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- Dedicated to the Miss USA contestants Warpy Tue Jul-12-11 06:23 AM2
- That "Ghostly Mirage City" in China Ian David Fri Jul-01-11 01:24 PM2
- We're all vibrations DavidDvorkin Thu Jun-30-11 03:36 PM1
- Reincarnation cocktail [xpost] salvorhardin Thu Jun-30-11 03:24 PM1
- Win Ben Stein's Movie! drm604 Wed Jun-29-11 09:07 PM3
- That fraud Mercola is at it again TZ Tue Jun-28-11 03:11 PM8
- People's superstitions about "contamination" never cease to amaze me. Odin2005 Tue Jun-28-11 09:48 AM1
- WTF!?! CNN interviews psychics about their global economic forecasts. laconicsax Mon Jun-27-11 01:22 AM1
- OMG! WTF? LOL! BBQ :) Heddi Thu Jun-23-11 01:08 PM9
- Who knew that capitalism caused the New Zealand and Japanese earthquakes? friendly_icon... Wed Jun-22-11 12:48 PM7
- How Magic Mushrooms Can Improve Your Life in the Long-Term cleanhippie Tue Jun-21-11 11:35 AM2
- While I was reading I had a thought on the anti-vaxers that really pissed me off. Odin2005 Mon Jun-20-11 12:30 AM4
- Being *happy* for someone that they have an irrational belief? Silent3 Thu Jun-16-11 09:36 PM2
- How to get people to quit homeopathy: laconicsax Thu Jun-16-11 03:42 PM0
- "Best of all, I don't need a prescription. It's homeopathic!" onager Mon Jun-13-11 11:26 AM5
- LOL, skepticism of quack cancer treatments is FASCISM!!! Odin2005 Mon Jun-13-11 10:38 AM1
- Heads up! laconicsax Thu Jun-09-11 02:29 PM10
- Great News! laconicsax Mon Jun-06-11 10:38 AM8
- My experience with telekinesis 40 years ago IDemo Thu Jun-02-11 04:48 AM13
- Dawkins > Nail > Head: Cognitive Toolkit mr blur Wed Jun-01-11 03:35 PM0
- Ten rules for writing New Age Jargon. laconicsax Wed Jun-01-11 02:51 PM14
- Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery. laconicsax Tue May-31-11 09:48 AM1
- How New Age Philosophy works: mr blur Mon May-30-11 04:40 PM3
- "Mankind Has Stopped Evolving." onager Sat May-28-11 09:36 PM17
- Sylvia Browne is really getting on my last nerve. Rozlee Sat May-28-11 09:16 PM6
- Is it even worth going into Health anymore? laconicsax Sat May-28-11 09:10 PM9
- Is SETI another of DU's sacred cows? [View All] laconicsax Sat May-28-11 05:49 PM52
- help keep this group in DU3 lazarus Thu May-26-11 04:46 PM9
- James Randi: "Keep your eyes open and think for yourselves" Ian David Wed May-25-11 07:25 AM4
- "Past-Life Regression"? LOL!!! [View All] Odin2005 Tue May-24-11 07:51 PM31
- Best Daily Mail autism-related headline ever! LeftishBrit Sun May-22-11 03:01 PM1
- History Channel hits looniness trifecta onager Sat May-21-11 09:46 AM1
- "I got the measles vaccine and I still got THREE strains of measles" [View All] TZ Wed May-18-11 10:54 AM22
- Rochester's mystery beast proving to be elusive catch Ian David Wed May-18-11 10:48 AM5
- A Psychic Throw-Down in Norwalk. Why didn't she see it coming? Ian David Tue May-17-11 10:31 AM1
- Is there another term for Cracked addiction? laconicsax Tue May-10-11 11:05 PM6
- 10 Famous Unsolved Mysteries Easily Explained By Science lazarus Tue May-10-11 11:02 PM1
- have you ever caught yourself being a slight bit superstitious for just a second? lazarus Tue May-10-11 08:59 PM18
- OMFG! WTF! James Randi Receiving a blessing at the Cathedral of Santiago! (Dial-up warning) Ian David Fri May-06-11 03:26 PM1
- Is there a term for self-loathing at the species level? semillama Fri May-06-11 08:16 AM13
- Bangalore-based owner turns down Rs 3 lakh offer for fish which has the word Allah on its body Ian David Tue May-03-11 08:22 PM1
- The Cosmic Thunderbolt has struck again. MineralMan Sun May-01-11 03:39 PM1
- Heaven is For Real plcdude Sat Apr-30-11 12:04 PM2
- How did I not know this group existed? MineralMan Sat Apr-30-11 11:00 AM6
- My new favorite woo site. MineralMan Sat Apr-30-11 08:07 AM2
- On how religious right wingers ought to be as far away as possible LeftishBrit Sat Apr-30-11 03:35 AM2
- Question about business ethics as it pertains to pseudoscience Orrex Fri Apr-29-11 07:19 PM6
- The Conspiracy Meme Ian David Fri Apr-29-11 01:18 PM0
- Dr. Oz, snake oil merchant extraordinaire! TZ Fri Apr-29-11 01:40 AM2
- Conflicting woo trotsky Thu Apr-28-11 08:36 PM4
- Dr. Steven Novella writes about his appearance on the "Dr. Woo"... trotsky Wed Apr-27-11 09:48 AM2
- Saw a terrific episode of The Twilight Zone this evening Orrex Mon Apr-25-11 09:39 PM4
- Cracked on "cleansing" lazarus Mon Apr-25-11 10:00 AM0
- LOL, Apparently Obama is the reincarnation of Constantine. Odin2005 Thu Apr-21-11 02:16 PM5
- River Monsters on Discovery Channel TZ Tue Apr-19-11 12:00 PM4
- Hilarious video! laconicsax Sun Apr-17-11 10:02 PM3
- Visage of Ceiling Cat Appears in Iceberg Ian David Sat Apr-16-11 09:59 PM1
- Biting my tongue so hard it bleeds.... Lisa0825 Sat Apr-16-11 01:08 PM6
- Pertussis outbreak you say? In an unvaccinated population? That's impossible! laconicsax Fri Apr-15-11 06:54 AM4
- "Save $100 on your colon cleansing!" EvolveOrConvo... Thu Apr-14-11 10:11 PM2
- "Pandora's Box - A Fable From The Age of Science" onager Wed Apr-13-11 09:42 PM0
- Mothman: The Continuing Saga Ian David Wed Apr-13-11 11:37 AM2
- Did you remeber to stockpile milk? laconicsax Tue Apr-12-11 02:47 PM3
- 6 Baffling Internet Searches for Medical Advice lazarus Sat Apr-09-11 08:00 PM3
- Great XKCD comic today! semillama Sat Apr-09-11 12:23 AM2
- Storm--A Beat Poem Warpy Fri Apr-08-11 03:05 PM4
- So, my daughter's pregnant lazarus Wed Apr-06-11 09:43 PM11
- Guess who got injected full of toxins today. laconicsax Wed Apr-06-11 04:41 PM4
- Animal Studies of Morgellon's Disease jberryhill Wed Apr-06-11 09:14 AM5
- Ghost busted! Ian David Tue Apr-05-11 08:59 PM2
- Damn History Channel again... onager Tue Apr-05-11 09:23 AM5
- "Creation" (movie about Darwin, not Genesis) onager Sat Apr-02-11 04:35 PM2
- James Randi Foundation names the winners of the "pigasus awards" cleanhippie Sat Apr-02-11 10:00 AM4
- You know people are scientifically illiterate... laconicsax Sat Apr-02-11 12:39 AM3
- The 5 Worst Promoters of Nonsense Ian David Fri Apr-01-11 10:37 AM0
- UFOs, UAPs and CRAPs Unidentified aerial phenomena offer a lesson on the residue problem in science Ian David Wed Mar-30-11 05:09 PM0
- Shills of this forum, unite! LeftishBrit Mon Mar-28-11 02:51 PM2
- Miracle! Face of Barry Karr appears on a food item Ian David Fri Mar-25-11 06:45 PM2
- Anonymous Doc laconicsax Thu Mar-24-11 03:47 PM4
- Have you started stockpiling milk yet? Orrex Wed Mar-23-11 03:19 PM15
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