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- i am in the transporter room getting my ass kicked by the Knights in DOOM3 sam sarrha Fri Jun-16-06 10:45 PM6
- DU Post Mentioning Online Game that Involves Rape ContraBass Bl... Fri Jun-16-06 07:17 PM3
- The Suffering TTB, i need some help getting out of the Visiting Room.. sam sarrha Wed Jun-14-06 07:33 PM2
- Duke Nukem Forever! Guy Fawkes Wed Jun-14-06 12:41 PM3
- Final Fantasy parody Bleachers7 Mon Jun-12-06 09:03 AM3
- What's your oldest PC gaming memories (in Lounge)? [View All] Mayberry Mach... Sun Jun-11-06 11:43 PM22
- This Months PC Gamer Mag - Anti-Republican Humor Ioo Sun Jun-11-06 02:06 AM1
- Future Nexus releases the Alien Intelligence Brief nadinbrzezins... Wed Jun-07-06 10:49 PM0
- Sony cackles, forbids reselling of PS3 games (Actual article title) Hong Kong Cav... Wed Jun-07-06 01:56 PM17
- Half Life 2 add on (Episode 1) Download TODAY! bvar22 Sat Jun-03-06 06:23 PM6
- Oblivion has arrived. [View All] kgfnally Wed May-31-06 09:45 AM37
- stuck in DOOM3, cant jump over the thing blocking the door way sam sarrha Wed May-31-06 09:43 AM1
- Does anyone still play Tribes? greyhound1966 Mon May-29-06 12:06 PM5
- PS3 Pricing And Release Dates (Better start saving now) Tinman Fri May-26-06 12:31 PM5
- Everquest, Progression(Classic?) server to open soon! Langis Mon May-22-06 11:01 AM2
- Anybody play an RPG that needs a good mapper nadinbrzezins... Thu May-18-06 12:52 PM0
- Anti-Bush Game Idea Meldread Thu May-18-06 12:37 PM2
- Odd places you've been in Halo 2? benEzra Wed May-17-06 09:23 AM1
- Final Fantasy XII Gets March '06 Japan Launch Tinman Mon May-15-06 01:20 AM6
- Which game gave the most enterainment for your buck? [View All] NewHampshireD... Sun May-14-06 10:31 PM31
- For my Flight Sim Player - AbleGamers is giving away some good stuff. Ioo Fri May-12-06 09:04 AM0
- Mac + Games= ? Guy Fawkes Wed May-10-06 02:41 AM2
- WoW meets iPod TheBaldyMan Tue May-09-06 06:35 PM1
- And in the "What the Fu...." department: kgfnally Mon May-08-06 05:13 AM8
- Dark Corners of the Earth (Shadow Over Innsmouth-) Crab Nebula Sat May-06-06 12:25 PM5
- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Questions (PC version) Mayberry Mach... Fri May-05-06 06:37 PM8
- EverQuest, anyone? The Blue Knig... Sat Apr-29-06 05:04 PM10
- Do you subscribe to Computer gaming world? Wcross Wed Apr-26-06 06:51 PM9
- What Did You Play This Weekend? (4/17/06) jayfish Sun Apr-23-06 03:39 AM13
- Anyone ever play the MUD game Swords of Chaos LynneSin Tue Apr-18-06 07:27 AM3
- Site for Disabled Gamers (mine) is up and running - Ioo Fri Apr-14-06 08:22 AM3
- Question/advice Simply Fugue Mon Apr-10-06 02:31 PM9
- Under The Hill: New RPG Campaign Orsino Sun Apr-09-06 08:35 PM0
- All right, I FINALLY finished the Ravenholm level in Half Life 2. [View All] Mayberry Mach... Mon Apr-03-06 07:55 PM27
- A gift for Katamari Damacy fans out there The Witch Mon Apr-03-06 01:31 AM3
- Hey guys. cssmall Thu Mar-23-06 05:27 PM0
- :::sniff::: Is Tabletop Gaming just passe' these days? [View All] Walt Starr Tue Mar-21-06 07:56 PM54
- Who plays warmachine? Homer12 Tue Mar-21-06 07:36 PM0
- Is there any interest in a SW team of COD, or does one exist? n/t greyhound1966 Tue Mar-21-06 01:33 PM7
- Does anyone remember the Activision patches? NewHampshireD... Mon Mar-20-06 09:25 AM1
- Halo 2 erpowers Sun Mar-19-06 12:53 PM4
- Favorite thing to do in FPS games: (Poll) Mayberry Mach... Sat Mar-18-06 08:21 AM15
- i am seriously lost in the bunker in Halo2.. I heard they messed up a lot sam sarrha Fri Mar-17-06 12:00 PM2
- Spore - What looks like it could be the best game ever malmapus Thu Mar-16-06 07:30 PM4
- The Black Mages Atmashine Wed Mar-15-06 09:30 PM0
- Massively Multiplayer Online PAINT [View All] kgfnally Wed Mar-15-06 09:12 PM24
- Clinton, Lieberman propose CDC investigate games Walt Starr Tue Mar-14-06 12:56 PM4
- Dammit the HL2 Platinum Edition doesn't come out until June! StaggerLee Mon Mar-13-06 08:48 AM0
- Shooter game characteristics I'd like to see. Does it exist? (Long) Mayberry Mach... Mon Mar-13-06 08:33 AM19
- I'm playing F.E.A.R. now. It's spooky and cool looking. But it is the Mayberry Mach... Sat Mar-11-06 12:09 PM14
- Sim Fans - Is Sim2 worth it? LynneSin Wed Mar-08-06 10:10 PM1
- Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth semillama Wed Mar-08-06 12:33 PM6
- The Silent Hill film is coming kgfnally Wed Mar-08-06 03:56 AM11
- Half-life 2 fans...look in here... Hong Kong Cav... Tue Mar-07-06 09:01 AM9
- Has anyone played "We Love Katamari?" Zookeeper Sat Mar-04-06 08:12 PM7
- TES: Oblivion Preview from GameSpot NewHampshireD... Wed Mar-01-06 07:58 AM7
- Star Wars: Empire at War malmapus Mon Feb-27-06 08:14 PM13
- Well, well mostly happy with the redesign of the company nadinbrzezins... Sun Feb-26-06 03:16 AM2
- any truth to what that MS exec said about xbox 360 availability? semillama Wed Feb-22-06 04:04 PM1
- Stubbs the Zombie - Rebel without a Pulse TheBaldyMan Mon Feb-20-06 10:27 PM0
- SiN Episodes: Emergence (Mod for HL2 via Steam) Hatalles Mon Feb-20-06 09:30 AM19
- Things that are annoying in First Person Shooters: Mayberry Mach... Sun Feb-19-06 11:48 AM15
- Halo 2 Coming to PC, but there's a catch... Hong Kong Cav... Sun Feb-19-06 10:46 AM9
- BF2 carpooling landdaddy Thu Feb-16-06 12:07 PM0
- A modest proposal, in honor of our illustrious VP 0rganism Thu Feb-16-06 08:43 AM3
- War Rock Beta online (semi lrg pics) landdaddy Wed Feb-15-06 03:50 PM0
- Innovations introduced by various FPS/shooter games: [View All] Mayberry Mach... Wed Feb-15-06 02:41 AM27
- A BF2 Shout Out to landaddy, Bandar & company. Fun times playing Mayberry Mach... Tue Feb-14-06 10:48 AM10
- Funniest Games? [View All] Mayberry Mach... Mon Feb-13-06 01:59 PM25
- I want YOU to go forth in the next couple of days with your DU handle [View All] Twillig Mon Feb-13-06 12:29 AM27
- Lamda Legal gets involved in WoW gay rights issue jumptheshadow Wed Feb-08-06 08:10 PM0
- TeamSpeak server available for DU gamers landdaddy Tue Feb-07-06 10:07 AM11
- Whoa, a gaming group. Atmashine Thu Feb-02-06 11:44 PM4
- GTA & Tomb Raider are finalists in UK design awards TheBaldyMan Thu Feb-02-06 09:47 AM0
- City of LA sue makers of GTA3, this is not a joke TheBaldyMan Tue Jan-31-06 03:05 PM1
- Tell me how much I'll love (or hate) Sims 2 or Civ 4 undisclosedlo... Tue Jan-31-06 02:41 PM7
- Gamers are sometimes their worst enemies nadinbrzezins... Mon Jan-30-06 03:59 PM8
- A kid did something stupid! Quick, blame the video game! ContraBass Bl... Fri Jan-27-06 01:32 PM4
- Best/most memorable weapon from a shooter game? Mayberry Mach... Sun Jan-22-06 02:39 AM16
- Gamer: The Movie Walt Starr Thu Jan-19-06 06:54 PM1
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