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- A certain thread reminds me of why I think Lynn Margulis is a crank. Odin2005 Mon May-25-09 04:28 PM4
- Anyone here have thoughts on The China Study? Goblinmonger Mon May-25-09 03:12 PM6
- "But it doesn't hurt anybody." onager Mon May-25-09 08:21 AM1
- Self Moderating [View All] realisticphis... Sun May-24-09 02:49 PM25
- Was the concept of Indigo Children a Rip-Off From China? bluedawg12 Sun May-24-09 02:49 PM13
- Meet Ida mr blur Sun May-24-09 11:19 AM9
- DU poster: "Voodoo killed members of my family" Odin2005 Sat May-23-09 04:08 PM2
- Another sad and despicable autism tale skepticscott Sat May-23-09 11:51 AM17
- A must for female paleontologists mr blur Fri May-22-09 01:08 PM2
- The Science News Cycle MrMonk Thu May-21-09 10:30 PM10
- Was Chuck Yeager the First to Break the Sound Barrier? Ian David Wed May-20-09 01:07 PM2
- GRRR!!! I hate reasonable DUers pushing fallacious arguments. [View All] Odin2005 Wed May-20-09 10:10 AM37
- An Anti-Fed crackpot is shilling his book in GD. Odin2005 Mon May-18-09 10:30 PM0
- 3 Good Reasons (and 1 Bad One) Why I Don't Buy Into Your Conspiracy Theories progressoid Mon May-18-09 10:05 AM0
- From my state: "Sleepy Eye family would defy court order requiring chemo" trotsky Mon May-18-09 08:40 AM17
- Dawkins on Young Earth Creationists mr blur Sun May-17-09 01:03 AM1
- Well, lots of 'excitement' about Farmer's 911 book, I see. mr blur Sun May-17-09 12:48 AM1
- Anyone here see the big GD thread on the horror of capitallism? Silent3 Sat May-16-09 11:01 PM12
- Work dreams, or rather, nightmares [View All] uppityperson Fri May-15-09 07:04 AM26
- More fun from MDC semillama Thu May-14-09 12:46 PM7
- Hello from the very center of evul western medicine----Mayo Clinic! TZ Thu May-14-09 09:35 AM5
- Who are you calling a swine? mr blur Wed May-13-09 04:30 PM11
- Loonies discuss Obama's people's Photoshop faking skills mr blur Wed May-13-09 12:06 AM3
- Ebony and Ivory, Together in perfect harmony uriel1972 Tue May-12-09 04:19 PM1
- I have apparently touched a nerve semillama Mon May-11-09 11:20 PM8
- Why are woos allowed to advertise potentially dangerous treatments EvolveOrConvo... Mon May-11-09 06:46 PM12
- Oh man...this is dangerous. Evoman Mon May-11-09 12:15 AM6
- Cannabis Cure realisticphis... Sat May-09-09 04:05 PM6
- Shakespeare says: "Suck on THAT, woos!" onager Wed May-06-09 10:02 AM11
- Shadow Government Getting Too Large to Meet in Marriott Conference Room B lizerdbits Tue May-05-09 05:12 PM1
- Just came from Barnes & Noble Orrex Tue May-05-09 03:04 PM11
- Quack remedies spread by virtue of being useless TZ Mon May-04-09 11:00 AM1
- "Swine flu and hype - a media illness" - Ben Goldacre mr blur Sun May-03-09 08:59 PM14
- An extremely paranoid post in GD realisticphis... Sun May-03-09 07:19 PM9
- Finally! An email I can forward! onager Sun May-03-09 05:12 PM0
- VITAMINS ARE NEVER DANGEROUS EVER not ever ever ever Heddi Sun May-03-09 11:40 AM12
- The Australian antivax movement takes its toll Ian David Sat May-02-09 01:55 PM8
- I have a question about Swine Flu and I hope y'all can help a girl out [View All] Heddi Fri May-01-09 10:52 PM21
- The Huffington Post delves deeper into the woo onager Fri May-01-09 02:38 PM4
- Artificial sweeteners... opinions? [View All] TheWraith Thu Apr-30-09 07:41 AM21
- So, I posted a link to someone who gets CDC updates on swine flu [View All] GoneOffShore Wed Apr-29-09 09:15 AM22
- Summertime camps boom: The 'Godless alternative' for non-believers. Ian David Wed Apr-29-09 07:04 AM0
- The Swine Flu is already sending the woo woos into a tizzy. [View All] Odin2005 Tue Apr-28-09 02:23 PM25
- I definitely opened up a big can of worms in GD Silent3 Tue Apr-28-09 11:13 AM4
- What the hell is "Qi"? [View All] EvolveOrConvo... Mon Apr-27-09 05:54 PM31
- Ideas wanted for brain experiements (Brian Dunning want to experiment on your brain!) Ian David Mon Apr-27-09 03:42 PM0
- Great Moments in Medicine: The Heart is not a pump. bluedawg12 Sun Apr-26-09 10:45 PM8
- Live Long, And Prosper mr blur Sun Apr-26-09 02:09 PM9
- Help beat depression with a MAGNET. bluedawg12 Sun Apr-26-09 01:55 PM14
- "She has come into this body as an Ascended Master." bluedawg12 Sun Apr-26-09 12:59 AM9
- Another shameless uselss plug for (piggy) vaccines by big Pharm. bluedawg12 Sun Apr-26-09 12:59 AM11
- A local God-Channel just ran a program about alternative health Orrex Sat Apr-25-09 05:13 PM14
- I have a magic Qi pillow, I'm selling. bluedawg12 Sat Apr-25-09 09:13 AM4
- For our newer members of the group: butt candles... [View All] TZ Thu Apr-23-09 11:39 PM22
- Anyone catch Sit Down, Shut Up last night? semillama Wed Apr-22-09 03:07 PM5
- I must have been sleeping that day in my history of science class [View All] TZ Tue Apr-21-09 10:28 PM22
- Dupe TZ Tue Apr-21-09 09:31 PM3
- Measles outbreak in DC area TZ Tue Apr-21-09 09:28 PM4
- Great Australian advert for Flu shots mr blur Tue Apr-21-09 10:32 AM3
- Birth is a natural process and therefore its safe! TZ Tue Apr-21-09 12:08 AM12
- Oh my good sweet lord. I just have to share this ridiculousness with my pals. TOTALLY NOT skeptic Heddi Mon Apr-20-09 11:58 PM16
- OMG WTF LOL!!! This is SO REAL! OrbeS HATE TAXES Heddi Mon Apr-20-09 02:29 AM8
- 10,000 Skeptical Posts realisticphis... Sun Apr-19-09 11:54 PM13
- Test Your "Woo-Woo" Factor [View All] bluedawg12 Sat Apr-18-09 07:36 PM47
- Seeking Psychics: Consumers Look to Outside Help for Financial Advice onager Fri Apr-17-09 02:46 PM7
- I joined a vegan commune today! bluedawg12 Fri Apr-17-09 07:04 AM5
- I think I've found the health profession more hated and misunderstood than MD's [View All] TZ Fri Apr-17-09 06:52 AM28
- The Royal Society is no match for these three Pale Blue Dot Wed Apr-15-09 11:52 PM11
- Pre-born Psychic Offers Fertility Advice! onager Wed Apr-15-09 08:59 PM6
- Intelligent Design Proof GoneOffShore Wed Apr-15-09 06:10 PM2
- An insight into my head Heddi Wed Apr-15-09 01:37 AM4
- Open-mindedness WhollyHeretic Tue Apr-14-09 12:31 PM5
- How prevalent is Therapeutic Touch in nursing schools? immoderate Mon Apr-13-09 02:15 PM10
- Positively Misguided: The Myths and Mistakes of the Positive Thinking Movement Pale Blue Dot Mon Apr-13-09 12:02 PM17
- Big pharma shill doctor insists sinus infections are caused by "germs." [View All] Deep13 Sun Apr-12-09 02:09 AM24
- 98% Of Babies Manic-Depressive bluedawg12 Sat Apr-11-09 09:03 AM8
- I can't believe these "scientific" studies are so closed minded. progressoid Sat Apr-11-09 07:12 AM18
- Homeopathy is full of shit Ian David Fri Apr-10-09 11:07 AM5
- "a crystal oscillator sits at the core...resonate with the frequencies of the human energy system" uppityperson Thu Apr-09-09 11:46 PM2
- Guffaw. Water's freezing pattern related to human thoughts prior to its freezing Heddi Thu Apr-09-09 09:56 AM7
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