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- Sea Monkey 2 has been released. Looks good, seems fast, worth a try. alfredo Thu Oct-29-09 06:44 PM0
- Looking for a web-administered FTP server. trotsky Thu Oct-29-09 02:27 PM5
- The White House Goes OpenSource RoyGBiv Sun Oct-25-09 03:42 PM1
- Who has experience with ndiswrapper? struggle4prog... Sun Oct-18-09 07:37 AM3
- London Stock Exchange Moving to OpenSource RoyGBiv Fri Oct-09-09 02:44 AM1
- If Microsoft really wants to be friends with Linux... pokerfan Tue Oct-06-09 05:04 PM4
- Flash, Pulseaudio, and Linux RoyGBiv Mon Sep-07-09 07:56 PM0
- Anybody else suddenly having trouble with ubuntu's Update Manager? struggle4prog... Sun Sep-06-09 02:03 AM2
- Anybody use Evolution mail? struggle4prog... Sat Sep-05-09 09:42 PM4
- Woo hoo! I finally have an up-to-date working installation of Ubuntu on an old Dimension XPS! struggle4prog... Sat Sep-05-09 12:27 AM6
- Anyone planning to hack.. X_Digger Fri Aug-21-09 12:08 PM1
- Go Back to School With Linux pokerfan Sat Aug-15-09 05:10 AM2
- Anyone here using Puppy Linux? RoccoR5955 Sun Aug-09-09 04:44 PM8
- Ubuntu's "nedit" build seems broken Syrinx Sun Jul-26-09 04:38 AM6
- Any linux suggestions for an old Dell XPS T450 box? struggle4prog... Sat Jul-25-09 08:30 AM10
- Virtualbox 3.0: Direct3D 8/9 RoyGBiv Thu Jul-02-09 09:39 PM2
- Update to Firefox 3.5 in Ubuntu the easy way pokerfan Thu Jul-02-09 05:16 PM3
- Some expert Linux help please. Old and In th... Sat Jun-27-09 11:18 PM0
- Over 40 Free, Must-Have Open Source Resources pokerfan Sun Jun-21-09 11:37 PM0
- How to Upgrade Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) to Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) pokerfan Tue Jun-02-09 05:52 PM16
- Music player issues: Amarok 2 not working for you? NorthernSpy Mon Jun-01-09 02:12 AM3
- Slashdot \\\College Police Think Using Linux Is Suspicious Behavior/// SKKY Fri May-29-09 12:27 PM12
- Vista launch best argument for Linux says IBM exec pokerfan Mon May-25-09 08:33 PM0
- Make Gmail Your Ultimate Productivity Center pokerfan Fri May-08-09 10:52 AM0
- Ubuntu install issue, I can haz help pls? kthxbai Occulus Wed Apr-22-09 09:33 PM4
- What does the purchase of Sun Microsystems mean for the future of Open Source? pokerfan Mon Apr-20-09 02:08 PM3
- Virtual Box. alfredo Sun Apr-19-09 09:21 PM7
- Anyone use MythTV? Got a cap card rec? X_Digger Fri Apr-17-09 09:26 AM8
- Ubuntu 8.10 is a really solid release Deja Q Wed Apr-15-09 02:21 PM7
- Finally crossed over to Ubuntu pokerfan Tue Apr-14-09 02:26 PM11
- Fantastic video converter for Linux!!! SKKY Mon Apr-13-09 06:00 PM3
- Free Software We're Most Thankful For pokerfan Wed Apr-01-09 01:35 AM4
- Why are people daunted by command line interfaces? Deja Q Sun Mar-22-09 06:57 AM5
- Does the X-Fi (non PCIe) sound card work in Linux? Deja Q Tue Mar-10-09 07:43 PM2
- Crossover Office Deja Q Tue Mar-10-09 06:38 PM0
- Anybody tried Ubuntu Studio? hobbit709 Sun Mar-08-09 07:00 PM1
- Conky questions (x2) Deja Q Sun Mar-08-09 06:31 PM3
- "Open Source" is just another name for Communism Ellen Forrada... Fri Mar-06-09 07:45 PM4
- I'm having fun on my new Acer One Aspire with Linpus! sellitman Mon Mar-02-09 01:29 PM0
- MAN! I love Ubuntu Linux! I just install a new video card and when I powered it up... Dont_Bogart_t... Sat Feb-28-09 12:25 AM0
- Is there a way to do all my ipod stuff on Ubuntu Mojambo Sat Jan-31-09 01:15 AM1
- A couple Linux articles for you. backscatter71... Sun Dec-28-08 08:23 PM0
- Crossposted from GD :) Commie Pinko ... Tue Dec-23-08 07:08 AM0
- The goddamn Flash transparency problem in Linux seems to be gone with Flash Player v10 Commie Pinko ... Mon Dec-15-08 11:41 PM3
- Best free message board/forum? MorningGlow Thu Nov-27-08 02:48 PM4
- question about GNU 'sort' Syrinx Fri Oct-31-08 08:50 AM5
- Trouble with GIMP 2.4. It is so slow. It can't keep up with my alfredo Thu Jul-31-08 10:00 AM3
- Y'all are invited to the GRAVEDANCING! Commie Pinko ... Tue Jun-17-08 05:05 PM0
- Intel CEO: Smaller Gadgets Will Expand Market RoyGBiv Sun Jun-01-08 10:03 PM0
- can anyone recommend a cd/dvd cataloging program? Syrinx Tue May-27-08 04:10 AM0
- Ubuntu question: Flashing apps on the bottom of the screen? Syrinx Sun May-11-08 03:42 AM3
- Does anyone in here know how to change a .avi into an animated .gif? kgfnally Mon Apr-28-08 01:14 PM14
- Help, I' new to this group but thought you may be able to help. yy4me Mon Apr-14-08 04:44 PM2
- script to detect DU acct sharing/tag teams sharing an account? hg4 Sun Apr-06-08 11:19 PM2
- Is Obama a closet hacker? Syrinx Mon Mar-31-08 11:36 PM4
- I see a couple o' folks here have used Scribus Oeditpus Rex Sun Mar-16-08 10:16 PM2
- Microsoft wants to OWN Linux! NorthernSpy Tue Feb-26-08 05:01 AM7
- Ubuntu Versus Fedora Syrinx Wed Jan-30-08 11:18 PM19
- Compiz-Fusion ... RoyGBiv Thu Jan-24-08 10:14 PM0
- KDE 4.0, Postmortem RoyGBiv Wed Jan-23-08 07:55 PM3
- Just installed Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu) JCMach1 Sun Jan-13-08 04:28 AM1
- My new love is CentOS 5. It's like Fedora, but without the one bad thing Fedora has: Commie Pinko ... Tue Dec-11-07 01:30 PM0
- Volunteer some bandwidth for privacy MazeRat7 Thu Dec-06-07 08:37 AM1
- A good free screen capture program? foreigncorres... Tue Nov-06-07 12:06 PM6
- Does anyone have a good program for archiving DVD movies? ALiberalSailo... Sun Oct-28-07 10:32 PM5
- Any Linux command line prog (for batches) to change DYNAMIC RANGE of MP3's? FormerRushFan Fri Oct-26-07 05:32 PM5
- SCO Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Commie Pinko ... Mon Oct-01-07 01:24 AM2
- Linus Torvalds Nomad559 Fri Aug-24-07 11:53 PM1
- My BIG mistake using Logical Volume Management on Fedora... FormerRushFan Fri Aug-24-07 09:12 PM3
- Richard Stallman survivor alfredo Fri Aug-24-07 09:01 PM0
- HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I "drafted" qnr! This is too rich! Commie Pinko ... Tue Aug-21-07 11:45 AM3
- Fat Lady sings for SCO charlie Thu Aug-16-07 06:20 AM4
- Yet Another Desktop Manager 3D Old and In th... Thu Aug-09-07 10:01 PM4
- AV software tested. alfredo Thu Aug-09-07 09:50 PM0
- Linux help needed cross post landdaddy Mon Jul-23-07 12:25 PM1
- I'm in love with Ruby! hunter Fri Jun-29-07 12:31 PM0
- NASA releases its Robotic software free to public alfredo Mon Jun-25-07 07:52 PM1
- Unix. Always there to put out a fire when you need it... ALiberalSailo... Sun Jun-24-07 12:22 AM1
- XMMS Skips -- Do I need more memory? Syrinx Sat Jun-09-07 01:09 AM4
- Fedora 7 Now Available Nomad559 Fri Jun-01-07 07:55 PM0
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