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- Written transcript of Dean's speech now at the blog mandyky Wed Dec-08-04 07:20 PM2
- C-Span to air Dean's speech. [View All] madfloridian Wed Dec-08-04 03:34 PM23
- Maybe this is the reason Vilsack dropped out of DNC race for chair a new day Wed Dec-08-04 03:10 AM13
- WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TOMORROW? janx Tue Dec-07-04 11:48 PM5
- 7 PM or 8 PM: which should be start-time of DFA meetings? Eric J in MN Tue Dec-07-04 09:32 PM10
- Howard Dean-endorsed Arthur Anderson breaks promise for paper ballots. [View All] Eric J in MN Tue Dec-07-04 09:01 PM27
- YubaNet: Howard Dean: The Future Of The Democratic Party mandyky Tue Dec-07-04 09:00 PM5
- Is it true the candidates for chair only get 5 minutes to speak...... madfloridian Tue Dec-07-04 07:38 PM5
- Dean to speak Wed. on the future of our party. George Washington Univ. madfloridian Tue Dec-07-04 03:14 PM5
- Good Dean article in Salon 12/7 re: DNC timidity NYCGirl Tue Dec-07-04 12:02 PM4
- DFA'ers, HELP ME! crispini Tue Dec-07-04 02:15 AM16
- Telling the truth is a liberal value realFedUp Mon Dec-06-04 11:51 PM3
- It worked, and it worked well. The "hate the Dean supporter" thing. madfloridian Mon Dec-06-04 02:36 PM13
- DFA contributions deciding factor in Washington recount NoPasaran Mon Dec-06-04 01:47 PM3
- "they turned their back on their core constituencies" Dean and Al From. [View All] madfloridian Sun Dec-05-04 07:44 PM22
- The person who heads our DFA here just got elected committeewoman madfloridian Sun Dec-05-04 06:09 PM7
- The DLC begins to define the battle... Rose Siding Sun Dec-05-04 05:57 PM5
- I give up! I've tried every way I know how to register at DFA but nothing patricia92243 Sun Dec-05-04 05:31 PM7
- Dems and health care early 1990s....from Dean's new book. Alarming. madfloridian Sun Dec-05-04 12:41 PM2
- According to this article, DFA raised about 200,000 for the WA recount. madfloridian Sat Dec-04-04 08:04 PM1
- Good news and bad news re DNC Chair and meeting in Minnesota Eric J in MN Sat Dec-04-04 10:48 AM10
- What is your experience with the DFA meet-ups? [View All] BurtWorm Fri Dec-03-04 11:36 PM24
- Stamford, CT Advocate: Local Democrats examine party strategies Larkspur Fri Dec-03-04 11:15 PM1
- You need to read this. (I edited the title) [View All] madfloridian Fri Dec-03-04 12:30 PM52
- I LIKE IT*** To whom do we owe the pleasure? shance Fri Dec-03-04 12:03 PM7
- More Dean supporters win locally, just got another call. Excited. madfloridian Fri Dec-03-04 11:01 AM4
- I'm meeting Gov. Dean next Weds--ask him aquestion Capn Sunshine Fri Dec-03-04 01:46 AM18
- DU has reached a new low... janx Thu Dec-02-04 08:21 PM18
- Someone needs to post this link to the GD Politics forum again. madfloridian Thu Dec-02-04 08:19 PM5
- Dean: "DNC must rebound, refocus"....more from Stanford. madfloridian Thu Dec-02-04 08:16 PM3
- Thank You Everyone who attended last nights Meetups Capn Sunshine Thu Dec-02-04 06:49 PM5
- More About Howard by Matt Singer Cheswick2.0 Thu Dec-02-04 03:14 PM2
- Interesting summation of Dean's Stanford speech at Kos. madfloridian Thu Dec-02-04 11:05 AM2
- Video from Dean about Meet-ups, etc. madfloridian Thu Dec-02-04 12:38 AM9
- Dean again accuses Bush of exploiting homophobia....Stanford article. madfloridian Wed Dec-01-04 10:39 PM3
- Has everyone meandered over to GDPolitics and voted ... PassingFair Wed Dec-01-04 07:45 PM11
- It's not Dean; it's his supporters [View All] WI_DEM Wed Dec-01-04 03:06 PM20
- Rose Siding Wed Dec-01-04 12:37 PM4
- Blog comments about a Dean meeting with CA DFAers today. madfloridian Wed Dec-01-04 09:15 AM3
- Here is the email from DFA about Meet-up tomorrow. madfloridian Wed Dec-01-04 05:57 AM2
- Remember where we read Dean would be talking more centrist for DNC? madfloridian Tue Nov-30-04 01:59 PM2
- Would it be against the rules if I posted an invitation to the Dec. DFA janx Tue Nov-30-04 11:09 AM2
- I haven't been following the DNC chair race Endangered Sp... Tue Nov-30-04 12:49 AM1
- DFA December Meetup janx Tue Nov-30-04 12:48 AM10
- "Bush appeals to the macho nature of people who don't think.." Howard Dean madfloridian Mon Nov-29-04 10:54 PM2
- Important NY recount going on...someone needs to post in election forum. madfloridian Mon Nov-29-04 09:09 PM2
- What went right; What went wrong; What can we do better next time? RogueTrooper Mon Nov-29-04 01:01 AM13
- Why not Joe Trippi for DNC chair? mdmc Sun Nov-28-04 01:11 AM11
- has anyone else heard about a DFA coalition with the PDA? bullimiami Sat Nov-27-04 11:24 PM5
- Can anyone make a DFA avatar? ProudToBeLibe... Sat Nov-27-04 10:32 PM4
- some one has hacked the dfa site - I just tried to go there for 28erl Sat Nov-27-04 05:55 PM2
- So tell me about this Hindery guy who might be chair? madfloridian Fri Nov-26-04 07:31 PM13
- Kos: DNC chairmanship has become a "stop Dean movement" [View All] WI_DEM Fri Nov-26-04 07:19 PM29
- Which comes first, the leaders or the plan? Comadreja Fri Nov-26-04 03:26 PM9
- Interesting diary at Kos about the difference in campaigns. madfloridian Fri Nov-26-04 01:30 PM3
- We have a terrific oppurtunity... [View All] redsoxliberal Fri Nov-26-04 01:16 PM26
- I fear Dean won't be DNC Chair WI_DEM Fri Nov-26-04 01:10 PM13
- Had Dean been the nominee this year how might the campaign WI_DEM Thu Nov-25-04 07:58 PM8
- Well, I tried again to get some folks to come here. madfloridian Thu Nov-25-04 07:48 PM10
- A Montana Dean Democrat RogueTrooper Thu Nov-25-04 05:11 PM8
- Wonder where the Dean campaign folks went? Two new orgs formed. madfloridian Thu Nov-25-04 04:44 PM0
- RT's Thanksgiving Poll (Poll) RogueTrooper Thu Nov-25-04 04:02 PM4
- Did you see the "paging dr. dean" article? a new day Thu Nov-25-04 03:02 PM6
- Pumpkin pie must be made with MOLASSES-- janx Thu Nov-25-04 11:15 AM5
- New: Phone Cards for VETS Cheswick2.0 Wed Nov-24-04 10:53 AM5
- DFA notes Dean's exploration of DNC Chair a new day Wed Nov-24-04 08:27 AM6
- Are we in a better position than we realize? [View All] RogueTrooper Wed Nov-24-04 08:17 AM24
- For those involved in Democracy for Texas: janx Tue Nov-23-04 10:44 PM1
- 2008: What if it's Dean, McCain and Ventura? WI_DEM Tue Nov-23-04 09:20 PM2
- Attention all! PassingFair Tue Nov-23-04 04:20 PM10
- Who are the Democrats who voted for Bush? a new day Tue Nov-23-04 12:15 PM8
- Vilsack Won't Seek Chairmanship of DNC sonias Tue Nov-23-04 10:31 AM4
- I give up. madfloridian Tue Nov-23-04 10:02 AM11
- So, did you enjoy the "Why is Dean so controversial here?" thread [View All] a new day Tue Nov-23-04 05:43 AM22
- Hi, all! Newbie here... ImADeanDem Mon Nov-22-04 09:07 PM8
- Blog For America spotlights a Washington state success story a new day Mon Nov-22-04 04:10 PM3
- So, who here is sick of the Dean bashing [View All] Lorien Mon Nov-22-04 02:16 PM24
- I'm so glad to see this group. I'm a Dean supporter from the first time I patricia92243 Mon Nov-22-04 07:00 AM10
- Is there a "Democracy for America" pdf flyer I can print? (NT) Eric J in MN Sun Nov-21-04 10:16 PM2
- All right, guys, I'm off to the Macomb County Democratic Convention PassingFair Sun Nov-21-04 08:17 PM4
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