0
- hi yall - mzteris Mon Nov-02-09 02:56 PM5
- could homeschoolers chip in on this post? mopinko Mon Jun-22-09 10:08 PM0
- do you have a graduating student? DollyM Wed Jun-17-09 07:17 PM1
- Is this the kind of stuff we are missing out on by home schooling our children? DollyM Wed May-27-09 11:33 PM0
- I could use a little help over on the Wisconsin forum . . . DollyM Fri May-08-09 08:59 PM4
- What the heck was this? Maat Sun Apr-26-09 09:35 PM2
- 'Homeschooling is so important elleng Tue Mar-31-09 01:06 PM1
- I am SO SICK of people claiming HSers are all RW Christians. unschooler Mon Mar-30-09 11:08 PM15
- Do you work out side the home? DollyM Sat Mar-21-09 11:13 PM3
- I ever-so-respectfully disagree with the OP here. Maat Thu Mar-19-09 09:43 PM4
- Hi, everyone! It's March 22, 2009 - check in, Homeschoolers! Maat Thu Mar-19-09 08:59 PM8
- How many of you guys are "wealthy"? (Poll) mzteris Fri Mar-13-09 08:50 PM7
- We need to correct these misperceptions. Maat Fri Mar-13-09 08:48 PM10
- Gee, Beloved Daughter (12-1/4) and I spent no less than two weeks on evolution ... Maat Wed Feb-25-09 11:48 PM3
- I am considering homeschooling, where do I begin? KitchenWitch Mon Dec-22-08 10:49 AM6
- Discussing the bailout with my 7-year-old lostnfound Sun Nov-02-08 02:09 AM1
- Get ready for a wave of homeschool-bashing around here deadmessenger... Sat Aug-30-08 11:45 PM1
- Can I vent for a minute? wildeyed Sat Aug-30-08 11:40 PM7
- What you want your kids to learn that isn't taught in most schools. lostnfound Fri Aug-29-08 04:35 AM12
- Asshat ... Maat Tue Aug-26-08 09:24 PM2
- Preschool and First Reader history books from a liberal perspective DesertedRose Tue Aug-26-08 01:46 PM0
- Record keeping? LeftyMom Mon Jun-02-08 10:31 PM1
- so my son went back mzteris Sun May-25-08 12:42 PM4
- We are "practice homeschooling" today in preparation for making the switch next year. wildeyed Mon May-12-08 03:16 AM8
- Ok, so now I am a home-school Mom, and I am confused as heck... dogday Mon May-12-08 03:09 AM4
- Everyone is panicking out here in SoCal ... and there's no reason to be doing so. Maat Fri Mar-14-08 07:28 PM0
- So, we finally went "total homeschool: "... Maat Sun Mar-09-08 11:02 PM4
- Back to hs'ing - mzteris Sun Mar-09-08 11:01 PM1
- Oiks. Here we go again... GoddessOfGuin... Sun Mar-09-08 10:45 PM1
- Project BudBurst GoddessOfGuin... Thu Mar-06-08 01:01 AM1
- Beware of the HSLDA! They are a partisan Republican organization. gully Sat Feb-16-08 10:01 PM3
- Math aids for handwriting-challenged kids? GoddessOfGuin... Tue Feb-05-08 08:43 PM3
- Hateful anti-homeschooling thread in GD right now. kath Fri Jan-25-08 08:03 PM8
- PS vs. HS Social Skills "survey" in EDUCATION mzteris Tue Dec-04-07 01:18 PM0
- Can someone help me put together a lesson plan for a 7th grader, please? Ghost in the ... Wed Oct-17-07 04:52 PM2
- New Homeschool Resource For Tennesseans Who Don't Want Faith Based Program Ghost in the ... Tue Oct-16-07 02:21 AM0
- Does your 4th Grader exhibit language-based learning difficulties? GoddessOfGuin... Mon Aug-27-07 04:49 PM1
- College entrance requirements and non-traditional distribution Ms. Toad Sat Aug-04-07 09:19 PM0
- How tiring is it to homeschool youngish children? wildeyed Tue Jul-24-07 01:53 PM7
- A question for homeschoolers LWolf Sat Jul-21-07 11:43 AM0
- Hi Homeschoolers, need some advice RevolutionSta... Tue Jun-19-07 03:00 PM4
- Just wanted to give a big Congrats to Evan O'Dorney for winning Scripps National Spelling Bee. MiltonF Sun Jun-03-07 01:40 AM0
- Tomatosphere fight4my3sons Thu May-31-07 04:10 PM12
- Open Courseware fight4my3sons Mon May-14-07 07:21 AM2
- Hello Everyone. MiltonF Mon May-14-07 07:09 AM1
- Help - I need an online buddy for my daughter. Maat Sat Apr-28-07 12:31 PM5
- Amazon's Homeschool Store mzteris Wed Apr-25-07 08:30 PM0
- The Great Turtle Race fight4my3sons Sat Apr-14-07 11:18 PM1
- An Inconvenient Truth in the Classroom fight4my3sons Fri Apr-13-07 11:48 PM3
- well, we might be back to homeschool mopinko Wed Apr-11-07 03:47 PM6
- Traditional or Reform Math? fight4my3sons Sat Apr-07-07 05:12 PM5
- Good site for lessons ideas and also to make some extra $ fight4my3sons Sat Mar-03-07 08:37 AM0
- head of hslda mopinko Fri Feb-23-07 10:20 AM2
- How many people know that our own Ava Lowry of ( is homeschooled? mzmolly Fri Feb-16-07 09:16 PM2
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