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- Update on "K" Ricochet21 Wed Mar-30-11 05:14 PM6
- Gratuitous Kitty Cat Post Kookaburra Wed Mar-30-11 01:16 PM13
- Astrologically, it looks like Gadhafi's days are real numbered Ricochet21 Wed Mar-30-11 10:56 AM4
- Video of poss. UFO on flight controller's monitor in Russia (Yakutsk) lildreamer316 Wed Mar-30-11 06:57 AM2
- Paxton Robey (author of one of my fave books "No Time For Karma) new videos: lildreamer316 Wed Mar-30-11 12:10 AM0
- What's happening in the heavens today? Matariki Tue Mar-29-11 05:52 PM6
- Did someone say BanzaiBonnie?!? B'Day Party Inside, Everyone is Invited [View All] MagickMuffin Tue Mar-29-11 04:27 PM33
- I am shamelessly asking for some healing vibes be sent to my daughter [View All] Grateful for ... Tue Mar-29-11 12:39 PM37
- Birthday Party Plans for Mnemosyne: Let's Celebrate her Special Day [View All] MagickMuffin Tue Mar-29-11 09:54 AM38
- A whole bunch of Folks Are Fireworks Babies! [View All] Melissa G Tue Mar-29-11 06:48 AM29
- March 2011 - Prayer, Light and Healing Requests Thread [View All] Kind of Blue Mon Mar-28-11 06:59 PM145
- Will you join me in helping my friend, who I believe is in danger? [View All] eilen Mon Mar-28-11 04:11 PM20
- Mercury retrograde and negotiations. Any insight? Dora Mon Mar-28-11 12:38 PM1
- Random thought on energy & "awakening" southerncrone Sun Mar-27-11 09:06 PM3
- Hope + Action = Wishadoo! (post in GD) OneGrassRoot Sun Mar-27-11 06:59 PM1
- If you want "proof" of just how much Mercury Retrograde can wreck plans, WolverineDG Sun Mar-27-11 06:07 PM5
- Everything seems relatively quiet around here.. kimmerspixela... Sun Mar-27-11 05:51 PM5
- Think this is good for us all: elleng Sun Mar-27-11 03:26 PM1
- Masaru Emoto -- Water OneGrassRoot Sun Mar-27-11 11:06 AM5
- This is from GD, but I think he may be on to something. murielm99 Sun Mar-27-11 08:26 AM5
- Sad news MorningGlow Sat Mar-26-11 05:52 PM4
- Today is a great day: I have news! [View All] Missy Vixen Sat Mar-26-11 02:45 PM25
- Crossroads Consultations and Readings [View All] OneGrassRoot Sat Mar-26-11 01:34 PM31
- Things have gone from bad to really bad. [View All] Cleita Sat Mar-26-11 10:22 AM32
- A song on reincarnation? Shallah Kali Sat Mar-26-11 10:14 AM7
- Starcodes March 25 2011. Heather Roan Robbins WhiteTara Fri Mar-25-11 10:28 PM1
- Hummingbird moth? OneGrassRoot Fri Mar-25-11 09:44 PM12
- Okay, so this guy is causing some controversy in Christian circles. lildreamer316 Fri Mar-25-11 09:21 PM7
- I'm a patient woman, really I am! kimmerspixela... Fri Mar-25-11 09:15 PM10
- Here's a thread dismissing most pre-"rationalist" age human experience as "prescientific hearsay:" [View All] villager Fri Mar-25-11 09:08 PM39
- Article asserting the Japan earthquake is a result of Large Hadron Collider activity. lildreamer316 Fri Mar-25-11 05:11 PM9
- If it worked for Morning Glow... [View All] Dream Girl Fri Mar-25-11 10:11 AM20
- Never piss off a Taurus. BlueIris Thu Mar-24-11 09:56 PM2
- Update on JanusAscending I Have A Drea... Thu Mar-24-11 09:28 PM16
- Close Lunar Orbit Causes High Waves in Honduras. elleng Thu Mar-24-11 09:10 PM0
- Tribute to Jose Arguelles (rip 3/24/2011) housewolf Thu Mar-24-11 08:22 PM2
- New Energy update from Lauren Gorgo..this really resonates findrskeep Thu Mar-24-11 01:39 PM8
- Has Rick been around recently? elleng Thu Mar-24-11 09:49 AM13
- Best full moon/Solstice dream EVAR MorningGlow Wed Mar-23-11 07:13 PM16
- My Uranus experience FirstLight Wed Mar-23-11 11:48 AM16
- F&%k IT! The 2 Magic Words to Live a Bold Life [View All] OneGrassRoot Wed Mar-23-11 07:36 AM27
- Anybody got an idea what I should do here? bigmonkey Tue Mar-22-11 09:06 PM14
- Tweet from Susan Miller (AstrologyZone) about Japan MorningGlow Tue Mar-22-11 07:51 PM3
- Something else elleng Tue Mar-22-11 02:09 PM12
- sad update on Algiers northernlight... Mon Mar-21-11 03:31 PM6
- I just did one dozen T-shirts and matching Doggie [View All] Howler Mon Mar-21-11 03:26 PM22
- Is anyone noticing anything strange with the energy today? [View All] findrskeep Mon Mar-21-11 10:43 AM27
- My raven with the broken wing.... OneGrassRoot Mon Mar-21-11 01:47 AM11
- The Progressed Sun and the Signs of the Zodiac I Have A Drea... Sun Mar-20-11 07:32 PM7
- I have not felt this much in a long time Callie McAlli... Sun Mar-20-11 11:43 AM13
- spiritual message of this Super Full Moon katty Sat Mar-19-11 06:18 PM4
- Starcodes March 18 2011 Heather Roan Robbins WhiteTara Sat Mar-19-11 04:56 PM2
- March 19 Callie McAlli... Sat Mar-19-11 04:44 PM5
- Stellarium site katty Sat Mar-19-11 07:50 AM3
- I AM - film/link katty Sat Mar-19-11 12:39 AM7
- Does Anyone Know Anything About this Astrologer? snot Fri Mar-18-11 03:16 PM9
- How about something positive to lighten the mood? MorningGlow Fri Mar-18-11 02:49 PM5
- Were there any smaller things that happened on 3-11 [View All] kimmerspixela... Fri Mar-18-11 01:09 PM41
- Time to Party: Come Wish kentauros a half a Centaury Birthday [View All] MagickMuffin Fri Mar-18-11 01:00 PM76
- Cooperation, co-ops, big visions, small actions...a new world OneGrassRoot Fri Mar-18-11 09:06 AM8
- This nuclear reactor thing in Japan [View All] LiberalEsto Thu Mar-17-11 02:51 PM26
- about this nuclear power plant thing, is it just me or... findrskeep Thu Mar-17-11 02:49 PM7
- The Love Test - Astro-Synastry aspects, houses katty Wed Mar-16-11 06:45 PM2
- A haiku for Japan LiberalEsto Wed Mar-16-11 05:25 PM2
- Uranus enters Aries stories [View All] Sanity Claws Tue Mar-15-11 10:27 PM68
- Wait ... what? Myrina Tue Mar-15-11 08:56 PM10
- Energy Techniques - Tapping and Info AC_Mem Tue Mar-15-11 02:26 PM14
- If you haven't looked at Jeff and Rick's description -stop now MrMickeysMom Tue Mar-15-11 01:00 PM6
- A QUICK apology and thank you... lildreamer316 Tue Mar-15-11 07:52 AM5
- Any good summaries of Barbara Hand Clow and Carl Calleman's recent material? OneGrassRoot Tue Mar-15-11 07:26 AM1
- Thoughts and Ideas AC_Mem Tue Mar-15-11 12:37 AM2
- Closure on my crazy Scorpio story Sweet Freedom Mon Mar-14-11 08:36 PM6
- this came today from through my email. WhiteTara Mon Mar-14-11 08:19 PM0
- Buddhist Nun Shares The Sound Of Music Kind of Blue Mon Mar-14-11 05:43 PM10
- Card Reading - March 20, 2011 AC_Mem Mon Mar-14-11 04:17 PM15
- Japanese quake's epicenter located near Marian apparition site Cleita Mon Mar-14-11 01:12 PM3
- Japan's Chart katty Mon Mar-14-11 12:32 PM0
- Something, elleng Mon Mar-14-11 10:12 AM3
- Happ Pi Day! Kind of Blue Mon Mar-14-11 08:08 AM0
- Freaky experience......still wondering what it was. [View All] southerncrone Sun Mar-13-11 11:58 PM38
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