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- Small town, red state, 56k dialup: which modem can I buy at Best morningglory Wed Feb-22-06 05:24 AM4
- What distro of *nix do you use? (Poll) Solon Wed Feb-22-06 05:09 AM17
- X11 R6.9 and 7.0 Released - Improved ATI Support RoyGBiv Wed Feb-22-06 05:00 AM6
- Microsoft Free VoIP App May Kill Mobile Operators bemildred Mon Feb-20-06 08:03 PM1
- Gartner: piece of tape defeats any CD DRM Bleachers7 Fri Feb-17-06 08:44 AM2
- I don't master all of the vocabulary used on cyberspace tools... northamerican... Sat Feb-11-06 11:44 AM3
- anybody familiar with SWIG? Syrinx Sun Feb-05-06 11:25 PM3
- Novell Desktop Linux 10 Video Demonstration Nomad559 Fri Feb-03-06 10:32 PM0
- Java swing question (programming) Tab Tue Jan-31-06 04:36 PM0
- Google to distribute their own Linux distro? alfredo Tue Jan-31-06 02:31 PM0
- capturing streaming audio in linux WannaJumpMySc... Tue Jan-31-06 05:27 AM8
- Anyone else having problems with XMMS and MP3 files? HypnoToad Sun Jan-29-06 02:22 AM3
- SuSE 10.0 RoyGBiv Sat Jan-28-06 09:38 PM8
- bahcount - * countdown for those that don't want to do it manually qnr Sat Jan-21-06 01:07 AM1
- FreeBSD 6.0 and Wireless card YankeyMCC Thu Jan-19-06 08:45 AM3
- Klik charlie Wed Jan-18-06 12:35 AM0
- The Free Software Foundation's GPLv3 draft qnr Mon Jan-16-06 03:09 PM0
- Cursor problem with Thunderbird. alfredo Mon Jan-16-06 12:44 AM0
- Suse Linux 10, the boxed version, can be had legally for $10 HypnoToad Sat Jan-14-06 03:37 PM0
- Bash script question. alfredo Sun Jan-08-06 09:53 PM10
- Windows beats Linux / Unix on vulnerabilities Nomad559 Sun Jan-08-06 09:03 PM4
- weeee, just updated wikipedia entry on US gubernatorial elections, 2005 NoodleBoy Wed Jan-04-06 11:42 PM1
- How do I delete a print job through Open Office? Help, please!! Thx...n/t morningglory Mon Jan-02-06 10:58 PM6
- Recommendations Please Coyote_Bandit Sun Jan-01-06 10:15 AM2
- political commentary in OpenBSD 3.8 packaging DBoon Sat Dec-31-05 11:26 PM0
- Another GIMP oddity... WannaJumpMySc... Fri Dec-30-05 04:29 PM1
- GIMP frustrations WannaJumpMySc... Tue Dec-27-05 09:18 PM18
- I have to second Hypno's sound problems WannaJumpMySc... Fri Dec-16-05 04:31 PM2
- Open Office nadinbrzezins... Thu Dec-15-05 07:33 PM5
- Tried Fedora Core 4 - I'm back to Ubuntu FormerRushFan Thu Dec-15-05 12:43 PM6
- I am happliy Ubuntued now WannaJumpMySc... Thu Dec-15-05 01:06 AM3
- Swiss government buys 3,000 SUSE Linux servers Nomad559 Wed Dec-14-05 09:53 PM0
- Which? (Poll) HypnoToad Sat Dec-10-05 09:17 PM1
- Ok ok here is my problem I need SPEECH RECOGNITION nadinbrzezins... Thu Dec-08-05 02:25 PM2
- opinions on the new firefox release? MalachiConsta... Sun Dec-04-05 06:36 PM2
- Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger Has Been Released Nomad559 Sat Nov-26-05 04:24 PM8
- Is your printer spying on you? qnr Sat Nov-26-05 01:46 PM3
- Here is a program I am having lots of fun with nadinbrzezins... Sat Nov-26-05 01:51 AM4
- Prototype $100 laptop unveiled Bleachers7 Thu Nov-17-05 07:33 PM1
- China to install 142,000 Linux PCs Nomad559 Sat Nov-05-05 01:07 AM2
- OpenBSD 3.8 released. bemildred Tue Nov-01-05 11:02 AM0
- Having trouble making ssh X-windows tunnels work... benburch Sun Oct-30-05 07:19 PM3
- scanning documents to word... cleofus1 Thu Oct-27-05 08:03 AM2
- GIMP (classic free image manipulation sw) remade to look like Photoshop papau Wed Oct-26-05 12:30 AM6
- Web-based software challenges Windows papau Tue Oct-25-05 01:29 PM0
- Intel Changes CPU Road Map Bleachers7 Tue Oct-25-05 01:13 PM0
- So when are we going to see a good release nadinbrzezins... Sun Oct-23-05 09:10 PM1
- I just got Puppy working wirelss on IBM 390E!!!!1111 Hugh!!!111 5X Sun Oct-23-05 04:53 PM2
- Q: Why is ANYONE paying for Windows servers for file sharing??? FormerRushFan Fri Oct-21-05 04:20 PM6
- Microsoft: No Office software for Linux Bleachers7 Wed Oct-19-05 09:55 PM7
- Tech Firms to Tackle Linux Desktop Standards... ALiberalSailo... Tue Oct-18-05 02:30 AM1
- Bug Gets Mozilla's ThunderBird Nomad559 Thu Sep-29-05 08:01 PM1
- Is there an open-source alternative to Acrobat? kgfnally Sat Sep-24-05 09:51 AM7
- Transgaming cedega - do NOT use autopay subscription... HypnoToad Sun Sep-18-05 04:32 PM1
- Novell Announces Availability of SUSE Linux 10.0 Nomad559 Thu Sep-15-05 08:53 PM1
- VOIP help please salvorhardin Sat Sep-10-05 03:44 PM2
- -- like Skype, but uses an OPEN protocol. (SIP) Commie Pinko ... Fri Sep-09-05 11:22 AM3
- Radio Open Source: "I have the same advice that the Ramones had: Kire Tue Aug-30-05 07:37 PM0
- Do you use a Live CD linux? (Poll) Guy Fawkes Tue Aug-23-05 10:12 PM4
- A credible plan to take down the Internet Old and In th... Sat Aug-13-05 12:34 PM4
- Intel to unveil 'next-generation architecture' Bleachers7 Fri Aug-12-05 01:34 PM0
- So.... Has anyone installed salvorhardin Fri Aug-12-05 10:12 AM10
- The Hour of Schadenfreude cometh Commie Pinko ... Tue Aug-09-05 10:28 AM1
- Firefox & DU Question... Canuckistania... Mon Aug-08-05 05:32 PM3
- I've made a Python script to upload pictures to Photobucket Syrinx Sun Aug-07-05 02:52 AM8
- Podcasting 101 Bleachers7 Mon Jul-25-05 04:06 PM2
- SCO-Scam uncovered: they lied through their teeth Kellanved Sun Jul-17-05 04:19 AM2
- I just updated "Political party strength in U.S. states" on Wikipedia NoodleBoy Fri Jul-15-05 04:33 PM0
- Introduction mode13h_net Thu Jul-14-05 07:41 AM2
- Microsoft to go open source? Bleachers7 Wed Jul-13-05 10:57 PM0
- Drupal raises $10,000 in 48 hours! salvorhardin Wed Jul-13-05 12:22 PM0
- Lol - there he goes again. I'm certainly not going to reply. qnr Sun Jul-10-05 05:04 PM14
- Good Stuff: Setting up a webserver. Tandalayo_Sch... Sun Jul-10-05 11:32 AM0
- Linux Games: True Combat: Elite Tandalayo_Sch... Wed Jul-06-05 09:02 PM0
- Can anyone recommend... foreigncorres... Wed Jul-06-05 12:37 AM5
- HELP... same post as lounge WannaJumpMySc... Tue Jul-05-05 05:49 PM7
- Novell offers 90 days of free support*. (I ain't so happy now.) HypnoToad Tue Jul-05-05 09:51 AM2
- anyone familiar with the Ming library? (SWF-file generator) Syrinx Sat Jul-02-05 02:22 AM0
- U.S. makes about-turn on Internet directories (DNS) Bleachers7 Fri Jul-01-05 11:27 PM2
- Mandrake 10.1, or whatever: Is it for desktop, for home use? morningglory Sat Jun-25-05 01:33 AM4
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