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- ARRGHHH head hurts. After a drive failure I needed to reinstall CC-3 nadinbrzezins... Wed Dec-29-10 12:54 AM0
- Want a scary game? Amnesia on sale at Steam til New Year's Goldom Mon Dec-27-10 11:17 PM2
- Ah the joy of MAKING some new terrain for miniature gaming nadinbrzezins... Mon Dec-27-10 10:06 PM0
- Happy Winterveil to those who understand what that is lazarus Sat Dec-25-10 06:05 PM0
- OMG MINECRAFT BETA realisticphis... Mon Dec-20-10 06:36 PM0
- Hong Kong Cav... Mon Dec-20-10 11:43 AM0
- I am the proud owner of Fallout: New Vegas [View All] realisticphis... Fri Dec-17-10 01:58 PM23
- U3 on Jimmy Fallon :) whatchamacall... Wed Dec-15-10 10:36 PM6
- Major League Baseball Manager Online - PC - Closed Beta Sign-ups Ohio Joe Wed Dec-15-10 06:12 AM0
- Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan and Christophe debut Uncharted 3 on Jimmy Fallon tonight! whatchamacall... Tue Dec-14-10 01:32 AM0
- Elder Scrolls V, Prototype 2 and Mass Effect 3 announced for holiday '11 at VGA Ohio Joe Mon Dec-13-10 07:40 PM5
- Call of Duty: Black Ops Perfect Ten Fri Dec-10-10 12:38 AM2
- something different: Post your favourite tip or trick for a game lazarus Mon Dec-06-10 12:55 PM5
- My pick for XBLA download of the Christmas season: Pinball FX 2! Systematic Ch... Fri Dec-03-10 11:07 PM0
- Shatter: Breakout Was Never This Much Fun (just a few images) Occulus Fri Dec-03-10 10:57 PM1
- Who is playing Civ V? realisticphis... Fri Dec-03-10 11:23 AM3
- I had a very vivid World of Warcraft dream last night Inchworm Wed Dec-01-10 01:44 AM5
- Gaming parents-how do you work your gaming into your lives as parents? semillama Mon Nov-22-10 04:38 PM7
- I bought Dead Rising 2, available on PS3, Xbox, and PC. [View All] ZombieHorde Fri Nov-19-10 02:08 PM21
- New Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay trailer Hong Kong Cav... Fri Nov-19-10 11:45 AM4
- ANOTHER big WoW patch? backwoodsbob Tue Nov-16-10 04:57 PM0
- Minecrafty (and a bit wordy, too) [View All] Hong Kong Cav... Tue Nov-09-10 12:35 AM32
- Longer Portal 2 video Occulus Sat Nov-06-10 09:53 AM0
- So...I buy Civ 5 in a store... PVnRT Wed Nov-03-10 12:11 AM10
- Jim Raynor is Watching You Fapping Ian David Tue Nov-02-10 11:06 PM1
- PS3 issue lazarus Tue Nov-02-10 12:52 PM0
- Achievements are one of the worst things to ever happen to games realisticphis... Sun Oct-31-10 11:47 AM6
- Okay, so. I installed Steam in Ubuntu 10.04. Occulus Fri Oct-22-10 03:11 PM1
- My GAWD I love the 3 brilliant gamers who make "Extra Credits"! YOY Thu Oct-14-10 11:47 AM1
- Medal of Honor Perfect Ten Tue Oct-12-10 09:44 AM1
- more board gaming stuff lazarus Fri Oct-08-10 02:00 PM0
- I still suck at Starcraft, but I'm starting to suck less. Ian David Mon Oct-04-10 08:30 AM5
- Team Fortress 2 on sale right now on Steam... SidDithers Sat Oct-02-10 07:19 PM0
- Bioshock: Infinite (gameplay video) EarlG Admin Wed Sep-29-10 11:15 AM7
- Board Game Review: Ingenious lazarus Fri Sep-24-10 04:56 PM0
- Hey! Careful, that PS3 controller might explode! Ohio Joe Thu Sep-23-10 05:38 PM0
- Brutal Legend - Demo - PS3 - Review - spoilers Ohio Joe Wed Sep-22-10 09:42 PM5
- Civ V Walk through trailer Ohio Joe Wed Sep-22-10 09:11 PM4
- And once again the anti-video game BS comes alive at DU. YOY Tue Sep-21-10 11:28 PM15
- Gamers make accurate decisions faster than non-gamers, new study finds Hong Kong Cav... Tue Sep-21-10 11:05 PM1
- 5 Insane True Facts About StarCraft: The Professional Sport lazarus Sat Sep-18-10 01:04 PM0
- Lord of the Rings Online - Now free to play Ohio Joe Fri Sep-17-10 01:49 PM1
- Duke Nukem Forever to be released in 2011 - Being developed by 2K Games - PS3/Xbox/PC Ohio Joe Fri Sep-17-10 01:47 PM2
- I'm Number One! Ian David Thu Sep-16-10 04:17 PM4
- Alan Wake realisticphis... Fri Sep-10-10 03:45 PM5
- Brad Pitt to Star in Red Dead Redemption Movie? JonLP24 Fri Sep-10-10 03:26 PM1
- Shank - Demo - PS3 Ohio Joe Fri Sep-03-10 11:52 PM2
- got a new board game for my birthday - Power Grid lazarus Fri Sep-03-10 08:01 PM0
- Mythos - PC - Closed beta sign up Ohio Joe Fri Sep-03-10 06:20 AM0
- Champions Online - Free week of play - 9/1 - 9/7 Ohio Joe Thu Sep-02-10 08:13 AM0
- Red Dead Redemption realisticphis... Mon Aug-30-10 06:15 AM14
- Video Gamers - have you ever been so into a game you pre-ordered it? FormerDittoHe... Mon Aug-23-10 05:56 PM14
- Great game for Xboxers: LIMBO. FormerDittoHe... Fri Aug-20-10 07:58 PM2
- Anyone else frustrated by getting their ass kicked in Starcraft II every day? Ian David Wed Aug-18-10 11:09 PM2
- NPR - Talk of the Nation - Video Games: The 21st Century's Fine Art Frontier (podcast) FormerDittoHe... Tue Aug-17-10 07:11 PM0
- All Your Base Are Belong To Us Ian David Mon Aug-16-10 01:05 AM4
- StarCraft II: Wings of LIberty. A review by HKC. Hong Kong Cav... Mon Aug-16-10 12:41 AM1
- Kmart inventory clearance sale - Wii, 360, PSP all discounted Ohio Joe Fri Aug-13-10 06:01 PM1
- Civ 4 players: Fall From Heaven 2 mod Ignis Mon Aug-09-10 04:44 PM3
- Mass Effect 3 realisticphis... Wed Aug-04-10 07:09 PM5
- Nintendo's failing upwards lazarus Fri Jul-30-10 05:43 PM8
- Star Wars MMO will have space combat [View All] Ignis Fri Jul-30-10 04:28 PM29
- Dragon age is coming...1 week. [View All] YOY Mon Jul-26-10 04:49 PM28
- PC gamers beat XBox gamers [View All] lazarus Mon Jul-26-10 02:38 PM38
- Ruse Occulus Tue Jul-20-10 12:23 PM0
- remember Lemmings? lazarus Wed Jul-14-10 10:13 AM14
- WOW Gamers: should I start a character late at this stage Hawkeye-X Sat Jul-10-10 11:23 PM5
- Blizzard moving to real names for forum posts Ignis Sat Jul-10-10 10:17 AM12
- Just got Batman: Arkham Asylum Mojambo Thu Jul-08-10 11:13 AM3
- Xbox Prostitutes - NSFW Ohio Joe Wed Jul-07-10 02:42 PM10
- RetroN 3 gaming system plays old NES / SNES / Genesis games Ignis Tue Jul-06-10 07:57 PM1
- Yet another rant, this time about Lego Harry Potter realisticphis... Tue Jul-06-10 10:32 AM3
- if any linux gamers care, HackShield (used by Nexon's games & others) doesn't crash in Wine 1.01 eShirl Mon Jul-05-10 01:06 PM1
- She's baaaaack. Hong Kong Cav... Sun Jul-04-10 02:24 PM8
- Does anyone do Wii Fit Plus? wryter2000 Fri Jul-02-10 02:52 PM5
- The Day the Gaming Industry Died lazarus Fri Jul-02-10 11:05 AM7
- anybody play board games? lazarus Fri Jun-25-10 05:14 PM8
- Fallout Online - Beta sign up Ohio Joe Fri Jun-25-10 09:26 AM1
- Vendetta Online RoyGBiv Fri Jun-25-10 04:48 AM0
- If you're one of the millions with an Xbox: don't miss the E3 coverage on Kinect - incredible show. FormerDittoHe... Sun Jun-20-10 06:00 PM3
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