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- For the record, I LOVE Killing Joke, but Jaz Coleman has to be the king of the Woos semillama Wed Dec-01-10 04:22 AM1
- Nice cartoon here: semillama Mon Nov-29-10 08:27 AM1
- SMBC on Pop-Science News Articles realisticphis... Mon Nov-29-10 08:14 AM6
- There are four possibilities: precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, experimental design. laconicsax Wed Nov-24-10 06:03 PM4
- This is bizarre LeftishBrit Tue Nov-23-10 09:30 PM9
- In today's mail... laconicsax Tue Nov-23-10 08:29 PM11
- Article accuses "big pharma" of shoving things down our throats. FYI. Deep13 Mon Nov-22-10 01:58 PM6
- I friggin' love TheWraith Fri Nov-19-10 02:50 PM3
- I am Bonnie Offit! HuckleB Fri Nov-19-10 02:13 PM1
- I hit 1,000 sick people with a hammer. ZombieHorde Tue Nov-16-10 01:12 PM4
- Woo-hoo! Real science can be a lot of fun! onager Sun Nov-14-10 08:53 PM8
- An interesting article about one of my FAVOURITE Tory MPs and classic anti-science nuts LeftishBrit Sun Nov-14-10 12:37 PM11
- "The Radium Water Worked Fine Until His Jaw Fell Off" onager Fri Nov-12-10 08:24 PM19
- English Libel Reform HuckleB Thu Nov-11-10 02:21 PM0
- zOMG! A time-traveler was caught on film in 1928! [View All] laconicsax Thu Nov-11-10 12:25 PM22
- "Could it be that the Moon is actually a gigantic spaceship?" [View All] Occulus Thu Nov-11-10 12:39 AM22
- Is the Fundy anti-science mindset from fear of change? Odin2005 Mon Nov-08-10 10:46 PM6
- LOL... Skinner. trotsky Mon Nov-08-10 12:44 PM2
- Is objective news reporting/commentary important to you? TZ Mon Nov-08-10 07:56 AM12
- Damn, a directorship, really? TZ Sat Nov-06-10 12:53 AM9
- Chatbot Wears Down Proponents of Anti-Science Nonsense HuckleB Fri Nov-05-10 09:03 AM4
- EPOXI rendezvous with Comet Hartley 2 coming soon! Watching coverage on NASA TV Ian David Thu Nov-04-10 08:51 AM0
- Cracked lost me on this one lizerdbits Wed Nov-03-10 01:29 AM5
- Immune discovery opens up new line of attack against viruses mr blur Tue Nov-02-10 10:19 PM5
- Find your ideal Alternative Therapy! mr blur Tue Nov-02-10 09:28 AM1
- I guess the Rally to Restore Sanity /Fear forgot to exclude stupidity .. TZ Mon Nov-01-10 11:29 AM5
- My son is autistic. [View All] SheilaT Fri Oct-29-10 06:30 PM21
- Counterfeit homeopathy drugs! Danger! DANGER! HuckleB Fri Oct-29-10 04:54 AM10
- for all the conspiracy theorists out there lazarus Thu Oct-28-10 12:50 PM0
- All I need, right in my backyard.... LeftishBrit Thu Oct-28-10 11:22 AM3
- The Creepy Scientific Explanation Behind Ghost Sightings PVnRT Thu Oct-28-10 01:16 AM3
- When in doubt, shout charlie Mon Oct-25-10 12:23 AM0
- Flu shot today [View All] DavidDvorkin Sun Oct-24-10 05:23 PM21
- Ugh, Methanogens are making me fat! Odin2005 Sun Oct-24-10 12:57 PM0
- Someone explain to me how people TZ Sat Oct-23-10 10:06 PM13
- What's the harm? redux realisticphis... Fri Oct-22-10 02:15 PM4
- Nice site: The History of Vaccines HuckleB Fri Oct-22-10 09:46 AM2
- Are you an anti-acupuncture bigot? laconicsax Thu Oct-21-10 09:18 PM8
- "But I'm immune to rattlesnake venom!" [View All] onager Thu Oct-21-10 10:30 AM21
- XKCD: The Economic Argument Dead_Parrot Wed Oct-20-10 04:04 PM1
- Anybody remember Troy Hurtubise? charlie Wed Oct-20-10 03:52 PM4
- A Handy Alternative Therapy Flowchart semillama Wed Oct-20-10 03:02 PM0
- I'm thinking of doing Halloween as HCFS. Any suggestions on a costume design? laconicsax Wed Oct-20-10 02:52 PM15
- The Anti-Vax Woos have been spamming a lot of BS from Baylock recently. Odin2005 Wed Oct-20-10 02:00 PM11
- Economics of woo realisticphis... Wed Oct-20-10 01:42 PM5
- Biblical Worldview and MATHEMATICS LeftishBrit Tue Oct-19-10 05:20 PM5
- ...and the moronic comments overheard this time. laconicsax Tue Oct-19-10 01:55 PM11
- President Obama to appear on Mythbusters. TZ Tue Oct-19-10 06:52 AM7
- I call BS on all "McDonalds burgers not decomposing" claims. [View All] Odin2005 Mon Oct-18-10 04:27 PM21
- mr blur Mon Oct-18-10 06:13 AM2
- Paranormal State - "The Haunted Piano" onager Sun Oct-17-10 11:16 PM1
- Flowchart: How To Find Your Ideal Alternative Therapy HuckleB Sun Oct-17-10 08:39 PM4
- Another strange site - which links the Chilean mine disaster and rescue with the occult! LeftishBrit Sun Oct-17-10 02:17 AM5
- Today's overheard moronic comments: laconicsax Sat Oct-16-10 08:24 PM4
- On HCFS. laconicsax Sat Oct-16-10 10:28 AM13
- Peak Oil Doomers annoy the shit out of me. Odin2005 Fri Oct-15-10 08:23 AM14
- Vaccine Suit to be Heard by Supreme Court HuckleB Thu Oct-14-10 09:07 AM1
- Our next Monarch on the Enlightenment (he seems to be against it...) LeftishBrit Mon Oct-11-10 10:04 PM9
- Have you come across Crispian Jago's blogspot? LeftishBrit Thu Oct-07-10 02:28 PM3
- Be nice to me. I run CNN. TZ Thu Oct-07-10 08:12 AM13
- New "Bad Universe" tonight at 10 est on the Discovery Channel realisticphis... Wed Oct-06-10 07:54 PM0
- FYI: Interesting pro-science blog site related to GMOs semillama Tue Oct-05-10 02:55 PM2
- Charlatan healer to stay in prison vino Tue Oct-05-10 02:36 PM0
- How does this sound? laconicsax Tue Oct-05-10 05:48 AM3
- Olbermann allegedly over-rode producer and canceled Michael Shermer from show. Ian David Mon Oct-04-10 07:28 AM8
- "She should have seen it coming." onager Mon Oct-04-10 01:37 AM1
- The "Changing" Face of Anti-Vax HuckleB Sat Oct-02-10 01:30 PM1
- Doctor struck off for peddling unproven treatments to MS patients LeftishBrit Fri Oct-01-10 07:22 AM2
- "This is a news website article about a scientific paper" mr blur Wed Sep-29-10 12:54 PM3
- The Onion gives us one for the gold bugs & "kill the beast" types: trotsky Tue Sep-28-10 10:12 AM19
- Mitchell and Webb on the UFO conspiracy. laconicsax Mon Sep-27-10 06:19 PM3
- Calif - 9 Babies Dead of Whooping Cough, Epidemic Spreading onager Mon Sep-27-10 02:39 AM8
- Who says mostly cloudy weather is bad for astronomy? laconicsax Sun Sep-26-10 03:43 PM7
- Forensic Homeopathologist offers police 'alternative' evidence, suspects lizerdbits Fri Sep-24-10 08:29 PM7
- Top Ten Myths of Popular Psychology. mr blur Wed Sep-22-10 09:53 PM6
- 9/11 Truther Memorial WhollyHeretic Wed Sep-22-10 03:30 PM4
- The scaremongering over the genetically modified salmon is pathetic. Odin2005 Wed Sep-22-10 03:13 PM6
- Is Friday "Wacky Woo" Day? HuckleB Sun Sep-19-10 12:32 PM13
- In the Crystal Ball: More Regulation for Psychics onager Sat Sep-18-10 04:13 PM7
- inFact: Vaccine Ingredients Ian David Wed Sep-15-10 12:07 PM0
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