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- Well, I'm convinced! mr blur Thu Feb-25-10 11:24 AM10
- Flat Earth loonies mr blur Thu Feb-25-10 03:31 AM2
- The Nostradamus I Knew. one_true_lero... Tue Feb-23-10 09:13 PM0
- Arguing like a religious fanatic. laconicsax Tue Feb-23-10 04:38 PM0
- Stop funding homeopathy, MPs urge LeftishBrit Tue Feb-23-10 03:03 PM2
- Uber big grant NIH visit day was today dropkickpa Mon Feb-22-10 09:58 AM7
- I guess I've been duped by Big Pharma realisticphis... Mon Feb-22-10 09:11 AM11
- 5 Things The Media Loves Pretending Are News PVnRT Sun Feb-21-10 10:41 PM3
- The Electric Universe...again! laconicsax Sun Feb-21-10 03:37 PM14
- Skpeticism, Popular Historical Myths, and the "Dark Ages". Odin2005 Sun Feb-21-10 01:13 PM2
- How many people on DU do you think took high school science? lightningands... Fri Feb-19-10 06:24 PM18
- New series "American Paranormal" on NatGeo channel tonight csziggy Fri Feb-19-10 02:38 PM8
- Christopher Maloney is a Quack. HuckleB Thu Feb-18-10 10:14 PM0
- Kevin Trudeau held in criminal contempt, facing jail time TZ Thu Feb-18-10 01:06 PM4
- LOL, Flouride crackpot pops up in an obesity thread. Odin2005 Wed Feb-17-10 07:54 AM12
- Full Moon "Madhouse" onager Tue Feb-16-10 07:56 AM1
- For the "But whats the harm" of psuedoscience crowd... TZ Sat Feb-13-10 10:24 PM7
- Six logical fallacies that cost you money every day lazarus Sat Feb-13-10 06:37 PM9
- I'm posting my thank you for the hearts here again. [View All] trotsky Sat Feb-13-10 04:20 PM28
- It's been one of those weeks, SSP. HiFructosePro... Sat Feb-13-10 05:01 AM6
- Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey allege conspiracy! SemiCharmedQu... Wed Feb-10-10 04:30 AM9
- Letter from Mark Twain to a Snake Oil Salesman semillama Fri Feb-05-10 11:19 AM4
- From the Buffalo Beast's 50 Worst People of 2009 Warpy Thu Feb-04-10 09:41 PM2
- David Ray Griffin Orrex Thu Feb-04-10 09:05 PM4
- When skepticism leaves town - 'Witch Hunt' on MSNBC onager Tue Feb-02-10 12:08 PM0
- MMR scare doctor 'acted unethically', panel finds Ian David Sat Jan-30-10 01:34 PM7
- Why do groups that consider science an annoyance at best woo me with s... Thu Jan-28-10 10:50 PM8
- 7 Bullshit Police Myths Everyone Believes PVnRT Thu Jan-28-10 12:46 PM15
- Internet argument techniques semillama Wed Jan-27-10 11:27 AM11
- Oh my, I think the Tin-Foilers might be right for once. Odin2005 Tue Jan-26-10 09:30 AM4
- Nerdstock 2009: Christmas for rationalists (BBC) mr blur Mon Jan-25-10 07:13 AM0
- I like this video about open-mindedness. Thought others might as well. redqueen Sat Jan-23-10 06:41 PM1
- FBI profiling = cold reading lazarus Sat Jan-23-10 01:29 PM8
- AARGH. Taking MEDICAL ADVICE from Dr. Phil? TZ Fri Jan-22-10 12:31 PM3
- "Breatharianism": my best friend actually argued the possibilities with me! pink-o Thu Jan-21-10 03:12 PM6
- My grandma died today dropkickpa Tue Jan-19-10 02:35 PM12
- Protest of Boots pharmacy sale of "homeopathic remedies" mr blur Tue Jan-19-10 01:50 PM1
- Well that didn't take long... TZ Tue Jan-19-10 08:37 AM7
- I'm sending visions of rainbows and kittens to the residents of Haiti. beam me up sc... Mon Jan-18-10 03:01 PM6
- Skeptics and Humanist Aid Relief Efforts (SHARE) is accepting disaster-relief donations for Haiti Ian David Sun Jan-17-10 05:08 PM2
- The latest in nutrition woo: The Genotype Diet. Odin2005 Sun Jan-17-10 01:21 PM4
- delete HuckleB Sat Jan-16-10 09:46 PM2
- The Skepchick versus Barbara Loe Fisher HuckleB Fri Jan-15-10 03:18 PM2
- WTF? A documentary on childhood Bipolar Disorder got called "propaganda" on DU. Odin2005 Thu Jan-14-10 09:53 AM18
- Hahahahaha TransitJohn Tue Jan-12-10 10:22 PM18
- Cell phones cause HIGH CHOLESTEROL!!! Odin2005 Tue Jan-12-10 06:01 PM6
- I'm still surprised when I encounter people who reject evolution DavidDvorkin Mon Jan-11-10 07:57 PM16
- This is really what gets me so angry... LeftishBrit Mon Jan-11-10 02:24 PM11
- Which crackpot theory is funnier? (Poll) laconicsax Sun Jan-10-10 12:49 AM19
- LOL, a twoofer flamed me for being "mean". Odin2005 Fri Jan-08-10 04:39 PM0
- Famed Soviet era psychic Alan Chuma Fails to Foresee arrest of his son in Moscow Ian David Fri Jan-08-10 03:49 PM1
- My 3p-3a schedule in the ER allows me to listen to Coast to Coast AM on the drive home Heddi Tue Jan-05-10 01:17 PM15
- Obama getting ready to reveal ET Contact!!! semillama Mon Jan-04-10 02:18 PM5
- Elsewhere on DUer a poster called science a cult. Odin2005 Mon Jan-04-10 02:17 PM19
- The Mayans were wrong - this loony has it all worked out mr blur Sun Jan-03-10 03:06 PM2
- Who's the craziest woo-woo person you've ever run into? [View All] Odin2005 Sun Jan-03-10 04:05 AM24
- A pony, a goat, Big Yak - mr blur Sun Jan-03-10 03:56 AM8
- Cinnamon and honey cure most diseases! lizerdbits Fri Jan-01-10 08:44 PM9
- The drug sides are worse than the disease! TZ Thu Dec-31-09 10:07 AM9
- Dr. Mercola sayz: Baking Soda Cures the Swine Flu! SemiCharmedQu... Mon Dec-28-09 04:22 AM13
- Requiem for the History Channel onager Fri Dec-25-09 10:10 PM6
- The Amazing Randi's amazing global warming denial salvorhardin Thu Dec-24-09 11:41 PM15
- Look at this gem I found at a St Vincent De Paul thrift store. progressoid Thu Dec-24-09 07:05 PM7
- Jenny McCarthy's Son was Never Autistic? Odin2005 Thu Dec-24-09 04:47 PM6
- Season's Greetings, fellow Skeptics mr blur Thu Dec-24-09 02:11 PM13
- Still more qualified than Dr. Phil lizerdbits Sat Dec-19-09 01:15 PM1
- Steorn is back at it, with a gizmo called Orbo charlie Sat Dec-19-09 12:20 PM3
- You know that turbo-woo crap about human concsiousness creating everything thru observation? trotsky Thu Dec-17-09 10:45 AM10
- Sumerians Look On In Confusion As God Creates World mr blur Wed Dec-16-09 03:22 PM3
- Lunar effect crap is going on in LBN and GD DavidDvorkin Sun Dec-13-09 10:53 PM1
- Methinks It Is Like A Weasel charlie Sun Dec-13-09 05:52 PM2
- Age of Autism Abandon Pretence HuckleB Thu Dec-10-09 12:38 PM4
- The world's first protein-infused vodka salvorhardin Thu Dec-10-09 01:38 AM10
- From Otawa Skeptics: Canadian Blood Service promotes blood-type pseudoscience salvorhardin Wed Dec-09-09 02:51 PM9
- Well, now I think I've seen everything on DU. trotsky Tue Dec-08-09 09:43 PM17
- Scientists Create World's Smallest "Snowman" mr blur Tue Dec-08-09 10:51 AM10
- One Quack Group Supporting Another: Airborne Bankrolling Operation Rescue? SemiCharmedQu... Tue Dec-08-09 10:27 AM3
- Roger Ebert on new agers and creationists salvorhardin Sun Dec-06-09 07:28 PM11
- The Perils Of Skepticism charlie Sun Dec-06-09 12:50 PM10
- Whew! I survived another cold, invasive Western medical procedure! [View All] onager Wed Dec-02-09 11:54 PM21
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