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- Current Skepitcal Inquirer; All UFO issue [View All] edhopper Fri Feb-27-09 02:18 AM44
- Is anyone on Facebook or Myspace or anything like that [View All] Heddi Wed Feb-25-09 06:50 PM21
- Dentistry is a toxic SCAM and toothlessness is natural! semillama Wed Feb-25-09 04:13 PM18
- Hey - what a surprise - an astrologer was WRONG! trotsky Wed Feb-25-09 09:40 AM0
- I knew it! There IS a conspiracy! beam me up sc... Tue Feb-24-09 11:27 PM0
- I grabbed a Reiki pamphlet from a local woo store Orrex Tue Feb-24-09 04:15 PM11
- i love you all Heddi Mon Feb-23-09 01:42 PM5
- OMG, Reductionism, OMG!!! Odin2005 Mon Feb-23-09 07:41 AM3
- We need to sue! onager Mon Feb-23-09 04:50 AM4
- Do you ever look at some of your old threads and wonder wtf? uppityperson Sun Feb-22-09 06:33 PM2
- In need of a vacation? Why not go to Punta Cana? vino Sun Feb-22-09 05:25 PM0
- Courageous man refuses to believe he has cancer lizerdbits Sat Feb-21-09 03:43 PM12
- Was reading a list of mishearings of popular songs... LeftishBrit Sat Feb-21-09 02:43 PM2
- . JI7 Fri Feb-20-09 11:12 PM12
- Listen, we Brits can be just as bonkers as the rest of you! mr blur Thu Feb-19-09 05:22 AM4
- all natural = always healthy! wooty toot toot Heddi Wed Feb-18-09 04:31 PM18
- posthumous diagnosis..... Heddi Wed Feb-18-09 03:42 PM15
- Uh employee orientation today and they made me :gulp:..... Heddi Wed Feb-18-09 10:26 AM6
- Australia eliminates measles cases - except for wandering 'spiritual leader' spreading it muriel_volest... Wed Feb-18-09 12:04 AM12
- Is there any reason not to be vaccinated against cervical cancer? Deep13 Tue Feb-17-09 02:05 PM17
- I just want to know one thing. semillama Tue Feb-17-09 01:17 PM16
- Big Scandal about Big Yak... LeftishBrit Tue Feb-17-09 08:05 AM2
- thanks whoever got me the valentyme heart Heddi Tue Feb-17-09 01:12 AM17
- Woo related to central banking. DavidMS Mon Feb-16-09 11:21 PM6
- Australian woo college uriel1972 Mon Feb-16-09 04:47 PM8
- "Worst Husband," the Woo Connection... onager Mon Feb-16-09 01:39 AM3
- A religious meme that bothers me lately Orrex Sat Feb-14-09 10:41 PM4
- Why is it... TZ Sat Feb-14-09 09:50 PM12
- So what age is appropriate? [View All] varkam Sat Feb-14-09 09:46 AM33
- Dr. Andrew Wakefield named "Worst Person in the World" on KO - 2.10 varkam Fri Feb-13-09 05:26 PM4
- Note to self conscious evo... Thu Feb-12-09 11:43 PM3
- Where the hell is Big Yak? moggie Thu Feb-12-09 12:53 PM3
- Happy Darwin Day everyone! dropkickpa Thu Feb-12-09 12:17 PM1
- Urine injection kills Bolivian woman vino Wed Feb-11-09 08:21 PM5
- I am so cynical and such a skeptic Heddi Tue Feb-10-09 01:08 PM19
- My wife went to a lactation consultant yesterday. semillama Tue Feb-10-09 01:02 PM11
- I wonder if groups like GR, AoA, and NVIC will defend Wakefield. varkam Tue Feb-10-09 11:34 AM6
- Hey did you miss me [View All] Heddi Mon Feb-09-09 02:57 PM26
- Has MMR vaccine uptake in the UK dropped from 93% to 75%; only 50% in London? salvorhardin Fri Feb-06-09 02:40 PM7
- Here's some Thailand pictures that are fun. Dialup/boring warning ha ha Heddi Thu Feb-05-09 10:31 AM15
- These are very cool, though I'm pretty certain that aliens weren't involved mr blur Wed Feb-04-09 09:35 AM3
- When I dismissed a ceremony to purge the White House of evil spirits DavidDvorkin Wed Feb-04-09 08:05 AM17
- Hi all. I just found this group [View All] uppityperson Wed Feb-04-09 12:18 AM26
- Look its a bird its a plane its a UFO oh wait.... turtlensue Tue Feb-03-09 05:50 PM6
- Worthy of a repost from the Lounge dawgmom Tue Feb-03-09 02:12 PM6
- WTF is it with anti-vaxers and Bob Dylan avatars? varkam Tue Feb-03-09 01:30 PM15
- DNA question [View All] cosmik debris Tue Feb-03-09 05:42 AM21
- News World news Religion Attenborough reveals creationist hate mail for not crediting God mr blur Sat Jan-31-09 04:09 AM6
- More feeling like you're doing something when you're actually doing nothing. NoodleBoy Sat Jan-31-09 01:50 AM13
- "Zits" on the 2012 fears WoodrowFan Wed Jan-28-09 01:42 PM6
- Evil Swiss Geniuses Bent on Activating Doomsday Machine Nevernose Wed Jan-28-09 01:28 PM3
- I just read that... [View All] varkam Wed Jan-28-09 12:28 PM26
- Just curious about a term. LeftishBrit Sun Jan-25-09 05:32 PM8
- Ring Bell For Psychic Ian David Sat Jan-24-09 10:13 AM2
- "We shall restore science to its rightful place" turtlensue Wed Jan-21-09 09:54 AM5
- Jeremy Piven suffering from mercury poisoning turtlensue Sun Jan-18-09 11:36 AM16
- Someone remind me why I waste time? Each and every time, the person moc Sat Jan-17-09 01:04 PM14
- Check in here if you wouldn't have known that Odin2005 is autistic if he hadn't told you Orrex Fri Jan-16-09 10:07 PM15
- Why the fear of medicine? [View All] Heddi Fri Jan-16-09 08:58 AM48
- I would like to give props to AspieGrrl turtlensue Fri Jan-16-09 07:17 AM9
- Just for fun...and just a little mocking... SpookyCat Tue Jan-13-09 10:52 PM6
- You know what I think when I read... varkam Tue Jan-13-09 11:53 AM5
- Acupuncture Correspondence Course in 31 Lessons - The Five Dragons Acupuncture College Orrex Tue Jan-13-09 11:50 AM5
- Sinuses and food irritants. Deep13 Tue Jan-13-09 11:27 AM7
- California Psychic Radio ads edhopper Tue Jan-13-09 04:08 AM4
- GREAT find from Nomad1776 Warpy Tue Jan-13-09 04:07 AM2
- damnit. seriously. damnit. NoodleBoy Mon Jan-12-09 06:03 PM6
- Oh fuck, since when was Deepak Chopra an "expert on human consciousness"? Odin2005 Sat Jan-10-09 11:23 PM11
- Powerful Rest and Fluids Industry Influencing Doctors' Treatment of Colds lizerdbits Fri Jan-09-09 01:53 PM1
- Can we talk about the fact that Scientologists don't believe in drugs in here? Finnfan Wed Jan-07-09 06:52 AM12
- So I'm serving on a jury Orrex Tue Jan-06-09 11:47 AM11
- Hippies revolt over wireless network voodoo (actual headline) semillama Mon Jan-05-09 04:41 AM5
- Amateur scientists scare me..... [View All] turtlensue Sat Jan-03-09 04:08 PM21
- Are D.O.s real doctors? Deep13 Thu Jan-01-09 10:55 AM4
- "Knowing" you are going to die (kinda long) [View All] lizerdbits Wed Dec-31-08 01:18 PM40
- So, Obama could be a Vaccine Woo? mr blur Tue Dec-30-08 11:49 AM8
- We just picked up a new baby reference book for our upcoming family addition semillama Tue Dec-30-08 08:37 AM4
- Miles O'Brien let go because of the UFO segments he did on CNN [View All] fadedrose Sun Dec-28-08 10:09 AM39
- This is cool - 6 Insane Discoveries That Science Can't Explain Heddi Fri Dec-26-08 01:23 PM11
- Anti vaxers on "This American Life" today lizerdbits Thu Dec-25-08 09:05 PM14
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