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- Irish Minister for Science in Anti-Science Scandal Ian David Tue Sep-14-10 07:58 AM0
- Galileo Was Wrong: First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism Ian David Mon Sep-13-10 01:14 PM0
- She got fired because her "hostile" fetus had a "negative agenda" charlie Sun Sep-12-10 07:14 PM13
- Of mind and matter: David Attenborough meets Richard Dawkins mr blur Sun Sep-12-10 05:15 PM1
- Too much? laconicsax Sun Sep-12-10 02:26 PM3
- Why do I bother? drm604 Sat Sep-11-10 05:12 PM2
- Cracked takes on creationism lazarus Thu Sep-09-10 06:58 PM1
- Cracked needs better fact-checking their articles. laconicsax Tue Sep-07-10 05:17 PM2
- Have you ever heard a practitioner of western medicine refer to "modalities" of treatment? Orrex Tue Sep-07-10 02:53 PM10
- If you could put a stop to one defect in reasoning, what would it be? [View All] laconicsax Tue Sep-07-10 10:01 AM25
- America's $88bn anti-ageing industry: dangerous and with no scientific backing mr blur Sun Sep-05-10 07:06 PM2
- NatGeo today: "The Truth Behind..." marathon onager Sun Sep-05-10 02:18 PM0
- Cracked on Horoscopes lazarus Sat Sep-04-10 02:57 PM1
- Ever hear of Suzette Foster? She claims she was almost totally paralyzes, and healed herself. raccoon Fri Sep-03-10 01:58 PM3
- The History Channel (from Cracked) realisticphis... Fri Sep-03-10 01:01 PM6
- 6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries That Have Totally Been Solved lazarus Fri Sep-03-10 09:07 AM8
- Videos that prove the ELITEs are really REPTILIAN ALIENS !!11!! semillama Fri Sep-03-10 01:43 AM6
- Edmund Adamus blames UK's 'moral wasteland' on equal rights LeftishBrit Wed Sep-01-10 09:34 PM5
- Apparently, someone just discovered Alex Jones realisticphis... Wed Sep-01-10 07:08 AM0
- Tim Minchin's Skeptical Beat Poem "Storm" realisticphis... Tue Aug-31-10 05:19 PM0
- Is anyone else cheering on John Mayer? realisticphis... Tue Aug-31-10 12:38 PM5
- Ghost Train' Hunter Killed by Train in North Carolina HarveyDarkey Mon Aug-30-10 09:47 PM4
- Phil Plaite's new show "Bad Universe" is on right now, Discovery Channel, 10pm est realisticphis... Mon Aug-30-10 08:10 AM2
- What is it with R/T loons wandering into the Science forum and babbling nonsense? laconicsax Sat Aug-28-10 11:59 PM11
- Frustrating news about stem cell research - does anyone here know more? LeftishBrit Fri Aug-27-10 12:09 PM3
- What sites do you all find the best for countering the broad range of woo Adsos Letter Fri Aug-27-10 11:31 AM16
- Scientific fraud scandal in animal psychology LeftishBrit Thu Aug-26-10 07:59 AM7
- A general shout-out to the members of the Skepticism, Science and Pseudoscience Group Adsos Letter Wed Aug-25-10 08:38 PM0
- Michael Specter: The danger of science denial HarveyDarkey Wed Aug-25-10 06:45 PM0
- Chicken pox is a harmless illness and who cares if I get Shingles! [View All] Odin2005 Wed Aug-25-10 05:24 PM22
- What's the harm of alternative medicine? realisticphis... Mon Aug-23-10 01:50 PM12
- Reporting on scientific topics is bad enough [View All] TZ Mon Aug-23-10 07:30 AM21
- GM Food [View All] realisticphis... Fri Aug-20-10 08:04 PM21
- Rapid fossilization of hats debunked HarveyDarkey Wed Aug-18-10 10:48 PM2
- ARRGH! Twoofer BS on the Big Board! Odin2005 Wed Aug-18-10 11:09 AM8
- Introducing: The Periodic Table of Vaccine Rejectionism. laconicsax Tue Aug-17-10 09:14 PM4
- Aw shit, I'm broke and my membership runs out tomorrow! Odin2005 Sun Aug-15-10 09:38 PM7
- I see your peer-reviewed journal and raise you a celebrity gossip magazine! laconicsax Thu Aug-12-10 06:45 PM14
- Saudis hope giant clock will set 'Mecca Time' onager Wed Aug-11-10 11:00 PM2
- Science is just a belief system CreekDog Wed Aug-11-10 10:02 AM5
- The Electric Universe guy is at it again, spouting BS about Martian duststorms in GD. Odin2005 Tue Aug-10-10 03:45 PM7
- Okay, I want the name of a good book on M Theory [View All] hyphenate Mon Aug-09-10 10:30 PM21
- The Steven Gibbs interview on time travel frogmarch Mon Aug-09-10 07:09 AM2
- Jebus Crisco, I hope this is just a bad drug flashback... onager Sun Aug-08-10 07:12 PM2
- Creationist zoo wins 'quality badge' from an educational agency LeftishBrit Sat Aug-07-10 01:51 AM2
- There is rock bottom, then another level of crazy beneath it! Behind the Ae... Thu Aug-05-10 02:58 PM18
- The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense. [View All] TZ Thu Aug-05-10 10:45 AM26
- Carl Sagan Comic realisticphis... Wed Aug-04-10 11:16 PM4
- That Mitchell And Webb Look - Moon Hoax realisticphis... Wed Aug-04-10 05:31 PM0
- Tree Lobsters: "I'm setting up a Woo Offset Fund" beam me up sc... Tue Aug-03-10 08:07 PM2
- Bad Universe salvorhardin Sun Aug-01-10 09:17 AM15
- Pseudo-Linguistic Woo: "Edenics" Odin2005 Sat Jul-31-10 09:40 PM14
- Has anyone seen this new HBO documentary? onager Thu Jul-29-10 11:26 AM4
- Homeopathy & Nutritionists vs Real Science! (Dara O'Briain) mr blur Wed Jul-28-10 11:59 AM3
- The Jenny McCarthy Song realisticphis... Sun Jul-25-10 11:12 AM2
- A "what if" question dmallind Sun Jul-25-10 07:28 AM9
- Funny thing I have noticed about the Eco-Luddites. Odin2005 Thu Jul-22-10 09:28 AM4
- And... back away realisticphis... Thu Jul-22-10 02:41 AM11
- $35/bottle fruit juice! Silent3 Tue Jul-20-10 07:26 AM8
- Carl Sagan: A Universe Not Made For Us Ian David Mon Jul-19-10 11:28 AM1
- zOMG! Plants can think and have feelings! laconicsax Sat Jul-17-10 11:20 AM6
- Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality [View All] laconicsax Sat Jul-17-10 02:32 AM21
- so, we just had an earthquake here in San Diego [View All] lazarus Fri Jul-16-10 09:01 PM21
- XKCD: Dilution Dead_Parrot Wed Jul-14-10 10:32 PM3
- The 6 Most Misguided Causes Ever Made Famous by Celebrities Dr. Strange Wed Jul-14-10 09:25 PM3
- Confirmed: Adam Savage of Mythbusters is a big Skeptic TZ Wed Jul-14-10 12:41 PM4
- The Vaccine Song Ian David Tue Jul-13-10 07:41 PM2
- 8 historic symbols that mean the opposite of what you think TZ Mon Jul-12-10 04:10 PM16
- Bill Nye on Astrology laconicsax Sun Jul-11-10 10:26 PM0
- Did the MMR vaccine cause the Exxon Valdez spill???? laconicsax Sat Jul-10-10 03:05 AM2
- I've been robbed of my right to experience lock-jaw! Deep13 Fri Jul-09-10 10:33 PM12
- The Bad Astronomer on Politics realisticphis... Fri Jul-09-10 10:20 PM0
- Ian David Fri Jul-09-10 04:19 PM0
- Organic Food and the People Who Eat It lazarus Fri Jul-09-10 01:53 PM12
- ScienceBlogs' Pepsigate realisticphis... Fri Jul-09-10 12:41 PM12
- Will anti-vaxers ever be happy? laconicsax Wed Jul-07-10 04:12 PM7
- Important considerations when buying a house... LeftishBrit Wed Jul-07-10 02:45 PM7
- For our British friends on the 4th of July... onager Wed Jul-07-10 09:43 AM10
- Video illustrating the parallels between religious fundamentalists and conspiracy theorists. laconicsax Fri Jul-02-10 09:30 PM3
- Choice loons on the British Parliamentary health committee LeftishBrit Fri Jul-02-10 10:49 AM9
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