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- "Steve Jobs: How to live before you die" I Have A Drea... Mon Oct-10-11 08:26 PM2
- Asking for Light for my brother [View All] teenagebambam Mon Oct-10-11 02:37 AM22
- The revolution is here [View All] Ricochet21 Sun Oct-09-11 11:28 PM99
- Anyone else feel a huge wave of kimmerspixela... Sun Oct-09-11 08:56 PM6
- Lauren Corgo mentioned Cosmic Astrrology. kimmerspixela... Sun Oct-09-11 07:03 PM4
- I love the OWS message sandyshoes17 Sun Oct-09-11 12:01 PM2
- Hope this works...... rucognizant Sat Oct-08-11 08:11 PM3
- Promoting *peaceful* activism and protests in the OWS Movement. I Have A Drea... Sat Oct-08-11 09:44 AM19
- The best channeling I've seen to explain the heightened sense findrskeep Sat Oct-08-11 07:06 AM15
- Could use some advice PuraVidaDream... Fri Oct-07-11 01:56 AM13
- Is there a chart for Steve Jobs' passing, or does his birth chart Tumbulu Thu Oct-06-11 09:56 PM11
- How's that Year of the Rabbit treatin' you? BlueIris Thu Oct-06-11 11:03 AM3
- Acupuncture popularity? Celebration Thu Oct-06-11 07:53 AM8
- Anonymous to take down NY Stock Exchange? emcguffie Wed Oct-05-11 09:34 PM10
- Is anyone else feeling kimmerspixela... Wed Oct-05-11 09:14 PM8
- Why Syzygy Wed Oct-05-11 12:59 AM8
- Starself Newsletter for October, A NEW BOOK "The Exquisite Zodiac" [View All] Ricochet21 Tue Oct-04-11 12:22 PM46
- Beginning of our uprising? findrskeep Tue Oct-04-11 11:38 AM16
- Occupy Wall Street (Uranus-Pluto cycle) katty Mon Oct-03-11 05:29 PM0
- Halp! A cross post of pathetic whingeing (mine) MorningGlow Mon Oct-03-11 12:41 PM12
- 99 Sanity Claws Mon Oct-03-11 11:50 AM4
- Rumi on Chiron katty Mon Oct-03-11 09:02 AM6
- I'm Ken Aden's Press Secretary! WhiteTara Sun Oct-02-11 11:09 PM13
- Jupiter and Mars WhiteTara Sun Oct-02-11 06:22 PM0
- Mystery , please help. kimmerspixela... Sun Oct-02-11 03:55 PM2
- Bad Karma comes home to Vick!!!!!! [View All] Howler Sun Oct-02-11 12:44 PM61
- Let's keep a good thought for AlienGirl this fall. BlueIris Sun Oct-02-11 12:19 PM4
- Glowing Tulip Kind of Blue Sun Oct-02-11 09:10 AM5
- Finding the Truth Inside Yourself BanzaiBonnie Sun Oct-02-11 12:48 AM8
- Good grief, I feel really weird [View All] MorningGlow Sat Oct-01-11 12:07 PM46
- Thank goodness I have not been dreaming about Harry Reid. BlueIris Sat Oct-01-11 11:45 AM2
- I'm really excited. I found a candidate WhiteTara Fri Sep-30-11 10:25 PM7
- Amazing good luck [View All] LiberalEsto Fri Sep-30-11 04:12 PM22
- Mother Earth Breathing - Looks like Yoga Breath Mira Fri Sep-30-11 12:36 PM9
- RIP, Fred Bell Celebration Thu Sep-29-11 09:06 PM4
- AHEM. MorningGlow Thu Sep-29-11 07:33 PM8
- Revolution Number Nine katty Thu Sep-29-11 04:56 PM3
- Change the Pickle Juice SpiralHawk Thu Sep-29-11 04:52 PM5
- (Re) Introducing Myself [View All] dbt Thu Sep-29-11 12:11 PM35
- Interesting post PADemD Thu Sep-29-11 06:58 AM0
- "Do loved ones bid farewell from beyond the grave? " -thread in Ed.&Other Articles lildreamer316 Thu Sep-29-11 02:45 AM2
- Does it help to know how others are "feeling" each day? OneGrassRoot Wed Sep-28-11 10:11 AM11
- Crescent Hotel says a celebrity ghost discovered Celebration Tue Sep-27-11 07:46 PM9
- A heretical observation about astrology OneGrassRoot Tue Sep-27-11 06:03 PM9
- I wish there was a tool to help determine one's "best" location to live. [View All] OneGrassRoot Tue Sep-27-11 11:14 AM40
- Can I ask for some light and love for my mom? [View All] Sweet Freedom Tue Sep-27-11 05:52 AM21
- Anyone noticing the intense energy? [View All] findrskeep Mon Sep-26-11 08:47 PM21
- Am I surrounded by self-centered people? Or am I the problem? [View All] Sanity Claws Mon Sep-26-11 01:21 PM20
- Article: Near-Death Experiences Explained by Science Myrina Mon Sep-26-11 12:39 PM16
- So, about the changes being made in my life WolverineDG Mon Sep-26-11 10:15 AM9
- Birthday Party for Digit, GardeningGal, OneGrassRoot & Metta; murielm99 [View All] MagickMuffin Mon Sep-26-11 06:51 AM23
- Huge solar flare today (Saturday) MorningGlow Sun Sep-25-11 07:22 PM9
- Travel Channel Show "The Dead Files"; police use psychic lildreamer316 Sun Sep-25-11 03:12 PM2
- Kundalini, one's path and a desire for discussion, some clarifications eilen Sun Sep-25-11 12:06 PM12
- Has anyone here successfully uncovered a past life identity? How'd that work out for you? [View All] BlueIris Sun Sep-25-11 11:35 AM24
- Happy birthday to MagickMuffin and LaurenG! [View All] I Have A Drea... Sun Sep-25-11 11:18 AM27
- Happy Solar Return, stellanoir! [View All] I Have A Drea... Sun Sep-25-11 11:11 AM21
- The mysticism of the poet and painter William Blake I Have A Drea... Sun Sep-25-11 10:42 AM7
- Tuesday night, a quick Grand Cross, in the late evening. [View All] Ricochet21 Sun Sep-25-11 12:53 AM23
- Interesting thread: lildreamer316 Sat Sep-24-11 08:30 PM8
- Sean Caulfield -6th night of Universal Wave kimmerspixela... Sat Sep-24-11 08:03 AM2
- Creating our reality, each day. FirstLight Fri Sep-23-11 08:10 PM9
- The next mutation occurs on December 19, 2020 at 0 Aquarius katty Fri Sep-23-11 04:01 PM0
- Someone gave me a star. emcguffie Thu Sep-22-11 07:27 PM8
- Fall Equinox and Yods by Barbara Hand Clow kimmerspixela... Thu Sep-22-11 05:34 PM2
- okay folks stellanoir Thu Sep-22-11 05:32 PM1
- New Energy Update by Lauren Gorgo findrskeep Thu Sep-22-11 05:17 PM3
- I'm interested in using Bach Flowers--heard good things about them. My only concern is Mist Thu Sep-22-11 02:24 PM6
- More energy work right now, yay or nay? (Poll) BlueIris Thu Sep-22-11 06:42 AM12
- Prayers & good vibes requested, please. Dulcinea Wed Sep-21-11 10:06 PM10
- Orgone and Native Americans and seed ceremonies an old thread and dial up warning Celebration Wed Sep-21-11 11:39 AM7
- Dupe-please delete Dulcinea Wed Sep-21-11 03:43 AM0
- Romney and Perry: the Pluto Connection katty Tue Sep-20-11 04:04 PM3
- Down The Rabbit Hole.... findrskeep Tue Sep-20-11 01:44 PM1
- What the f*ck is going ON this week? BlueIris Mon Sep-19-11 03:20 PM10
- Egh. BlueIris Mon Sep-19-11 02:07 PM11
- My 'human-suit' FirstLight Sun Sep-18-11 05:53 PM6
- Need Help with Thyroid Info NJCher Sun Sep-18-11 04:39 PM9
- What do you do with someone like this? Dulcinea Sun Sep-18-11 02:30 PM3
- How to prepare for Disclosure - Richard Dolan lildreamer316 Sun Sep-18-11 09:53 AM3
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