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- Final Fantasy 7 sequel--VIDEOS leftyandproud Thu Jan-06-05 08:47 PM10
- So, I'm in a game of Civ2 lazarus Thu Jan-06-05 12:53 PM1
- Survival Horror Fans: Resident Evil or Silent Hill? (Poll) Downtown Houn... Thu Jan-06-05 11:01 AM7
- The Sim's grandmaster plots... AmandaRuth Mon Jan-03-05 11:02 PM3
- Anyone play Star Wars KOTOR 2 yet? Skinner Admin Mon Jan-03-05 08:08 PM5
- Civ fans: One City Challenge? lazarus Sat Jan-01-05 12:37 PM15
- 'Fess up -- who's spending Christmas Day downloading patches? antiwarwarrio... Fri Dec-31-04 09:09 PM4
- Anyone here Xbox Live with Halo 2? Worst Usernam... Fri Dec-31-04 03:37 PM0
- City of Heroes: Anyone playing/played this? What's the word? I've heard Mayberry Mach... Fri Dec-31-04 10:36 AM2
- New gaming rig Maestro Thu Dec-30-04 11:49 PM3
- I just got Halo on my pc Neoma Tue Dec-28-04 08:20 PM3
- LCD flat panel and gaming? SHRED Tue Dec-28-04 05:30 PM3
- DOOM 3 disappointing. bvar22 Tue Dec-28-04 04:03 PM14
- A Christmas Carol (in Azeroth) 0rganism Tue Dec-28-04 03:52 PM0
- Starcraft/Broodwar players on DU? Anyone still playing? Mayberry Mach... Mon Dec-27-04 10:57 PM5
- "Doom" Writer's Message For Fans Khephra Mon Dec-27-04 08:00 PM7
- What? No WoW fans? fiziwig Mon Dec-27-04 03:37 PM7
- Samus, the day after 7th_Sephiroth Mon Dec-27-04 02:14 PM0
- What were the best Nintendo 64 games? Khephra Fri Dec-24-04 09:53 PM7
- EA Can Now Officially Kiss My Ass Tinman Fri Dec-24-04 10:24 AM8
- I just got Half-Life2. I hate Steam! Gothic Sponge Fri Dec-24-04 10:05 AM7
- MISCHIEF MAKERS!!! 7th_Sephiroth Thu Dec-23-04 08:25 PM7
- Any Final Fantasy fans here? [View All] NEOBuckeye Wed Dec-22-04 05:02 AM48
- Do you ever chat while online gaming? HypnoToad Tue Dec-21-04 05:39 PM2
- anybody played Pikmin 2? lazarus Tue Dec-21-04 06:30 AM5
- New to games - My husband and I just got a Game Cube gollygee Tue Dec-21-04 06:27 AM3
- I am able to game again, guys JohnKleeb Sun Dec-19-04 04:14 AM6
- Half-Life 2 DU Clan SlavesandBull... Sat Dec-18-04 04:54 PM10
- Any Unreal Tournament 2004 players outs there? HypnoToad Thu Dec-16-04 09:11 PM9
- Halo 2 or Half-Life 2? (Poll) PittPoliSci Thu Dec-16-04 09:00 PM5
- Skill level poll................. (Poll) CrownPrinceBa... Wed Dec-15-04 12:18 PM5
- Remember "Space: 1889"? Khephra Tue Dec-14-04 05:58 PM1
- Are any of you all playing Master of Orion 3? ralps Tue Dec-14-04 04:19 AM5
- The Game Preference to Career Flowchart Lithos Mon Dec-13-04 10:00 AM3
- Need a PS/2 recommendation please Lithos Mon Dec-13-04 02:48 AM1
- Anyone else playing StarOcean-Till the End of Time? mourningdove9... Sun Dec-12-04 10:46 PM2
- Where do you buy games from? SHRED Fri Dec-10-04 02:53 AM4
- Any MUDders here? Chovexani Thu Dec-09-04 06:44 PM2
- Is anyone having network problems with Xbox Live? (Halo 2) Worst Usernam... Thu Dec-09-04 11:42 AM0
- Play CCGs (collectible card games)? which ones? NuttyFluffers Wed Dec-08-04 10:56 PM5
- 'Myst IV' Preserves the Magic Dover Mon Dec-06-04 10:58 PM2
- MGS 3 is awesome JohnKleeb Sun Dec-05-04 01:24 AM6
- I play Tekken 5 every day psychopomp Sun Dec-05-04 12:11 AM0
- GTA:SA rhino's suck in this one 7th_Sephiroth Sat Dec-04-04 10:22 AM18
- Lineage2 people here? Neoma Fri Dec-03-04 06:01 PM0
- Suggestions for a DU 'clan' [View All] Endangered Sp... Thu Dec-02-04 10:00 PM20
- Half Life 2 wear Gothic Sponge Thu Dec-02-04 10:49 AM1
- Need help!! (Mideviel: Total War -PC) Streetdoc270 Wed Dec-01-04 10:48 PM2
- Where can I get Snes roms? Guy Fawkes Wed Dec-01-04 05:53 PM5
- Any opinions on the new Vampire PC game? khephra Wed Dec-01-04 03:09 PM2
- I got kicked for my 'handle' : Bush Will Destroy The World Ravenseye Tue Nov-30-04 07:54 PM7
- I translate video games. Ask me anything! [View All] Bonobo Tue Nov-30-04 06:52 PM22
- Question about "Splinter Cell" DoubleDigitIQ Tue Nov-30-04 01:50 PM1
- Two more D&D articles NewJeffCT Mon Nov-29-04 03:19 PM0
- My stats... SHRED Sun Nov-28-04 07:47 PM2
- Lights off... SHRED Sun Nov-28-04 04:59 PM0
- Half Life 2. It's good, but not that great. ZenLefty Sat Nov-27-04 03:58 PM8
- fav. web toons? Streetdoc270 Thu Nov-25-04 12:16 AM3
- OMG! Liberal Crime Squad! 0rganism Wed Nov-24-04 08:52 PM3
- roguelike games 0rganism Wed Nov-24-04 03:57 AM0
- Okay graphic card dorks. I need your help. Chovexani Wed Nov-24-04 01:51 AM6
- Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Killarney Tue Nov-23-04 12:27 PM13
- Article: Controlling Their Own Destiny (game developers) Dover Mon Nov-22-04 11:52 AM0
- Make your own Magic Cards... Endangered Sp... Sun Nov-21-04 09:56 PM0
- damn, who'd have thunk it (spoilers) 7th_Sephiroth Sun Nov-21-04 08:40 PM7
- How D&D has changed the world NewJeffCT Sun Nov-21-04 04:57 PM15
- Star Wars: Battlefront! Players check in Forever Free Sun Nov-21-04 04:35 PM9
- Clump of Soul Ball! Goldom Sun Nov-21-04 03:24 AM0
- Halo 2 plot leaves it wiiiide open for Halo 3. Worst Usernam... Sat Nov-20-04 10:33 PM4
- COD/UO, MOHAA/S/B, MOHPA, (and all other WWII shooter) players check in! Endangered Sp... Fri Nov-19-04 06:03 PM8
- Best Bioware D&D cRPG (Poll) Chovexani Fri Nov-19-04 10:32 AM6
- Has anybody here one of the new redesigned PS2s ? Kellanved Fri Nov-19-04 06:58 AM0
- i got to hit man level with the desert eagle and... (aslo how to hitman) 7th_Sephiroth Fri Nov-19-04 12:36 AM0
- Cheat Codes (warning cheats) 7th_Sephiroth Thu Nov-18-04 06:09 PM11
- Just finished Prince of Persia: Sands of Time lazarus Thu Nov-18-04 05:10 PM2
- Any Everquest 2 Players? Ravenseye Thu Nov-18-04 04:27 PM0
- Has anyone here ever used Wilber_Stool Thu Nov-18-04 10:17 AM0
- am i the only one who can sit and play Rome: Total War for hours? LastKnight Wed Nov-17-04 05:42 PM5
- Pacman: Cutting edge, once again? Worst Usernam... Wed Nov-17-04 01:45 PM0
- Any Elder Scrolls fans? sans qualia Wed Nov-17-04 11:52 AM2
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