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- I never, ever thought Uwe Boll would be the center of a DU conspiracy theory. Finnfan Sun May-18-08 06:29 PM1
- I figured out why I have health issues: I played with a Ouja board as a child!... [View All] turtlensue Sat May-17-08 09:34 PM23
- Oprah Winfrey: The biggest pop culture woo? turtlensue Sat May-17-08 08:30 PM9
- Now I remember why I don't watch the History Channel. [View All] varkam Sat May-17-08 12:16 PM21
- Company puts faith in spiritual water Finnfan Sat May-17-08 08:50 AM7
- "Childish superstition": Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear mr blur Sat May-17-08 04:25 AM8
- Ex-lecturer threatens to sue former students DuStrange Sat May-17-08 04:03 AM11
- What was that again about pill pushing docs? lizerdbits Thu May-15-08 02:08 PM8
- Skeptical Podcasts realisticphis... Wed May-14-08 03:43 PM7
- "Chemotherapy is a racket" turtlensue Wed May-14-08 12:26 AM12
- The real reason there is a doctor shortage... turtlensue Mon May-12-08 04:37 PM3
- Homeopathic crap now mixed in with scientific remedies at drugstore. Deep13 Mon May-12-08 11:36 AM15
- Academia vs. Private Industry turtlensue Fri May-09-08 09:02 PM2
- What is it with people not being able to read polls? enki23 Fri May-09-08 07:09 PM6
- Simplified Scientific Astrology DuStrange Fri May-09-08 10:23 AM10
- Change your oil -without lifting the hood! semillama Thu May-08-08 04:38 PM1
- Autism linked with parental mental disorders realisticphis... Thu May-08-08 04:00 PM5
- Somebody tried to cold read me. IMModerate Thu May-08-08 02:24 PM7
- WTF is it with Florida? These people are morons! mr blur Wed May-07-08 03:25 PM9
- WTF are woos and woo-woos??? madinmaryland Tue May-06-08 07:08 PM14
- Health really is the "Chicken Little" forum... turtlensue Mon May-05-08 04:48 PM10
- a lot of people believe that the US created the HIV virus to destroy black people turtlensue Sun May-04-08 03:47 PM19
- I'm beginning to wonder if we are losing the war on vaccination. [View All] trotsky Sat May-03-08 04:06 PM45
- The Messiah is about to become homeless. Woo-woos feed his illness. IanDB1 Wed Apr-30-08 08:36 PM2
- Someone's howling in Health about a basic FDA standard Orrex Mon Apr-28-08 09:32 PM7
- Some days, I love Fark IAmJacksSmirk... Mon Apr-28-08 02:34 PM5
- Celebs decry evidence on vitamin pills mr blur Mon Apr-28-08 08:44 AM9
- Anyone familiar with Viewzone Magazine? LeftishBrit Fri Apr-25-08 04:12 PM1
- Should I take a postdoc or a teaching position? Bill McBlueSt... Fri Apr-25-08 09:31 AM7
- Unfortunate news regarding "Expelled". Finnfan Wed Apr-23-08 08:05 PM6
- Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed progressoid Wed Apr-23-08 08:54 AM0
- Hey-- what happened to the magical free energy tube thing from a couple months back? NoodleBoy Tue Apr-22-08 09:04 PM7
- For those interested, Shoemaker's supeona has been quashed. varkam Tue Apr-22-08 06:13 PM7
- Finnfan, salvorhardin, and everyone: what do you think of a Psychology/ Brain Sciences forum? LeftishBrit Mon Apr-21-08 06:36 PM6
- At last! It finally happened Warpy Mon Apr-21-08 09:56 AM10
- The Religious Left Hates Atheists too. NoodleBoy Mon Apr-21-08 02:48 AM7
- Clear your home of negative energy! and your bank account of $600! semillama Mon Apr-21-08 02:46 AM17
- New European law could target woowoos lazarus Mon Apr-21-08 02:39 AM8
- Okay, I know this vid doesn't have anything to do with skeptics or science but beam me up sc... Sun Apr-20-08 06:12 PM4
- Is there anything too stupid? Taking health advice from Rima Laibow and Albert Stubblebine! salvorhardin Sat Apr-19-08 08:36 AM7
- Latest woo-woo crap IanDB1 Fri Apr-18-08 05:28 PM6
- It must be legit: It has the word "science" in the title! [View All] turtlensue Fri Apr-18-08 04:33 PM24
- Teh twoof about Stem Cells!!! turtlensue Fri Apr-18-08 09:11 AM8
- Primaries [View All] realisticphis... Thu Apr-17-08 09:00 PM38
- ah ha ha ha HDTV's are spying on us via the government Heddi Thu Apr-17-08 04:32 PM14
- "Why are you laughing?" Finnfan Thu Apr-17-08 04:31 PM4
- I hate to start a new thread, but could you all do me a favor? Finnfan Wed Apr-16-08 10:21 AM4
- Just when I thought that I'd seen the deepest, darkest pits the woo-woo world had to offer... [View All] IanDB1 Tue Apr-15-08 02:16 PM20
- World ending in 2012! [View All] lizerdbits Tue Apr-15-08 11:22 AM32
- Inspired by realisticphish's thread, I've started this poll in GD:P Finnfan Tue Apr-15-08 10:53 AM10
- Ben Stein's "Expelled" will not be screened in advance for critics. Finnfan Tue Apr-15-08 08:09 AM7
- DU makes CTSTDT turtlensue Tue Apr-15-08 06:44 AM1
- The Best UFO Pictures Ever Taken mr blur Mon Apr-14-08 07:41 PM12
- So I've been reading about "shaman" recently regularguy Mon Apr-14-08 03:05 PM9
- True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society progressoid Sat Apr-12-08 09:45 AM19
- This won't last long, enjoy while you can... onager Sat Apr-12-08 12:06 AM2
- Let's see how long this takes to die in GDP Finnfan Fri Apr-11-08 07:26 PM16
- I've totally sold my soul now! I should just go get my chakra balanced turtlensue Fri Apr-11-08 02:33 PM4
- Get ready for more anti-vax hysteria:Mumps Shots Didn't Fully Protect in 2006 turtlensue Fri Apr-11-08 12:22 PM0
- SA: Reversed Magazines varkam Thu Apr-10-08 09:44 PM7
- Expelled Exposed salvorhardin Thu Apr-10-08 12:45 PM3
- "Toward a Practical Theology of Peer Review" - you have to laugh mr blur Thu Apr-10-08 12:33 PM4
- delete MrMonk Tue Apr-08-08 10:47 AM4
- Here's some LogoBama logos I made for my fellow skeptics... IanDB1 Mon Apr-07-08 02:09 PM2
- See what the Mercury Militia are up to now moggie Sat Apr-05-08 06:56 PM4
- I have proof of a media conspiracy of teh evul vaccine coverup... turtlensue Fri Apr-04-08 11:31 PM8
- OK, how did I miss this? chicagomd Fri Apr-04-08 04:17 PM6
- You'd think that for being 50,000 years old... varkam Thu Apr-03-08 01:45 PM4
- File this under NO DUH:Aromatherapy study shows lemon, lavender cause no physical changes turtlensue Wed Apr-02-08 07:30 PM4
- Homeopathic Donut Water Redneck Socia... Wed Apr-02-08 03:50 PM8
- Morgellons USA realisticphis... Wed Apr-02-08 03:49 PM4
- UFO Popcorn time! ThoughtCrimin... Wed Apr-02-08 09:25 AM10
- So, Nanotechnology... mr blur Tue Apr-01-08 01:40 PM14
- 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 'Ridiculous,' Al qaeda says (Onion) lizerdbits Tue Apr-01-08 11:09 AM0
- Don't Tase Me, Bro! varkam Mon Mar-31-08 11:29 PM7
- Is Florida the dumbest state in the US? mr blur Mon Mar-31-08 04:22 PM8
- Neat... racist woo! "Personology" [View All] trotsky Mon Mar-31-08 04:21 PM26
- The end results of an anti-vax mindset: semillama Mon Mar-31-08 04:15 PM4
- The next time a woo complains about the FDA.. turtlensue Mon Mar-31-08 12:39 PM0
- Heh. Skinner is a bit of a skeptic I think... turtlensue Mon Mar-31-08 07:56 AM4
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