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- I'm a major Beatles fan so....does anyone know Nancy Shevell's Lindsey Sat May-07-11 05:17 PM0
- An entertaining time waster: Saokymo Sat May-07-11 01:34 PM2
- What is your greatest fear at this time? [View All] OneGrassRoot Fri May-06-11 12:03 PM85
- Just Say HU kimmerspixela... Fri May-06-11 10:20 AM8
- Pyramid Cross Post NJCher Fri May-06-11 09:35 AM14
- Osama Bin Laden Is dead -- Should We Rejoice? [View All] SCarrington S... Fri May-06-11 12:44 AM74
- ASAHers, please help keep this kicked.... OneGrassRoot Thu May-05-11 09:04 PM12
- Is there a difference between suffering and needless suffering? [View All] BanzaiBonnie Thu May-05-11 08:48 PM29
- It's crop circle season in the UK! MorningGlow Wed May-04-11 07:40 PM6
- Cicadas, cicadas everywhere!!! Kookaburra Wed May-04-11 06:52 PM8
- Controversial Medicine: Alternative Health Kind of Blue Wed May-04-11 04:01 PM16
- Prayers, good vibes, positive energy and healing requested, please. Dulcinea Wed May-04-11 01:20 PM18
- New book find: "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah E. Harkness WolverineDG Tue May-03-11 08:25 PM13
- Starcodes April 29 2010 Heather Roan Robbins WhiteTara Tue May-03-11 04:58 PM2
- Cave of Forgotten Dreams - documentary by Werner Herzog japple Tue May-03-11 02:59 PM2
- Online prayer wall? OneGrassRoot Tue May-03-11 01:07 PM0
- Let's lighten things up a bit... Kookaburra Sun May-01-11 01:17 PM8
- I can't wait to see I AM, the movie! kimmerspixela... Sun May-01-11 10:03 AM3
- The Hidden Reality kimmerspixela... Sun May-01-11 09:57 AM1
- Any input for us Royal Wedding freaks? Astrology or readings? [View All] FirstLight Sun May-01-11 03:50 AM33
- May Intuition and Dreaming Thread. BlueIris Sun May-01-11 03:42 AM0
- April 2011-Prayer, Light and Healing Requests Thread [View All] BlueIris Sat Apr-30-11 11:58 PM45
- Mr Howler is going to kill me!!!! LOL! Howler Sat Apr-30-11 11:05 PM18
- Thank you, kimmerspixelated PADemD Sat Apr-30-11 05:11 PM1
- Happy Beltane Eve! LiberalEsto Sat Apr-30-11 03:16 PM2
- Six planets now aligned in dawn sky. elleng Sat Apr-30-11 01:39 PM2
- Today a small meeting went better than anticipated. kimmerspixela... Fri Apr-29-11 07:50 PM4
- A disturbing vision. BlueIris Fri Apr-29-11 06:53 PM9
- Astro 4-28 week, how many planets can fit into Aries at once? katty Fri Apr-29-11 06:46 PM11
- I can't shake the feeling that the tornadoes are not ordinary kimmerspixela... Fri Apr-29-11 04:31 PM9
- Illusions [View All] OneGrassRoot Fri Apr-29-11 10:44 AM65
- Goodbye, ASAH Oak2004 Thu Apr-28-11 11:51 PM15
- Aura Color Test: [View All] BrendaBrick Thu Apr-28-11 09:06 PM51
- Rick, I bet you are working on that MAY newsletter! kimmerspixela... Thu Apr-28-11 05:31 PM4
- April 2011 Intuition and Dreaming Thread. [View All] Fire Walk Wit... Thu Apr-28-11 04:11 PM28
- Okay, I think maybe I've angered Bast or something. [View All] lildreamer316 Thu Apr-28-11 12:36 PM20
- I take no joy in this forcast I made already coming into fruition Howler Thu Apr-28-11 09:16 AM4
- Tom Kenyon -- Transition States of Consciousness (awesomeness!) OneGrassRoot Wed Apr-27-11 09:45 PM12
- An oddness in the air..What's going on?? kimmerspixela... Wed Apr-27-11 04:26 PM14
- A Boy, An Injury, A Recovery, A Miracle? [View All] Kind of Blue Wed Apr-27-11 11:18 AM23
- Sometimes I LOVE the universe Celebration Tue Apr-26-11 07:49 PM2
- A new Matthew message is posted. GardeningGal Mon Apr-25-11 06:46 PM3
- Oldie but Goodie and others Kind of Blue Mon Apr-25-11 04:51 PM7
- dupe delete FirstLight Mon Apr-25-11 04:07 PM0
- Couldn't resist: Another silly story to finish...or start?? [View All] kimmerspixela... Mon Apr-25-11 09:33 AM59
- Here's a neat thread up front... rosesaylavee Mon Apr-25-11 05:22 AM1
- Deleted, my mistake BanzaiBonnie Sun Apr-24-11 10:34 PM1
- A funny. kimmerspixela... Sun Apr-24-11 10:16 PM7
- This was birthed from the "Illusion" thread... OneGrassRoot Sun Apr-24-11 12:45 PM2
- Messages from the Earth FirstLight Sun Apr-24-11 10:18 AM13
- OMG!!!! winyanstaz Rocks!!!!!!! Howler Sat Apr-23-11 04:44 PM2
- March 2011 Intuition and Dreaming Thread. [View All] BlueIris Sat Apr-23-11 03:12 PM28
- Birthday Party on Aisle Number 21, Paging Kind Of Blue [View All] MagickMuffin Sat Apr-23-11 09:06 AM56
- Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality-type test? [View All] Matariki Sat Apr-23-11 07:51 AM48
- Judgment Day < Five Weeks Away; How's It Looking? [View All] SoDesuKa Sat Apr-23-11 06:33 AM41
- Does anyone here on the ASAH [View All] Howler Sat Apr-23-11 02:05 AM30
- Just a little drawing Ricochet21 Sat Apr-23-11 02:00 AM4
- PATCO strike & defeat in 1981 versus current events in 2011 Sienna86 Sat Apr-23-11 01:58 AM2
- Well, I guess I'll just have to do it! - What is YOUR favorite sign and why? [View All] Ricochet21 Fri Apr-22-11 02:21 PM44
- All the recent "leaks" about retired AF people and UFOs? sybster1000 Fri Apr-22-11 12:42 PM7
- What is your opinion about the Fool of the Tarot? Why Syzygy Fri Apr-22-11 11:56 AM19
- "New age music and black lighting set the scene..." Kind of Blue Thu Apr-21-11 06:25 PM2
- Horns of a dilemma. I need some advice. [View All] Cleita Thu Apr-21-11 05:38 PM28
- some astrology info about Libra Moon WhiteTara Thu Apr-21-11 05:15 PM2
- Open Source Civilization bigmonkey Thu Apr-21-11 05:01 PM1
- Calling Pallas 18, rucognizant is trying to find you Ricochet21 Thu Apr-21-11 01:22 PM0
- ever heard of the Archons? Shallah Kali Thu Apr-21-11 11:26 AM8
- Rick, In the scheme of Uranus Vs. Saturn: kimmerspixela... Thu Apr-21-11 08:04 AM12
- Wish I understood the tendency to kick a person who's down PinkTiger Wed Apr-20-11 07:29 PM16
- Let's see if I can get something started here.... [View All] Ricochet21 Wed Apr-20-11 03:48 PM47
- Is Compassion the New Change? OneGrassRoot Tue Apr-19-11 05:51 PM2
- We definitely need to pay attention to the animals... OneGrassRoot Tue Apr-19-11 09:36 AM19
- arikara Mon Apr-18-11 05:12 PM6
- Something's changing, shifting inside [View All] BanzaiBonnie Mon Apr-18-11 02:40 PM20
- Inviting you guys to check out Wishadoo!'s Daily Poll & Discussion... OneGrassRoot Mon Apr-18-11 11:47 AM3
- Please don't let this happen to you, Protect yourself, your assets and know your state's laws MagickMuffin Mon Apr-18-11 10:21 AM17
- Don't you just love it kentauros Sun Apr-17-11 11:04 PM2
- Partay hardy... someone let me outta here! FirstLight Sun Apr-17-11 10:24 PM18
- Starcodes April 8, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins WhiteTara Sun Apr-17-11 09:46 AM6
- OMFG, MFR ending soon!!! PhillyGurl Sun Apr-17-11 08:22 AM5
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