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- Starcodes Jan 21 2011 Heather Roan Robbins WhiteTara Mon Jan-24-11 05:04 PM4
- Pandora Free Internet Radio Shallah Kali Sun Jan-23-11 08:22 PM5
- Helllllp! WhiteTara Sun Jan-23-11 07:35 PM16
- WOOT !!!! WolverineDG's latest article on Howler Sun Jan-23-11 11:34 AM6
- Lately, my astral body wants to go do it's own thing at night. Digit Sun Jan-23-11 12:57 AM8
- Another energy alert available, Lauren thinks we've had a pole shift too findrskeep Sat Jan-22-11 06:18 PM4
- Wanna here something really strange? BlueIris Sat Jan-22-11 05:47 PM2
- Full moon conjunct natal planet Sanity Claws Sat Jan-22-11 04:25 AM9
- what a manifestation Celebration Sat Jan-22-11 12:20 AM1
- A sense of peace & serenity have descended upon me. southerncrone Fri Jan-21-11 11:59 PM18
- Gabrielle Giffords and Prayer, Vibes, Well-Wishing, Et Cetera... kentauros Fri Jan-21-11 03:02 PM6
- Oh, That Moon, That Moon!!! kimmerspixela... Thu Jan-20-11 08:59 PM5
- Nightfall Radio: Carl J. Calleman - The Universal Underworld - January 25 2011 @ 10pm (GMT+1) Shallah Kali Thu Jan-20-11 08:49 PM3
- Did you notice how everything has EXPLODED since Jupiter and Uranus conjuncted! [View All] Ricochet21 Thu Jan-20-11 06:36 PM52
- The start of the final underworld begins in March..Astro question kimmerspixela... Thu Jan-20-11 06:16 PM0
- ESP in the GD??? Link to Mark Morford article. japple Wed Jan-19-11 11:24 PM7
- Seems unusually quiet.. kimmerspixela... Wed Jan-19-11 05:23 PM9
- Ahau or ... Oct. 28, 2011 kimmerspixela... Wed Jan-19-11 04:53 PM4
- posted in Prayers... me & the Teen FirstLight Wed Jan-19-11 09:38 AM7
- Matariki Tue Jan-18-11 11:45 PM14
- What's your take on the Bird & Fish die-offs? [View All] FirstLight Tue Jan-18-11 07:55 PM74
- Matthew's message is here Proud_Lefty Tue Jan-18-11 06:20 PM12
- "What matters is not money, power or fame, but how well we have loved." Manifestor_of... Tue Jan-18-11 03:25 PM7
- An interactive map of 15 years of UFO sightings (post in GD) lildreamer316 Tue Jan-18-11 01:35 PM1
- Anyone here interested in pH issues?? [View All] Celebration Tue Jan-18-11 12:43 PM28
- Project Camelot Interviews Boriska: Indigo Boy from Mars Moscow, Russia, 10. 2007 indimuse Tue Jan-18-11 07:35 AM0
- Very Interesting.. indimuse Tue Jan-18-11 07:14 AM1
- lildreamer316 Mon Jan-17-11 11:31 PM0
- Anybody want to talk about 2012 [View All] EnlightenedOn... Mon Jan-17-11 08:35 PM32
- Day 5 and I'm feeling alive! WhiteTara Mon Jan-17-11 06:49 PM8
- Very interesting take on the 13th sign EnlightenedOn... Mon Jan-17-11 10:30 AM0
- More on changes of signs (not!) and the 13th sign wickfordbard Mon Jan-17-11 09:40 AM5
- "Your Zodiac sign may have changed" villager Mon Jan-17-11 09:38 AM19
- The Panic of the 13th Sign of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus [View All] Ricochet21 Mon Jan-17-11 09:35 AM26
- Caner Full Moon January 19, 2011 wickfordbard Sun Jan-16-11 02:18 PM1
- I haven't wanted to bring this up [View All] Celebration Sun Jan-16-11 12:27 PM23
- Article you guys may appreciate: OneGrassRoot Sun Jan-16-11 08:45 AM0
- Starcodes Jan 14 2011 Heather Roan Robbins WhiteTara Sun Jan-16-11 08:27 AM1
- Alright, a question about 2012 for those who think the year will be metaphysically significant. BlueIris Sun Jan-16-11 06:40 AM0
- Is it just me, or have you noticed how CHOICE is front and center? OneGrassRoot Sun Jan-16-11 12:24 AM2
- Is this what happened to the birds? BanzaiBonnie Sat Jan-15-11 06:13 PM4
- Alex Miller: Astrology of the Giffords Shooting rumpel Sat Jan-15-11 11:20 AM2
- Very interesting--this posted in GD of all places! japple Fri Jan-14-11 01:27 PM3
- 13 signs instead of 12 - what do we make of this 2Design Thu Jan-13-11 10:09 PM6
- Did Uranus do something yesterday? Sweet Freedom Thu Jan-13-11 07:09 PM15
- Energy Update from Lauren C. Gorgo findrskeep Thu Jan-13-11 06:38 PM2
- Both my car and my treadmill decided not to work today. kimmerspixela... Thu Jan-13-11 06:17 PM8
- Email from Karen Bishop BanzaiBonnie Thu Jan-13-11 06:12 PM6
- This is an example of a recent client who triumphed over co-dependency Ricochet21 Thu Jan-13-11 06:02 PM8
- very cool sounding app for iPhone Celebration Thu Jan-13-11 03:32 PM1
- 111 year has interesting oddity: Take your birth year... OneGrassRoot Thu Jan-13-11 12:28 PM6
- I know I should post this in health WhiteTara Wed Jan-12-11 08:47 PM9
- I literally cannot believe this one... Ricochet21 Wed Jan-12-11 06:12 PM14
- Let's send healing blessings to the Tucson victims [View All] LiberalEsto Wed Jan-12-11 05:19 PM26
- Limbaugh listed as one of his "Undeniable Truths": WORDS MEAN THINGS OneGrassRoot Wed Jan-12-11 04:15 PM4
- The Danger of Absolute Truth - Astro/AZ tragedy katty Wed Jan-12-11 02:52 PM2
- I'm putting this here in ASAH for a couple of reasons. murielm99 Tue Jan-11-11 10:12 PM13
- Happy 1/1/11 ASAHers! MorningGlow Tue Jan-11-11 06:08 PM7
- Is it astrological? Or is it just me? MorningGlow Tue Jan-11-11 04:22 PM19
- The AIR is polluted, the bird nations have spoken with their lives BanzaiBonnie Mon Jan-10-11 11:56 PM2
- WTF...seriously? (The latest regarding bird deaths) MorningGlow Mon Jan-10-11 09:41 PM9
- Something IS in the air, if you're wondering what's going on, it's this: [View All] Ricochet21 Mon Jan-10-11 06:01 PM47
- Saw "Knowing" for the first time. kimmerspixela... Mon Jan-10-11 05:15 PM3
- A miracle today... BanzaiBonnie Mon Jan-10-11 09:22 AM6
- 2011 Musings Helga Scow St... Sun Jan-09-11 08:10 PM5
- Which Tropical Zodiac Sign Island would you like to vacation on? And WHY? (Poll) [View All] Ricochet21 Sun Jan-09-11 05:21 PM38
- So, there is a huge storm on Saturn Celebration Sun Jan-09-11 05:10 PM13
- Returning to Spirit Family & Practice FirstLight Sat Jan-08-11 09:26 PM3
- Just what is stirring as Uranus heads back into Aries on March 3? (Per Sun sign) [View All] Ricochet21 Sat Jan-08-11 06:50 PM24
- Starcodes Jan 7 2011 Heather Roan Robbins WhiteTara Sat Jan-08-11 10:49 AM4
- My son saw a UFO last night Proud_Lefty Sat Jan-08-11 03:25 AM11
- Did everyone seem to have a productive day? kimmerspixela... Fri Jan-07-11 10:55 PM13
- Thought you guys might appreciate this.... OneGrassRoot Fri Jan-07-11 07:26 PM1
- I lost my wedding ring yesterday [View All] LiberalEsto Fri Jan-07-11 07:24 PM22
- I invite you all to join me in this vision... OneGrassRoot Fri Jan-07-11 04:06 PM5
- Happy belated birthday, Ricochet21! [View All] I Have A Drea... Fri Jan-07-11 10:39 AM40
- Wow, Mr. Sandman Ricochet21 Fri Jan-07-11 09:22 AM8
- Howler Thu Jan-06-11 01:40 PM4
- Does anyone feel like they experienced an 'astrological' gotcha over the Holidays? woodsprite Wed Jan-05-11 12:13 PM18
- Did anyone here have a truly *happy* childhood? [View All] OneGrassRoot Wed Jan-05-11 12:01 AM83
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