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- How does your garden grow? (lots o' pics) [View All] wildeyed Thu Jul-31-08 07:23 AM20
- Scarecrow pictures? [View All] uppityperson Wed Jul-30-08 09:49 PM36
- Can I grow wild roses from rose hips? paxmusa Wed Jul-30-08 06:12 AM3
- How do you get new tomato plants from cuttings? EstimatedProp... Wed Jul-30-08 12:23 AM12
- We got bananas conscious evo... Tue Jul-29-08 07:59 PM11
- Almost every Early Girl I've picked so far has a split top bearfan454 Tue Jul-29-08 06:17 PM7
- I'll be making salsa Sunday morning. bearfan454 Mon Jul-28-08 12:47 PM3
- Favorite pickling recipes? Opposite Reac... Sun Jul-27-08 06:10 PM2
- LMAO! Great garden sculpture Lisa0825 Sat Jul-26-08 04:01 PM4
- Can anyone identify these cukes? Opposite Reac... Sat Jul-26-08 09:31 AM8
- The Return Of A Lost Jersey Tomato Dover Fri Jul-25-08 04:39 PM1
- Help! Should I put my tomatoes in the ground? grasswire Thu Jul-24-08 01:45 AM10
- This week's harvest EstimatedProp... Wed Jul-23-08 04:10 PM3
- Anybody growing palms in a not-so-tropical climate? Karl_Bonner_1... Wed Jul-23-08 08:28 AM6
- We've got honeybees LiberalEsto Wed Jul-23-08 05:30 AM3
- Anyone ever grow Marmota? amerikat Tue Jul-22-08 08:37 PM16
- Peas are the chickens of the vegetable world. uppityperson Tue Jul-22-08 08:32 PM3
- x-post from C&B - First zucchini bread of the season! hippywife Tue Jul-22-08 06:19 PM2
- Has anyone experienced a second wind with their bell peppers? madeline_con Tue Jul-22-08 01:18 PM6
- You know it is really summer when you are vaguely sick of heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil. wildeyed Mon Jul-21-08 08:55 PM2
- What's the weirdest thing you're growing? [View All] Bonobo Sun Jul-20-08 09:06 PM26
- Question - I took some sweet potato nubs (slips) and stuck them in dirt Dover Sun Jul-20-08 08:02 PM0
- Where is everybody???? In the garden, I'll bet! Just picked some Raven Sun Jul-20-08 04:13 PM3
- Beans! LiberalEsto Sat Jul-19-08 07:46 PM7
- I need some advice. ulysses Sat Jul-19-08 05:55 AM2
- New garden mascot [View All] Lisa0825 Fri Jul-18-08 01:07 PM20
- My biggest morning harvest! (So far.) asdjrocky Fri Jul-18-08 03:54 AM14
- My new favorite tomato...The Black Krim ! (Photos) [View All] bvar22 Thu Jul-17-08 09:37 PM26
- test amerikat Thu Jul-17-08 05:44 PM0
- Dealing with Tomato Hornworms. bvar22 Thu Jul-17-08 03:44 PM19
- babylonsister....... Gato Moteado Thu Jul-17-08 03:41 PM4
- I am embarrassed. I can't tell if my potato plants have come up or Raven Thu Jul-17-08 02:22 PM6
- I thought our "hot pepper" was a failure after I just nibbled the tip, but... Bonobo Thu Jul-17-08 09:56 AM2
- My Garden Has Gone Nuts RedLetterRev Thu Jul-17-08 09:10 AM8
- My enemy... asdjrocky Thu Jul-17-08 08:07 AM14
- Black blobs underneath basil leaves lizerdbits Wed Jul-16-08 07:51 PM6
- How do you get peppers to turn red? EstimatedProp... Wed Jul-16-08 08:09 AM11
- I ordered ladybugs EstimatedProp... Tue Jul-15-08 10:52 PM11
- There are new babies in the garden! hippywife Tue Jul-15-08 06:47 PM10
- I GOT A TOMATO! EstimatedProp... Tue Jul-15-08 03:16 PM7
- Why don't people have chinaberry trees in their yards any more? raccoon Tue Jul-15-08 02:57 PM1
- Great informative site for Avocado growing. Lisa0825 Mon Jul-14-08 06:43 PM2
- Does anyone know what this is -- OhioBlues Mon Jul-14-08 12:45 PM18
- Too bad we can't eat weeds... I'd never starve. Kittycat Mon Jul-14-08 09:33 AM9
- What to do? A little advice needed Inchworm Sun Jul-13-08 09:53 AM12
- Just made my first batch of fresh pesto - yum :) pirhana Sun Jul-13-08 07:39 AM4
- As we indulged in delicious sweet potato & walnut pancakes this morning, I pondered Dover Sat Jul-12-08 08:57 PM11
- Is it too late? dgibby Sat Jul-12-08 07:19 PM4
- I hate to brag but.... (pix) K8-EEE Sat Jul-12-08 05:32 PM5
- All hail my sandwich! K8-EEE Sat Jul-12-08 04:54 PM16
- My first watermelon! asdjrocky Sat Jul-12-08 01:32 AM11
- Why do you garden? [View All] hippywife Fri Jul-11-08 09:17 PM24
- Who here is in Zone 5b? Bonobo Fri Jul-11-08 04:46 PM3
- Seeing a dramatic decline in bumblebees and other flying insects in my area [View All] dogindia Fri Jul-11-08 03:33 PM20
- Finally! asdjrocky Fri Jul-11-08 02:26 PM5
- Cutting Out the Middlemen, Shoppers Buy Slices of Farms Dover Thu Jul-10-08 06:06 PM1
- I am building a flower bed around a tree. I need to mathematically figure out how far from the tree... patricia92243 Thu Jul-10-08 04:54 PM5
- Guerilla Gardening Dover Wed Jul-09-08 10:06 PM2
- Books for Vegetable Growers RedEarth Wed Jul-09-08 05:26 PM1
- Guess who's coming to dinner K8-EEE Wed Jul-09-08 02:18 PM4
- Question from Mrs R about cucumbers: Redstone Tue Jul-08-08 08:39 PM14
- Better luck next time Lisa0825 Tue Jul-08-08 08:28 PM13
- Our entire back yard is underwater. knitter4democ... Tue Jul-08-08 04:39 PM14
- California Wonder bell pepper: Do we wait until they turn from green to red to pick? Opposite Reac... Tue Jul-08-08 01:33 PM8
- Anyone growing mushrooms? progressoid Tue Jul-08-08 08:22 AM6
- Did anyone else here grow up in a family that rarely had fresh veggies? Lisa0825 Mon Jul-07-08 05:09 PM5
- My Fourth of July- asdjrocky Sun Jul-06-08 03:55 PM5
- It's tomato and pepper time in Central Tx bearfan454 Sun Jul-06-08 03:14 PM2
- Please, someone help me kill spider mites! flying_wahini Sun Jul-06-08 12:41 PM4
- Weeds, weeds, weeds, weeds,weeds,weeds, weeds, weeds, Raven Sun Jul-06-08 12:19 PM5
- I got an early Brandywine! wildeyed Sun Jul-06-08 08:24 AM1
- Finally something to share! Photos MuseRider Sun Jul-06-08 07:56 AM9
- No zucchini's on zucchini plants. blue neen Sat Jul-05-08 07:10 PM4
- When do you harvest? asdjrocky Sat Jul-05-08 05:34 PM11
- Blue Himalayan poppy. Blue_In_AK Sat Jul-05-08 02:07 PM8
- Why do my potted nasturtium leaves turn yellow?? ailsagirl Sat Jul-05-08 02:06 PM4
- waaaaahhhh! Powdery mildew again! librechik Sat Jul-05-08 12:06 AM3
- Oriental bittersweet Summer93 Fri Jul-04-08 10:23 AM5
- A wonderful book. x-post from Cooking & Baking hippywife Fri Jul-04-08 09:57 AM0
- My cherries are ripe lwfern Fri Jul-04-08 08:17 AM11
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