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- We had a Christmas Pet Photo Contest at work... Lisa0825 Fri Dec-17-10 09:48 AM7
- 10 year old cat who throws up and burps. Sanity Claws Mon Dec-13-10 06:59 PM18
- Its so cold my two female dogs have just about stopped drinking water NNN0LHI Thu Dec-09-10 09:20 PM5
- We've always been a "big dog" family . . . . . Stinky The Cl... Thu Dec-09-10 06:02 PM3
- My dog's recently started screeching all the time... Violet_Crumbl... Sun Dec-05-10 03:42 AM6
- Retired Military Service Dog Receives Stem Cell Treatment BrklynLiberal Sat Dec-04-10 12:42 PM4
- Have a bit of a behavioral problem with my big German Shepherd/Border Collie mix NNN0LHI Sun Nov-28-10 03:34 PM19
- I fell in love with a ginger tabby at the shelter today rox63 Sat Nov-27-10 11:59 PM17
- Hi y'all. Long time no see :-) Lisa0825 Thu Nov-25-10 11:09 AM13
- "Mom! I'm BORRRRED!" (true D'Artagnan story) badgerpup Tue Nov-23-10 12:07 PM3
- Need some suggestions...we had to put down our two borzois a couple of months ago. Zoigal Mon Nov-22-10 11:57 PM2
- This is unbelievable and really cute ! KC Mon Nov-22-10 10:07 AM7
- I have 3 more pups MiniMe Sun Nov-21-10 09:54 PM2
- Kip the cat loves Buddy the chocolate lab! NRaleighLiber... Sun Nov-21-10 09:53 PM3
- Anybody in the Indianapolis area willing to adopt a kitty? Contrary1 Sun Nov-21-10 06:53 PM2
- Donations flood in to save German shepherd BrklynLiberal Sun Nov-21-10 11:32 AM3
- Just got one of my cats out of the hospital CountAllVotes Sun Nov-21-10 12:34 AM17
- Graphic question about canine male health. Denninmi Fri Nov-19-10 03:24 PM2
- some of you may have seen a post about the dog I rescued MrsBrady Fri Nov-19-10 06:16 AM3
- Why do dogs roll in crap? Joe the Liber... Fri Nov-19-10 12:25 AM13
- So, I find myself watching "No Dog Left Behind" on the Military Channel . . . . Stinky The Cl... Thu Nov-18-10 11:32 AM5
- Pups are now 8 weeks, time for them to go to their new homes MiniMe Tue Nov-16-10 11:51 AM9
- Private Wojtek, the bear in the Transport Division (Artillery Supply) of the Polish Joe Chi Minh Sun Nov-14-10 06:47 PM1
- Our newest: Bitty Stinky The Cl... Sun Nov-14-10 02:56 PM3
- Need help re: feral cats. dgibby Sun Nov-14-10 11:58 AM0
- Pups are now 8 weeks, time for them to go to their new homes MiniMe Sat Nov-13-10 12:47 AM1
- Time to post an easy to make winter shelter for the feral/stray kitties... Contrary1 Fri Nov-12-10 05:24 PM4
- Maru, many small boxes Warpy Fri Nov-12-10 05:24 PM1
- Help! Fleas! (cross posted from Lounge) lizziegrace Tue Nov-09-10 05:57 PM4
- Patches, a very discerning kitty... GentryDixon Tue Nov-09-10 10:33 AM6
- Tiny toy dogs and hawks - are you aware of any serious problems in this regard? Stinky The Cl... Mon Nov-08-10 11:52 PM12
- Pet leasing? Is there a demand for it? Is it humane? NNN0LHI Sat Nov-06-10 08:46 PM16
- My cat kneads me like nursing which I love but his little claws Maraya1969 Sat Nov-06-10 10:34 AM8
- Roommate's cat is stealing my cat's food. What to do? charlie and a... Sat Nov-06-10 07:38 AM4
- Proof that puppies can sleep anywhere they plop down MiniMe Fri Nov-05-10 12:38 AM7
- I wish I had a bottle of dog smell! get the red o... Thu Nov-04-10 03:41 PM2
- The little girl I'm adopting this weekend!!!! Sparkly Thu Nov-04-10 03:25 PM16
- Moving with animals Mr. McD Sun Oct-31-10 08:17 PM7
- Proof that there is a little bit of puppy left in even old dogs NNN0LHI Sat Oct-30-10 07:12 PM5
- Big Cat Halloween japple Thu Oct-28-10 09:18 AM4
- Anyone have a therapy pet? undeterred Tue Oct-26-10 02:14 PM8
- How do they determine if a dog should be put down? zeos3 Mon Oct-25-10 11:45 PM6
- A bit of a problem. Got a rescue Lab about 2 weeks ago. Bonhomme Rich... Mon Oct-25-10 07:58 AM18
- Merck sued: Home Again chip implicated in cancer Holly_Hobby Sun Oct-24-10 06:52 AM5
- Pups are continuing to grow and do well MiniMe Sat Oct-23-10 04:37 PM4
- Waiting for test results [View All] njlib Sat Oct-23-10 04:14 PM43
- Reluctantly took Old Kitty to the vet CountAllVotes Thu Oct-21-10 10:18 AM9
- Pups are growing fast MiniMe Fri Oct-15-10 01:59 PM9
- 5 1/2 month old puppy and DH's new leather chair :( get the red o... Fri Oct-15-10 11:57 AM13
- kittens ride a Roomba!!!! X post from the lounge. amerikat Sun Oct-10-10 09:04 PM3
- Mom and pups are here MiniMe Fri Oct-08-10 03:57 PM15
- Help!! Can this Doggy Marriage be saved?? Sparkly Fri Oct-08-10 09:53 AM8
- My next fosters MiniMe Wed Oct-06-10 01:01 PM14
- (Why didn't I think of this earlier? ) HELP PLEASE! NEED ADVICE! badgerpup Tue Oct-05-10 01:21 PM3
- dew claw removal roody Tue Oct-05-10 01:18 PM3
- I had my kitten neutered today. RavensChick Mon Oct-04-10 03:50 PM8
- Play with kitties in a shelter online with remote control toys! eridani Mon Oct-04-10 12:31 PM2
- Who says that dogs aren't smart. Bonhomme Rich... Mon Oct-04-10 09:47 AM4
- Diabetic Dog - Newly Diagnosed Coyote_Bandit Sun Oct-03-10 01:26 PM6
- More Cat Care While I'm Gone david13 Sat Oct-02-10 03:38 PM0
- Abandoned dog in Spokane jtuck004 Fri Oct-01-10 11:11 PM3
- Has anyone ever been the proud human parent of a Bengal Cat? raccoon Fri Oct-01-10 01:46 PM2
- New Jersey may soon pass an initiative that would allow hunters to begin hunting feral cats. chat_noir Mon Sep-27-10 09:06 PM6
- Litter box questions: What kind of litter box would you recommend, price be damned? Stinky The Cl... Mon Sep-27-10 09:00 PM18
- Trying to add weight to my buddy... Contrary1 Mon Sep-27-10 03:12 PM6
- My new rescued Cat devilgrrl Mon Sep-27-10 03:09 PM15
- Pet owners, are you aware that many pet medications are available at Paper Roses Fri Sep-24-10 05:08 AM7
- How often should you have to groom a Bischon Frise? Gidney N Cloy... Sun Sep-19-10 10:08 PM1
- Cat care while I'm gone. david13 Sat Sep-18-10 12:30 PM10
- Our 16 year old cat is really behaving oddly. She was taken from her mom at old mark Fri Sep-17-10 01:36 PM2
- Picky eaters (not a "Silly ____" story, just a question) badgerpup Fri Sep-17-10 01:32 PM2
- I splurged and bough my cats some Halo treats and food. prole_for_pea... Fri Sep-17-10 01:27 PM4
- Zelda. Liberal In Te... Fri Sep-17-10 08:47 AM15
- Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love BrklynLiberal Mon Sep-13-10 07:06 PM4
- How Dogs Changed the World elleng Sun Sep-12-10 09:25 PM1
- Worrisome Neighbors... badgerpup Sat Sep-11-10 11:32 AM10
- Attention seeking dogs LaurenG Thu Sep-09-10 11:27 PM2
- Old Cat Becomes Tolerant? david13 Tue Sep-07-10 11:49 PM8
- best "natural" (non chemical) cat flea control? Flaxbee Mon Sep-06-10 05:16 AM7
- Help please Cat Lovers! PhillyGurl Fri Sep-03-10 01:52 PM7
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