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- How come nobody ever goes on about the British prediction about the end of the world? salvorhardin Thu Jul-01-10 06:20 PM18
- It's made out of OIL! And Silly Putty! Are they trying to KILL US!!1!1!! Silent3 Thu Jul-01-10 04:39 PM6
- Lightning and "Touchdown Jesus," AKA the Wrath of Gawdy Orrex Thu Jul-01-10 08:26 AM6
- The Wackadoodle Demographic realisticphis... Wed Jun-30-10 07:02 AM11
- The goddess worshippers won't dig this: "Chimps, Too, Wage War and Annex Rival Territory" friendly_icon... Tue Jun-29-10 09:38 PM19
- Doctors call for total NHS ban on homeopathy LeftishBrit Tue Jun-29-10 01:22 PM4
- Denialism lizerdbits Sat Jun-26-10 02:25 PM2
- Darwinist Porsches! onager Fri Jun-25-10 05:44 PM1
- Jared Diamond's claims about the Greenland Norse are completely wrong? Odin2005 Fri Jun-25-10 03:58 PM3
- Anybody remember the Meeting Room? lazarus Fri Jun-25-10 09:07 AM14
- You Couldn't Make This Up Dept: Denver to Vote on UFO initiative 2 create an E.T. Affairs Commission Ian David Wed Jun-23-10 11:52 PM4
- Joke? Not Joke? realisticphis... Wed Jun-23-10 09:54 PM13
- Bigfoot FOUND! HarveyDarkey Tue Jun-22-10 10:27 AM1
- Fructose doesn't contribute to tooth decay? Odin2005 Tue Jun-22-10 07:49 AM13
- Woo's Favorite Quotes? [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Mon Jun-21-10 05:02 PM37
- I hate you all and I can't wait until you're dead and gone SemiCharmedQu... Mon Jun-21-10 11:41 AM12
- Oh, this is fun lazarus Sat Jun-19-10 03:24 PM14
- I literally am dumbfounded. [View All] sixstrings75 Sat Jun-19-10 09:17 AM24
- I would feel better if the 9/11 conspiracies were true [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Fri Jun-18-10 10:12 PM33
- When exactly did DU become DDU? [View All] trotsky Fri Jun-18-10 01:39 PM27
- I think Michael Shermer just explained Glen Becks' problem on TED LunaSea Fri Jun-18-10 12:49 PM2
- Tip: Never try to reason with a Peak Oil Doomer. Odin2005 Thu Jun-17-10 07:00 PM0
- Oh great... LeftishBrit Thu Jun-17-10 01:54 PM8
- Get your TiVos ready... WhollyHeretic Tue Jun-15-10 07:30 PM3
- Why can people NOT separate out criticism of the Israeli govt [View All] TZ Tue Jun-15-10 02:22 PM76
- Prince Charles opens his mouth again LeftishBrit Tue Jun-15-10 08:41 AM9
- Richard Dawkins Demonstrates Laryngeal Nerve of the Giraffe (warning: some may consider graphic) Ian David Mon Jun-14-10 12:01 PM1
- Why is Animal Planet airing TZ Sun Jun-13-10 04:08 PM5
- The Abiotic Oil quackery has met the Oil Gusher Odin2005 Sat Jun-12-10 01:58 PM0
- The TRUE nature of sek-soo-ality! Silent3 Sat Jun-12-10 01:02 PM3
- Twitter study debunks psychic powers TZ Fri Jun-11-10 09:23 PM7
- OMG, a lifeless planet is a "functioning organism"! [View All] Odin2005 Wed Jun-09-10 03:55 PM27
- The Amateur Scientist Podcast realisticphis... Wed Jun-09-10 11:02 AM2
- Anyone else getting sick of the "it's getting close to 2012" remarks in the oil gusher threads? Odin2005 Mon Jun-07-10 12:15 PM13
- Critical new study the government doesn't want you to hear! SemiCharmedQu... Mon Jun-07-10 12:06 PM4
- Skeptical TV this weekend onager Sun Jun-06-10 07:48 PM2
- oh please... LeftishBrit Sun Jun-06-10 12:33 PM1
- For every vaccine made, Donald Rumsfeld gets a dollar! TZ Fri Jun-04-10 11:40 PM4
- Wakefield's First Try: Before Wakefield said MMR vaccine caused Autism, he blamed it for Chron's Ian David Fri Jun-04-10 07:25 PM7
- Raw Milk and Anti-Government Loons trotsky Fri Jun-04-10 06:10 AM8
- A homeopath explains physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine in 8 minutes of nonsense. laconicsax Thu Jun-03-10 04:02 PM11
- Am I the only one who thinks the Soviet oil-well/nuke story [View All] Codeine Thu Jun-03-10 11:34 AM27
- The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield Orrex Thu Jun-03-10 01:56 AM5
- The Mayans foresaw the Gulf oil spill! DavidDvorkin Tue Jun-01-10 11:31 PM7
- Dumber than dumb - The Assoc. for Biblical Astronomy mr blur Tue Jun-01-10 06:52 PM2
- I have astonishing news realisticphis... Tue Jun-01-10 11:00 AM8
- Why does Mother Earth always sound like the bad poetry of a H.S. English student? SemiCharmedQu... Sun May-30-10 12:24 PM1
- Michael Crichton (nothing to do with that other thread. Honest!) Orrex Sat May-29-10 09:44 PM12
- Let us enjoy the full majesty of your uninformed, ad hoc reckon. laconicsax Fri May-28-10 04:47 PM2
- 8 Health Foods That Are Bad For Your Health lazarus Thu May-27-10 01:20 PM13
- Acupuncturist pricks holes in rape conviction HuckleB Tue May-25-10 09:12 AM0
- WHY CAN'T THEY JUST USE A GIANT SPONGE TO CLEAN UP THE OIL??1!? beam me up sc... Mon May-24-10 09:48 PM16
- Wakefield struck off Medical Register mr blur Mon May-24-10 07:05 PM9
- Did you know that smoking is not really harmful at all? Doctors are just too stupid to figure out SemiCharmedQu... Sun May-23-10 03:46 PM14
- Does anyone know why proponents of New Age/alt-med on DU semillama Sun May-23-10 12:45 PM2
- Kevin Costner's oil centrifuge. drm604 Sun May-23-10 06:58 AM5
- Martin Gardner has died. Codeine Sun May-23-10 01:53 AM2
- So Michael Crichton is now apparantly a scientific expert. TZ Fri May-21-10 02:44 PM3
- I have an anecdote! Take me seriously! laconicsax Fri May-21-10 07:20 AM7
- The light bulb inside your refrigerator can disturb your sleep [View All] DavidDvorkin Thu May-20-10 01:30 PM27
- Wakefield: This is the horse Huffington Post has decided to hitch their wagon to? SemiCharmedQu... Thu May-20-10 06:38 AM9
- Paul Kurtz resigns to spend more time being skeptical with his family Ian David Wed May-19-10 08:09 AM0
- Cracked does psychic hotlines lazarus Tue May-18-10 09:18 PM1
- Ugh. The "Repressed Memory" flamewar is making me ill. [View All] Odin2005 Mon May-17-10 04:57 PM20
- Woman says 3D porno made her pregnant. Husband claims "anything is possible" Ian David Mon May-17-10 04:16 PM3
- "Freeze nukes." Codeine Mon May-17-10 02:50 PM10
- Breatharianism in India lazarus Mon May-17-10 11:44 AM10
- NASA-haters make me sick. Odin2005 Sat May-15-10 01:36 PM16
- Engineers and Philosophy realisticphis... Fri May-14-10 05:16 PM7
- It took me months to remember this guy's nick.... fadedrose Fri May-14-10 05:07 PM7
- Nat Geo: Is it Real--did they cancel this series after 4 episodes? SemiCharmedQu... Fri May-14-10 05:06 PM4
- Skepticism, Science and Pseduoscience in one big package onager Fri May-14-10 01:20 PM9
- Homeopathic Cure-alls! Come and get your Homeopathic Cure-alls! semillama Tue May-11-10 09:18 PM1
- 5 Cheap Magic Tricks Behind Every Psychic realisticphis... Sun May-09-10 12:51 PM10
- I HATE anti-science right-wingers and it's all landed on my doorstep now. LeftishBrit Sun May-09-10 11:11 AM2
- Excellent Tim Minchin performance in Political Videos now muriel_volest... Sat May-08-10 08:23 AM0
- This month's lunacy: Delusions, the Legislature and an implanted microchip mr blur Mon May-03-10 05:00 PM5
- Prince Charles' health charity wound up in the face of fraud LeftishBrit Sat May-01-10 05:13 PM4
- The X-37B has launched-start your conspiracy theories! SemiCharmedQu... Sat May-01-10 01:42 PM2
- Ken "Dr. Dino" Ham on the radio today! onager Sat May-01-10 10:18 AM3
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